New Liberty Videos ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Anthem for a nation ~ A Schoolhouse Crew review

Recently we watched a Christian documentary on the founding of America. This documentary was a great family documentary from New Liberty Videos. There are many great sounding films listed on their site, but we got to review Anthem for a Nation together.

Anthem for a Nation is a 42 minute video that is rated G for General Audience. It is an actual physical DVD that plays in both our DVD/BluRay player and my laptop computer. While the rating on this film is G, I would recommend it for the older elementary to middle school age all the way up to high school and adult. All of us sat down to watch this, but Moe Man, the hubby and I all enjoyed it more than the littles.

Anthem for a Nation is a documentary about how America was founded. We are given the signs of how our nation and capital were set up following the bible as the foundation of it all. Heck, when 94% of the Constitution is based on the Bible…maybe we need to slow down and look a little closer at where we came from and where we need to go. We were a country based on prayer, but as the documentary aims to show us, we have forgotten that and we need to get back to our roots if we want to be a successful country.

Anthem for a Nation ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Before watching this documentary, I knew that we were founded as “One nation under God”, but I didn’t know the full extent as to how founded under God we really were. Anthem for a Nation is set up in a way that captures your attention from the beginning of the film, and continues to keep your attention through the whole film. Unlike other documentaries, where you are watching interviews with others. We are shown pictures of our nation, both then and now, and we get to listen to some of the best American songs to go along with those pictures. When there is talking, it is one narrator who is sharing the facts of our nation with us.

While the focus of this documentary is on the foundation of our nation and that of prayer, in the middle of this all there is a segment on abortion. This segment talked about how the government didn’t base their findings on things from previous hearings like before and that this was one of the first separations of church and government. While this make sense when talking about prayer and the foundation of our nation, the segment ends with an impact that doesn’t leave you thinking about the church and government and kind of throws the whole concept out the window.

After watching this documentary with the family, Moe Man had some questions, and we were able to transfer some of the facts over to his history for the week. This made a wonderful discussion starter for us! I loved seeing how prayer was so important in our government, and to see the signs of this throughout the nation’s capital was an encouragement. I agree with the film that we need to keep prayer in our world and keep us as we were, One Nation under God.

For $19.95, this is no more expensive than any other video you have in your collection. The difference between this and those other videos you have is this one opens your eyes to the foundation of us and the changes that are happening…which we need to fix!

New Liberty Videos has many other videos to view as well, many that we now have on our wish list! Head on over with me to the other reviews and see if any others interest you as well!

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