Mother Should I Trust the Government ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Mother Should I Trust the Government? What a question that is. It is an attention grabber, got yours right? And makes for some interesting conversations. It is also an 8 week online course that I took with Moe Man through FreedomProject Education. While this course is over for the year, they still have more courses available in 2015.

Mother Should I Trust The Government

Mother Should I Trust the Government was an 8 week course that met every Monday night for 2 hours. They have on campus and online options available and we received not only admission into this class, but the paperback book with the same title as part of this review.

Before each class began, we would receive a reminder email with the link to access the classroom. Each class would be recorded and within a day we received a recording of the class. This was my favorite part of the whole thing. While Moe Man was present for each of the classes, we had Baby Girl arrive the day after the first class. Since I was in and out of the classes after that, I loved being able to re-watch them and see what I missed.

Mother Should I Trust The Government

While there were no real assignments, other than reading the book, I took this a little further and had Moe Man work on memorizing parts of the Declaration of Independence. We would talk about each class and what he had learned that day. Moe Man is not into a lot of the politics right now, but really loves his history. He would sit through the classes, but was not as interested in them as I was. However, he would not put the book down. When I asked him what he liked the most about this course, he told me the book. He told me he had a hard time sitting through the classes and kept looking through the book and reading it when he should have been listening.

You might wonder about the classes themselves, but all of FreedomProject Education classes are fully accredited by the National Association of Private Schools. There is no fee for the course itself. You can do a $50 tax deductible donation if you wish, and you need to purchase the book, which you can find on Amazon in either paperback or e-book. We loved the book so much that you should get it whether you take the course or not!

So, our honest opinion? While the class is recommended for 13 and over, it was not one that Moe Man was ready for. He enjoyed parts of it, but was not the best fit for him. I did enjoy it and the topics that were covered. I loved having the recordings and being able to re-watch each one. Both Moe Man and I loved the book. Moe Man would not stop reading it and would openly discuss this book with me. He has never done that, so I took it as a wonderful opportunity to have some great conversations with him. I feel that if he was a little more mature and didn’t have an ADHD issue, he would have loved the class a little more as well.

We were not the only family to take part in this review. I would love to have you join me in reading what the other families had to say. 

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