Our 2016-2017 Second Grade Curriculum Choices

Is it really time to start a new school year? I am not ready for this, but I know that it needs to happen. This year Ray Ray is going into the second grade. While this is not always a huge deal, to me it is. Ray Ray is my first fully homeschooled child. Everything he knows, I taught him at home. This gets me every time…

2nd Grade Curriculum Choices 2016-2017

We have spent some time thinking about what we were going to use for each subject. We finally came up with this list. While this is what we are starting out with, I cannot guarantee that it will stay this way…we homeschool and things change as they need to. There are some that I love and won't change, and there are others that I am using for now to see how they work. Either way, this is what we will be using when we start our new year on August 1, 2016.


We love Mammoth Math for Ray Ray. While it did not work for Moe Man, this curriculum is perfect for Ray Ray. We have used their First Grade program and have plans to continue using this program. I don't foresee a change for him at all when it comes to math. Mammoth Math has a strong focus on mental math, which Ray Ray is good at and I love that he is able to read and/or watch the YouTube videos to help him learn each one of the lessons. They even give us a list of fun activities or games at the beginning of each chapter that we use as a warm up each day. Ray Ray loves it, and so do I, so we will keep using this again this year.

Mammoth Math

Language Arts

While we love using our Daily Writing workbook each day, we also love the Language Arts lessons over at Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool. These lessons work on our reading, writing and spelling skills. The lessons are effective and easy at the same time. This is just what I need for Ray Ray in this area of learning. Plus, it is all free, so I won't be complaining about this at all!

Easy Peasy


This year we had the chance to work on a review of Apologia's Exploring Creation With Astronomy. This program is better than I expected! I can't wait to share the review with you soon!


Once again, we are going to Easy Peasy with this one. I love their rotation and this year we will be learning all about Ancient History. This year we get to learn about ancient Egypt, the Mayans, the Vikings the renaissance and even some early explorers! Everything is a mix of reading and hands on fun! We are so excited to be doing this with Easy Peasy!


Art is going to be a mix of things this year. I plan to use the ideas given on the Easy Peasy page. I like the ideas under Ancient that goes along with what we are learning in our history lessons. I also plan to pull some other projects out of the Early Elementary Artistic Pursuits, remember our review of this?


We will be adding and taking away during the year. We will have our music and PE classes. We will also have a few other extras throughout the year.

What are some of the curriculum choices you will be looking at using this year for 2nd grade? Are you using some of the same, or do you have something different you are using? Let me know, I would love to hear from you!

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