Menu Plan for July 13, 2015

Who menu plans? Who knows what they will eat each night of the week? And who actually shops for everything in one stop?!?!

Menu Plan for July 13

This week is going to be crazy busy for our family! Ray Ray joined Martial Arts and goes twice a week and Little Miss joined Dance and goes twice a week. What is nice, they are both on the same day…it makes those days busy though! At the end of the week, we have our family reunion. This only happens once every three years and I am kind of excited about it!

Because we are going to be busy this week, I decided to try this thing called menu planning. I went to Pinterest, yes that one website where you can be sucked in for days if you are not careful! I wanted two crock pot meals for those two busy days, and I wanted to make sure suppers were yummy the rest of the week also!

Now, I planned the whole week out. Lunch is simple and the kids usually grab their own food since it is summer time, but supper mom is still in control of!

So, here is our weeks’ worth of suppers! I can’t wait to try these and if you have had them before PLEASE leave me a comment and tell me how awesome they are, or what you would do different!


Menu Plan for July 13

We are going to start our week out simply. We are going to have these super yummy looking French Dip Sandwiches. Our family is all about the wheat bread, even the little ones love it, so we are going to do that, but otherwise we are going to follow this recipe and enjoy a nice sandwich with a salad to go with.


Menu Plan for July 13

A busy day, so crock pot it is! And a Tuesday would not be complete without it being Taco Tuesday! To make it simpler after lessons I am going to try to make the meat in the crockpot and just serve it up when we get home. Have you done this before? Any other tricks I should know?


Menu Plan for July 13

Bacon makes everything good! Wrap it around some chicken and add some ranch? Ummm…this sounds dangerous! We are going to give this simple looking recipe a try. Once again adding in a salad and I am thinking some mashed potatoes or a potato salad, minor details, not too worried about them yet.


Menu Plan for July 13

Another crock pot meal, and this time I am trying something new altogether! This Orange Chicken recipe looks like I won’t be missing the local Chinese Restaurant quite as much. And if it turns out as good as it looks, I will make this again! I will be making some veggies to go along with this.


Menu Plan for July 13

This is a maybe meal…maybe we will eat at home, maybe we will be busy at the reunion. If we are at home I will treat Little Miss to her favorite meal, Meatball Subs. This looks like an awesome recipe to try, but I may add a few things we like, and change up the cheese to her favorite cheddar instead of mozzarella. We will add a simple pasta salad to go along these sandwiches.

All weekend we will be busy, so I did not have to plan for that, but I sure do feel accomplished by getting this much taken care of so far!

What are you eating this week? I would love to hear from you!