Observant – Five Minute Friday

I am back to do a Five Minute Friday post again! I love these posts, and I love that I am setting aside time to do them again.

This week, the word is Observant. So, here we go, five minutes, no planning, no editing, just writing!


This is a tough word. There are many other words that could be so much easier for the first time back. 

Over the last year, I have become observant of a lot of things.

I am observant of how my kids are dealing with changes, even though we have homeschooled from the beginning, they are still missing out on things and friends. 

I am observant of my husband and his health. Things have changed, and I need to know what they are and what happened to possibly cause the changes.

I am observant of my time with my family. I want them to know that I am fully present to be with them when they need me the most. 

Finally, I am observant of myself. I have learned that I need to care for myself if I am going to be caring for everyone else. If I am staying up too late, not drinking enough water, or eating crap food, this won’t help me care for everyone else who needs me.

Being observant, in my mind, is making sure that I am quiet and watching. Sometimes asking questions as they come up, but mostly paying attention.

How have you been observant lately?


11 Replies to “Observant – Five Minute Friday”

  1. Love these words. It is my first time visiting your blog I believe! I love meeting new writers…especially those in the FMF community. Welcome back! I’ve blogged in this space on and off for years, but like you I have made it a more recent priority.

    I have been much more observant lately. I talked to a mom of a new 4th child…and infant…8 weeks old. I updated her that our teen son will start driving this summer. She was shocked, and said are you old enough for that? Did you blink? and I replied “I blink a lot.” Truth be told. Kids do grow up quickly.

    Our faith and family time are so key to our own spiritual and mental health. May you continue to homeschool well! What a journey! Write On, Jennifer FMF Neighbor

    1. They do grow up quickly! My oldest got his own apartment this month and my youngest is in Kindergarten…I don’t like blinking, but I do love to see them grow and mature!

  2. Amanda, for the most part I have always been observant, wishing at times that I wasn’t 🙂 During the past year with so much occurring all around us, I’ve become so appreciative of the beauty God has placed in His world. In these trying times, I have discovered there is more beauty than ugliness if I just keep my eyes on Him. Blessings!

    1. Yes! The beauty of God is amazing, especially during trying times. With so much less we can do, there is more to observe of his beauty.

  3. Hm… very good description. You are indeed observant of those around you. Good blog. How am I observant? I observe people who are hurting because of my own hurts.

    Terri D
    #10 FMF

  4. I tend to pay attention
    to things that do not matter much,
    and it is my intention
    to use this as a kind of crutch
    to get me though these oddball days
    by ignoring what goes on out there,
    and in some real goofy ways
    that ignorance is a kind of prayer,
    for when I choose to spend my time
    beholding ice crystals in the snow
    more than beauty then is mine
    and I full-circle come to know
    that the smallest things that I see
    are the greatest gifts for me.

  5. Welcome back! What fun….having a challenge for the your first return post:) I hope you enjoyed! I always enjoy FMF – the challenge for myself and reading so many different takeaways from one word!

  6. I am more observant of myself. I tend to think about others and less upon myself. I spent the greater parts of this year diving into my hobbies. It’s been a joy.

  7. Love seeing you in the FMF community! And love these words you’ve shared. I think the past year has given me opportunity to be more observant of people’s expressions through their eyes – because their mouths are so often covered by a mask!


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