One More Story – A Review

I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.


Grab your favorite snack, a comfy blanket, and go to your reading spot. That is what I have told Baby Girl during quiet time. With One More Story on her iPad, Baby Girl can listen to stories being read to her while I get some school done with the big kids.

What Is It

For this review, we got a one-year subscription to the online One More Story. This program is for use on computers, with Chrome and Safari being the recommended platforms. You can also use it on the iOS system with the app.

One More Story currently has 80+ books on there, with more being added. All of these books are picture books, and as your child listens or reads, they can also see the pictures from the books. The books are not just any old books. They are quality books, like Crow Boy, The Snowy Day, and Stellaluna.

One More Story offers two ways for your child to read the books. They can read the book themself, or have the book read to them. If your child is reading the book themselves, they can touch the words they don’t know, and the words will be read to them. These words will also be added to the word list. 

The word list is a spot where your child can practice the words they do not know until they can read them. Your child can also go and find vocabulary words for each book. These will be the challenging words with definitions. These vocabulary words will help your child grow a more extensive vocabulary for every day.

There is also a Parent’s Place in One More Story. In this section, I can see what books Baby Girl has read during the week. I can also see if she has any words on her word list if she was reading independently.

How We Used It

I logged in on my computer and played around on the site a little before introducing it to Baby Girl. Once I knew more about the program, I downloaded the app on our iPad. I sat down with Baby Girl and showed her all about it. She was excited to get started on it.

Since Baby Girl is not reading independently yet, I would have her use this as her quiet time activity. When the big kids need my attention on their school, and I don’t want Baby Girl sitting in front of a screen mindlessly, I have her pick a book to listen to. 

One More Story was also an excellent before-bed activity. You know, when the kids want story after story read to them? After our read-aloud time, Baby Girl was allowed to listen to more stories on One More Story. Yes, it was a screen, but we have the blue light turned off after 7 pm, and she wasn’t playing games, just listening to stories. I would often find her asleep in the middle of her second or third story.

What We Thought

One More Story is an excellent way for kids to use their love of technology and still read good books. Baby Girl is still just listening to the stories, but I am looking forward to when she will be reading, and I can use the other features of this program.

One way my children have learned to read is through the captions on the TV shows they watch. With the read-along feature highlighting each word read, I see this as a great way of learning to read. As much as I always try to point out the words I read, it is not always easy. Having the words highlighted is such a great thing.

The wide selection of books available on One More Story was surprising. I saw many titles I knew and love. There were also many titles that I didn’t know about. Baby Girl fell in love with Gracie the Lighthouse Cat by Ruth Brown and The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood. She loved being able to look and pick her books, and I loved knowing that all the books were of excellent quality.

Overall, we love One More Story and would not change a thing about it!

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  1. Thank you for taking the time to review One More Story. If you say to a group of young children “who wants to go on the computer (or iPad), every hand would go up. We’re using that impulse to introduce children to great books….making screen time educational time. Empowering children to independently explore literature gives them the motivation to learn to read. That’s half the battle.
    Happy Reading!

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