Our Week in Review



In my life this week…I have started my “official” Facebook page to go with my blog. I had been thinking about it for awhile and took the leap this week.
In our homeschool this week…We are trying to stay on track while still being outside enjoying the spring/summer we are finally getting. I asked Jordan if he wanted to do school outside on the laptop, and he wasn’t too thrilled 🙂 But he hasn’t been complaining too much about getting up a little earlier in the morning and doing school after supper. Hey, what the heck, it works for us and that is what homeschool is all about right?!?

RayRay and Ary have been having fun with finding letters in the books we are reading. RayRay is also happy to find the words he knows as we read. We found a fun book at the library and have been “learning” science as we have fun talking about why something is the way it is.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…Sunday is Mother’s Day and if the weather is permitting we are going to have my mom over for some brats and hot dogs on the grill while the kids run around and wear themselves out 🙂
My favorite thing this week was…I honestly loved the warm weather this week. Being outside and having the kids outside (without all the extra layers) was nice. Just spending that time out there is something we all love as a family.
My kiddos favorite thing this week was…We went out to the flea market on Wednesday with our “gaga” and than hit up some thrift stores and had lunch with great grandma. The kids loved getting out and looking for good deals (which we found) and being with their grandmas.
Things I’m working on…I am really trying to work on my crocheting. I have a few projects that I started and really want to finish them.
I’m cooking…I have found some new recipes that use more veggies. I hope to try these out and get these kids  healthy!
I’m grateful for…I will never stop being grateful for my husband. He makes it possible for me to be at home teaching our kids.
I’m praying for…This week I am praying for all the moms out there, that they are able to enjoy their special day with their kids and loved ones!


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Little Miss was actually pulling her big brother around in the wagon!! He was so happy to be the one to sit back and relax for once!!!

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