Our Study of Mary and The Holy Rosary ~ With a Link Up

Our Study of Mary and the Holy Rosary

This week we are going to take some time and work on our study of Mother Mary and the Holy Rosary.  I am so excited about this week, since I loved learning about Mary as a child and can’t wait to explain in more detail all about her to the kids!

There is a lot out there to use in the study of the Holy Mother. I plan on having the kids learn about Mary by first reading about her. There are so many sites that I have found that talk about Mary. And so many different stories of her “awesomeness”. Since Mary has her very own prayer, we have decided to make our focus this week be on the Hail Mary and The Holy Rosary.

I have finally narrowed down my resources I will be using to make this week fun for the kids, and know that they have learned the whole time. First we are going to listen to The Holy Rosary every day, at least once. I have simple Rosaries for the kids to follow along with, but we will be listening to Saint Luke Productions of The Year of Faith Rosary. We have started this and the kids really love it. It is FREE to listen to by the way 🙂

After listening, and praying with the Rosary for the day, we will continue learning about Mary. First I want us to just learn about her. I love the information collected together at Garden of Praise and how they have a meditation at the end to help us focus on what we just learned about Mary. I also found a lot of information listed here that we will be using bits and pieces of. I love the bible references in this site and will be using that to help us learn more about Mary through the original book! And I also love the resources I found over at The Catholic Toolbox and the actual lesson plan that I will be referring to as I go along this week! In fact The Catholic Toolbox has a lot of great resources for Catholic families to use and for churches and youth groups too!


Now, as we learn about the life of Mary, we are going to be learning and working on the memorization of the Hail Mary. Through praying the Rosary, we should be able to have our practice done, but I want to learn it on more levels than just that. I want us to practice our writing skills, so our copywork this week will be the Hail Mary. I love the set that Lacy at Catholic Icing has, Learning Our Prayers the Write Way. These along with all the other Rosary ideas she has make this site a wonderful site to check out!


And of course, I am going to be using ideas from Angie at Real Life at Home again. If you remember from my FREE Catholic Printables post, she has a lot of great resources that I LOVE! I have even splurged a little and plan on using Angie’s St. Mary and the Rosary Pack with the kids. If you are wanting your kids to have fun while learning about Mary and the Rosary, this looks like the packet that will do just that for you…go and check it out for sure!

I know that by the end of the week, my kids, and the whole family will have a better understanding of the Mother of the Church and how truly wonderful she really is! I hope that you will join us in this journey and share your findings with us. Do you have any posts or printables about Mary and/or the Rosary? I want to check them out, please share them below!


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