My Top 5 Curriculum Tips for Homeschooling

Everyone is talking about back to school, or back to homeschool. When it comes to planning for back to homeschool, we need to add in the picking of curriculum. This can be taken in a few different ways, but I want to share some simple and easy ways to make sure you have the curriculum you want this year.

I said easy, but I know that picking and choosing curriculum is not always easy. Here are my tips on how to pick the curriculum that works and hopefully help you save some money in the process!

It doesn’t matter if this is your first-year homeschooling or your tenth, finding the right curriculum is a major part of making it happen for you! There are so many options and finding just the right one can drive you insane! Add in more than one child and you can multiply the insanity by the amount of kids you are going to have in the house during the homeschooling hours!

After the last few years I have learned a thing or two about picking our curriculum for the new year ahead. This year I plan to put this into full affect for the kids. I want to share with you the tips and tricks for picking curriculum for your kids.

Pray About It

This is the most important thing you can do to pick the best curriculum for your children. You can get lost in the newest and greatest items out there, but this is the same as any material thing out there. It is only a material thing. You don’t need a lot to give your child the best education and you don’t need a lot. But you do need His help to make sure it is the right thing. And if you are still at a loss, just pull out the Bible and have your kids, and yourself read for a while, it will come to you!

Talk With Your Kids

Your kids will know what they want to do. They may not always agree to want to do it, but they do know what they like. Talk to them about their interests. What do they like to do? Do they like to read or listen? Do they like books or computers? Do they like hands on outside learning or would they rather watch someone else do it? These are all really important to picking out the right curriculum. You want your children to be involved and this is a way to make that happen!

Research, Research and Research Again

Take what you heard when you prayed, take what your kids told you and go spend time researching. Find some good possibilities. Look for free samples to try with your kids. Don’t just look at these samples and decide for yourself, let your kids get their hands on them and try the samples. See what they think. How they feel. Does it look easy to you? Can you spend the time teaching it? Each child will be different and you need to make sure you research before you buy.

Pray Again, No, Seriously, Pray Again!

I am not joking! You have an idea. You are excited. The kids are excited, but you need to slow down! I was super excited about lots of material things and jumped when I thought I was ready when I really should have just stopped and prayed a final prayer. This is key to making sure you feel confident. There might be a what if that pops up. Something you missed the first time around. After a final prayer, if all still feels good, go ahead and order that stuff up!!

Change if Change is Needed

Don’t make yourself committed to the curriculum to pick. Allow yourself the option to change if change is needed. If you notice that you are fighting your child every day in one particular subject, look at changing it. Restart this process again to find the program that works. That is a part of the learning. You are able to find just the right program for your child. You can change it when you need to and make the learning their best experience.

These are the tips that I have learned over the years of homeschooling. These are the tips that I am taking with us as we continue our homeschooling journey. What tips do you have for picking out curriculum in your homeschool?

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