Middle School Monday ~ November 17, 2014

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Good morning on this Monday morning! Really, where does the time go to? I can’t believe we are so far into November already!

MiddleSchoolMonday - Novemeber 17

Today I want to tell you a little about the last two weeks with Moe Man. I want to start one day a week for each child, and what they are doing. Since it is Monday and Moe Man is in Middle School, and all those start with “M” it seems to fit! I am simply going to call this post ‘Middle School Monday’.

These last two weeks, we seem to have FINALLY found our groove with Moe Man and his school. We have been adding and subtracting subjects, but I think we have our perfect fit for this year…at least for now!

After trying a few things for science, we went back to Apologia General Science. We tried this last year, but I went a little crazy and we fizzled. This year, we started slow, and now we love it! Moe Man loves the experiments, and the littles love to watch him do those. I have found that he needs hands on as much as possible and as much as I don’t like the clean-up, I know he needs this. So, we clean up together and that works for both of us!

Middle School Monday

Our Language Arts class has been a little hit and miss. However, we have stuck with our IEW Fix It Grammar and still love it! We are going to be working on some more focused writing coming up, but the reading we do is good fun reading, and I make sure the Moe Man gives me an oral narration at the end of it. He doesn’t do the best with writing, so I have been working up to that.

Math, our favorite…not! We have tried and tried to find the just the right thing. We seem to have found something that may be working, but we are still trying it. I know the ladies over at the Review Crew checked out CTC Math, and I have to say, after reading what they had to say, I tried it out. Moe Man seems to be figuring things out, and I love the fact that we are able to redo the lesson as much as he needs to for a passing grade.

Middle School Monday

Bible class is working on our Holy Rosary Faith Folder and our Birth of Jesus Grapevine Study. We are so happy and blessed to be learning about both of these. Both of these are hands on ways of learning, and Moe Man loves them as much as I do.

Those are our main courses. As long as we can get those done, I am happy! We also work on some art, since Moe Man rocks at this…He uses draw3d.com since I am no artist! We are also learning cursive. This has been a big feat for Moe Man, and he loves seeing what he can do with his handwriting. This is a subject that wasn’t taught to him in Public School, and as sad as it is, not many public schools are really focusing on this anymore.

Middle School Monday

We have had fun finding our groove and will be working more in all these subjects again this week. I can’t wait to share them with you!

Do you have a middle school child? I would love to hear about your week.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your curriculum line-up on my Middle School Monday link-up! I was particularly interested in draw3d.com – my kids have one of the author's books, but I didn't know there was a website as well. I hope you'll have more Middle School adventures to share in the upcoming weeks!

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