My Past Week (and more)

What Have I Been Up Too

I have been busy since I last posted. I pulled my 6th grader out of public school and started homeschooling him…in the middle of the year!!! It has honestly been the best thing we have ever done!! He is thriving instead of being left on the side. He needs one on one help, which he was supposed to be getting at school, but wasn’t. I don’t do anything for him answer wise, but I do ask thought provoking questions as we go and he is doing great!!

I am still working with G, my 4 yo PreK, and little sister A, 21 months, is watching everything! Now that we are getting on a schedule again, they will be getting more of my time again too! Either way, they are having fun with big brother home and watching an listening to everything we talk about!!

Plans For The New Week

I am starting a new math program this week with J. I heard a lot about it and will see how he likes it. J has had issues understanding math for awhile and at PS, he had to go with the class. Now we get to go at his speed and work on what he needs the most. I am happy about this and hope he really likes this new program. I will write more about it later and list pros and cons at that time.

I need to work on writing practice with G and I think we will work on some new site words again this week. I know he loves reading like big brother!

We are starting a new read aloud book today, The Imagination Station Voyage with the Vikings. I have seen good reviews on these books and actually found them at my library yesterday!! What a good day for me!!

Mommy and Daddy Time

My husband and I had a “date night” last night. We went and bought new guns for each other 🙂 Yes, that is what we have fun doing!! And yes, with the kids we have them safely locked up and stored out of reach of everyone (mommy too it seems like).


I hope you all had a great week and have a great week! I will try to post again this week and let you know how everything is going!!