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What fun is school when it is all just read this and do that? What if you could move beyond the page and take what you learn to a whole new level? Moving Beyond the Page has just the material for you! We have been honored to have been able to review The Hobbit/Online language study and the Science Package – Force and Motion.

Moving Beyond the Page offers both physical and online products. You are able to get a full curriculum, or pick and choose what you need. We were able to try both of these out with our review.


 The Hobbit was an online language study. For $21.92 you get a physical copy of the book and access to the online language study. This study is for ages 11-13 and the students should be able to read and comprehend 7th to 8th grade level novels. When using the online program, you are able to turn on the teacher answers, or leave them off for your students.


I like to use the answers while verbally asking Moe Man the questions. I find he responds better to that than reading and writing the answers down. Not only does this include comprehension questions, but also things to know (grammar skills) and ideas to think about while reading the book. They also have activities for the different lessons. These include some grammar activities, map skills, vocabulary and foreshadowing to name a few.


Each lesson ends with a conclusion. A way to finish up the chapter. Questions to discuss with your child or things they need to review. If you have a computer and internet access, you are able to enjoy using this online study with your child.

The Science Package – Force and Motion, came to us as a full physical package. Once again, the teacher manual is included in the teacher book.


I love the saving of paper that is used with this. There isn’t a use for repeating what the student should be doing to both the student and the teacher. The answers are at the back of the book, and unless you point this out to the student, they won’t know about it. The student “text” book is a fun little story book type book. A few simple pages a day along with activities and experiments to help reinforce what they are reading makes this “move beyond the page”. For $50.07, you get these two books and the supplies needed for the activities and experiments that are listed. This program is for ages 10-12 and/or those who are able to read and comprehend at a 6th and 7th grade level.


Although these ranges where high for Ray Ray…he loved to be a part of the hands on with this science program. He may not have learned the vocabulary like Moe Man, but he is building his base.

We used both of these at least 4 times each week. Moe Man and I would work together on The Hobbit, partly because I wanted to read the story again, and partly to help him with the wording of the book. But when it came to the science, he was able to handle that on his own. He was able to read through the “check off list” in the book and know what had to be done next. He loved the setup of the book and the simplicity of it. And that made me like it that much more!

My final opinion of these items is A+. I honestly couldn’t be any happier with them. They were set up nicely and were very easy to use. Even the online products! I have always had at least one issue with an online program, but not this one! We loved the hands on that came with both of these and the science experiments were simple, yet engaging for the kids. I would truly recommend this program to anyone who likes hands on and fun learning without a lot of prep from mom (or dad)!

Moving Beyond the Page has a Facebook page. Stop by and tell them that I sent you!

There are so many fun and interesting units provided by Moving Beyond the Page. I would never be able to review them all no matter how much I may want to! Check out these other ladies and what they were able to try out and what they thought!


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