Notgrass Exploring Government ~ A Review

I really can't believe that Moe Man is in high school! I am not ready for this, but that doesn't matter. I don't get the chance to say no, slow down. I have to keep moving forward and planning his lessons out. Being in high school requires that Moe Man has to take certain courses. One of those required courses is a government course. So, which one do you choose? I picked Notgrass Exploring Government Curriculum Package from the Timberdoodle Eleventh Grade Curriculum Kit.

Exploring Government

What Is It

This Exploring Government curriculum is a set of books, Exploring Government and We Hold These Truths. Exploring Government has 75 lessons that are broken down into 15 Units. These lessons cover everything from the history of our government to Federal, State and Local Government. We Hold These Truths is collection of historic documents, essays and speeches from our American Government that go along with the lessons your child is learning. There is a Quiz and Exam Pack, but we did not receive that for this review, which is fine and didn't hinder our learning. Once these 75 lessons are completed, your child will have completed a half year credit in government, just what Moe Man needs to get his diploma in *gasp* 3 years!!

Exploring Government Review

How We Used It

While we did not have the quiz and exam pack to go with this, we did not have a problem finding enough things to do to feel confident in giving the half credit for using this curriculum. The beginning of every unit gives you a quick overview of what you will be learning. They also give activity ideas. These ideas are great ways to see what and how much your child is learning. I varied these activities from essays to presentations to even having Moe Man give a speech to mom and dad. This helped him pay attention to his reading and know that he would have to do something each week with what he was learning.

Each day Moe Man would read one lesson and the corresponding documents in We Hold These Truths. I had him work on some notebooking pages to take his notes and see what he thought was important from each reading. This helped him focus on his reading without the stress of a quiz each week (Moe Man hates quizzes)! I really enjoyed reading what he wrote each day and finding out his favorite parts of the history of our government.

Exploring Government Review

What We Thought

This is a very easy to read and understand government course. It works perfectly for the child who wants to learn at their own pace and it is easy enough to set the schedule and let your child go. There is no real reason for extra work from mom or dad and this is a bonus when you have a larger family. I loved the amount of information that is presented in this course and love knowing that Moe Man is getting a great study of our government without all the confusion that I had in school. I also love how the readings that are tied in from We Hold These Truths.

Moe Man found this fun to read. He liked the information and how it was presented to him from all the history and following the trail all the way to the present. He enjoyed the fact that he didn't have worksheets and just took notes each day. He wasn't a fan of some of the activities, but he doesn't like speaking so that was just a given. Overall, he enjoyed this course much more than he had anticipated.

Exploring Government Review

If your child is in need of a government credit for their high school years, I would highly recommend that you look at this and really consider it for your homeschool!


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