Our 2020 Curriculum Choices

We are getting fully into our new homeschool year. Today I want to share with you about our curriculum choices for the 2020 homeschool year. This year I will be teaching Kindergarten, 3rd, and 6th grades. After many years of trying many different things, we have finally settled into a plan that works for us.

Gather Round Homeschool

As our main spine curriculum, we are using Gather Round Homeschool. This is a unit study approach to homeschooling that allows everyone to learn together at one time. In Year One of this curriculum, everything is included besides math. I love how this changes from science to history and back again if you follow the program in the order it is presented. You can skip around between the studies if you would like, but since Baby Girl is Kindergarten this year, we have been following the Year One as suggested.


As much as I love Gather Round Homeschool, I wanted to add something more in for our history and Bible. I love using the bible as our history spine, and BibloPlan does just that for us. We are using Year One: Ancients this year. I fell in love with the unit study style from Gather Round Homeschool, so when we got the BibloPlan curriculum, I was thrilled to see that it was set up in a similar way. Knowing that we can all still learn at the same level, but be at different levels is awesome!

Learning Language Arts Through Literature

Again, here I am saying that Gather Round covers it all, but I am adding more. I am doing this because my kids are good at language arts. The language arts in Gather Round is not enough for my kids. I had to add something more. I have used Learning Language Arts Through Literature before and I was happy to go back to them. This curriculum is just what I want for my kids. We are taking actual literature and using that to learn the language arts skills that the kids need to learn.

Simply Kindergarten

Baby Girl is in kindergarten now. I don’t want to believe this, but it is true. I have played around with different curricula. However, the one that I thought was the best for Baby Girl was Simply Kindergarten from Master Books. This is an all in one curriculum for kindergarten, minus the math. While I love the concept of Gather Round, I knew that Baby Girl would need some extra one on one time with us. We do Gather Round together, but I take the extra time to focus on the basics that she needs to learn. I love this curriculum and the fun that we have had and will have doing this together.


For math this year we are using two different curricula. Ray Ray is in love with Teaching Textbooks. I love that this is all online. He loves that they teach him and it is like an old retro video game. This is the kid that loves retro video games.  I love that I was able to find something that works for him.

Little Miss and Baby Girl are using Math Lessons for a Living Education from Master Books. I have fallen in love with this style of learning math. I am a math nerd myself, helping my childhood friend with her math when I was younger than her. To find a curriculum that I love for my kids when I love math like I do is great! Ray Ray has used this, but as he gets older, he just didn’t like mom teaching him. I hope the girls are different. Either way, I know that my kids are learning how they want in our homeschool!


We need to add in those extras when it comes to homeschooling. While I haven’t done as much as I wanted in the past, this year we are bringing some of those extras back. For Art, we are using the middle school grades of ARTistic Pursuits classic courses. We have used a few of these products before and I love how easy it is for me to teach art, especially since I don’t like art myself!

Music this year we will be using the 15-Minute Music Lessons and Intro to Musicals for Elementary students. I love these courses from Music in our Homeschool and how easy they are to teach. All the teaching is planned out for you. You open and go. There are also videos to help supplement learning. The kids love this type of music and I love letting them learn the way they like.

In physical education, we plan to use Family Time Fitness along with just getting outside. The kids love to play outside, so I love using this as “gym” time. Getting them moving is all that is important to me.


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