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Our Struggles and Wins of October

Wow! Where have we been? What have we been doing? Yes, I have still posted reviews, but I haven’t really kept you in the loop with our actual homeschooling. We have been doing a lot of new things, but we are finally settling into a routine that is working for us!

First off, Moe Man is a senior! He is getting ready to be done with his school! How in the world does this happen? I am in shock and awe, and really don’t want him to be so grown up. But at the same time, I am thrilled to see the young man he has grown into! I am so proud of him.

For this school year, we were blessed to receive a grant to help us pay for the school books we needed. Daddy is still home after his surgery almost two years ago. His health is not getting any better, and we have been tight on funds. Getting this grant allowed us to make sure that even though times are tough, the kids would have a quality education with the curriculum we love.

For Moe Man, that meant he got to pick out the electives he really wanted to do. For the other kids, that meant we went all Master Books. I have never liked the idea of all day long for school. I love the short sweet lessons with the option to add on if we feel the need. This is allowing the kids to enjoy their lessons and for me to be able to get more done besides being stuck to school all day.

Since we homeschool all year, grabbing these new books in the middle of October was no problem for us. We are just finishing up on some from last year, and adding the new ones as we need them. We will take some time off for the holidays. But not the same amount at the local public school. My kids would get too bored and cause trouble if I took that much time off. But we also take some other days off, like Halloween.

Because of this simple curriculum, and the ease at when we do and don’t do school, we are having a fun year! The kids are having fun and learning. Mom is having fun knowing that they are learning and still being kids because really, that is what it is all about. I am also able to get some of my work from home tasks done at the same time they are doing school.

I am going to work on being back on track of letting you know how our homeschool journey is going along with the reviews. I am also going to work on sharing some of my missing alphabet posts with you. I loved sharing the different essential oils, and really want to keep that up! So please forgive the lack of posts, and be ready to see more!

How has your homeschool journey been going? What are some of your struggles, and some of your wins?


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