My Top Ten Goals for the Summer

Wow, it’s really Tuesday already!! I can’t believe how fast the days are going!! We are going to finish our last week of “school” and than get ready to start summer school. Needless to say, my kids were disappointed to learn this, but I hope they enjoy what I have planned for them!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings
My Top Ten Goals for the Summer Are:


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10. Play outside with my kids!! Now, this may sound easy enough to do, but the weather in Minnesota is really screwed up this year. It makes it difficult to get out when it is too cold or rainy…but I still want to1!



9. Keep up on weeding all my gardens (flower and vegetable). I think I might have too many gardens to keep up with them all, but I love the joy of watching my plants grow, so I will just deal with the weeds too!



8. Keep the house clean. I mean, if we are outside playing all the time the house should stay clean, right?


7. I want to be able to plan out the summer school schedule. If you know me, planning is not a top priority. I like to do things as they come up, but I really want to plan and have things on a schedule.



6. To go with #7, I want to have next school year scheduled out by the time we start. Once again, this is a tough one for me, and even if I do plan it out, I know I will stray when the kids show more interest in one thing over another…benefit of homeschooling!



5. Enjoy a few books that don’t have cartoons or silly pictures! Not that there is a problem with reading kid books, but I really want to read some “mom” books. I don’t care if they are mystery, educational, self-help, or encouragement, I just want some “mom” books! Here are a few of my favorites right now:


4. Yes, I still want to read with the kids! I may want more mommy books, but I still love cuddling with the kids and reading some of their books!! Here are some of our favorites right now:


3. I would like to have myself getting up earlier in the mornings. I know that most people would love to sleep in more over the summer, but I want to do the opposite so that I can do a few “mommy moments” without the kids interrupting me.



2. I want to listen to more music and watch less T.V. Not that we do nothing but watch T.V., but it is our main noise machine, other than the kids. I have noticed they don’t really watch it while it is on, so I am going to just turn it off when I notice that and add some good music to our days!



1. I want to spend more time with God. I have my new favorite bible, and it seems to be what I need to hear each day. I have been doing good reading it everyday and it helps.



There they are, in writing, my goals for the summer. I hope you have some good goals for the summer also!!

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