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Art Journals from Ellie Claire – A Review

I love finding ways that I can have some alone time. The time that is spent doing things I want to do versus the things I have to do. When I had the chance to check out some cute journals from Ellie Claire, I jumped at the chance! There were three journals that I was given to review.

Illuminate Your Story Journal

This journal is a different style journal than I have ever looked at before. While there are a few pages to write your thoughts, or whatever you write in your journal, the main point of this journal is to bring back to life the illuminated letters that once were a huge part of books. You know, those letters that would start each new chapter? The ones that you always loved to look at? Yes, those letters! This journal will help you to learn how to draw those letters!

Faith and Lettering Journal

This journal is a journal that is a great way to work on your lettering. When I look at the designs of the letters and the phrases, I think of Bible Journaling and how these would be perfect for writing in those Bibles made for the journaling. There are pages that show you a verse, let you trace the verse, and practice it. Once you have mastered it, you can transfer it over to your Bible. But it is not only that, but you can learn how to write different styles of letters and symbols as well.

There are pages that allow you to write your thoughts, dreams, etc. There are regular lined pages, but there are also pages that have dots instead of lines.

The Illustrated Word: An Illuminated Bible Coloring Journal

This is my favorite journal out of all of them! This is a journal that includes adult coloring pages of Bible verses. My husband stole this one from me. He has had some PTSD issues and part of his therapy includes keeping a journal of his dreams. He has been looking for one, and a regular notebook was just not cutting it. He has been using this journal and really appreciates the Bible verses that help him along his journey.

All three of these journals are hardcovered and have a fancy binding. This allows them to open up yet doesn’t break the binding to make it hard to close them when you are done.

I am not a fancy letter drawing person, but I have always loved the idea of Bible journaling, so while my husband took the coloring journal, I have been eyeing up the Faith and Lettering Journal, as long as the kids don’t steal it from me! They are artsy like that, and I am not, so either way, I am fine with it.


If you know of someone in your life that enjoys lettering and being artsy in their journals, these are perfect for gifts for them! 


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Our Struggles and Wins of October

Wow! Where have we been? What have we been doing? Yes, I have still posted reviews, but I haven’t really kept you in the loop with our actual homeschooling. We have been doing a lot of new things, but we are finally settling into a routine that is working for us!

First off, Moe Man is a senior! He is getting ready to be done with his school! How in the world does this happen? I am in shock and awe, and really don’t want him to be so grown up. But at the same time, I am thrilled to see the young man he has grown into! I am so proud of him.

For this school year, we were blessed to receive a grant to help us pay for the school books we needed. Daddy is still home after his surgery almost two years ago. His health is not getting any better, and we have been tight on funds. Getting this grant allowed us to make sure that even though times are tough, the kids would have a quality education with the curriculum we love.

For Moe Man, that meant he got to pick out the electives he really wanted to do. For the other kids, that meant we went all Master Books. I have never liked the idea of all day long for school. I love the short sweet lessons with the option to add on if we feel the need. This is allowing the kids to enjoy their lessons and for me to be able to get more done besides being stuck to school all day.

Since we homeschool all year, grabbing these new books in the middle of October was no problem for us. We are just finishing up on some from last year, and adding the new ones as we need them. We will take some time off for the holidays. But not the same amount at the local public school. My kids would get too bored and cause trouble if I took that much time off. But we also take some other days off, like Halloween.

Because of this simple curriculum, and the ease at when we do and don’t do school, we are having a fun year! The kids are having fun and learning. Mom is having fun knowing that they are learning and still being kids because really, that is what it is all about. I am also able to get some of my work from home tasks done at the same time they are doing school.

I am going to work on being back on track of letting you know how our homeschool journey is going along with the reviews. I am also going to work on sharing some of my missing alphabet posts with you. I loved sharing the different essential oils, and really want to keep that up! So please forgive the lack of posts, and be ready to see more!

How has your homeschool journey been going? What are some of your struggles, and some of your wins?


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How We Keep Our Records and When We Give Grades

We have been busy over here at our house. Between health issues with Daddy, finding just the right curriculum for our needs, and mom starting a new job, things got put to the side. Blogging was one of those things. But, I really miss writing. When I saw this new blog hop that was coming up, I knew just what I wanted to share! Join me today as I share how we keep records, and when we decide to keep grades.

Record Keeping

When it comes to record keeping, I have tried numerous different products and programs over the years we have been homeschooling. There are online options and there are paper options. I have tried a few of each of these. Can you believe that I have two favorites, one online and one paper? Not to mention there are second bests for each of these.

I am currently homeschooling a senior in high school, a fourth grader, a second grader, and a preschooler. The age/grade of the child plays a large role in the method of our record keeping.

Online Record Keeping

I love the online record keeping, especially for Moe Man, my high school senior. When it comes to the high school ages, I need something that helps me calculate the grades and GPA. I could do this on my own, but I really don’t have time to do that, so I have opted to look for something that can help with that. That is where the online record keeping comes into play.

The first program that I used, and actually used at the beginning of our homeschool journey is My Homeschool Grades. I have been with them since they started and I am locked in on a lifetime plan. If you haven’t been with them, the pricing is really nice and isn’t that spendy. You can get a whole year for only $49.99. They offer a monthly payment plan also.

I love that this program allows you to keep track of courses, assignments, and grades. Not only that, but they give me my states laws. This is awesome when I don’t want to go to another site to make sure we are meeting all the requirements. This is something I haven’t seen with other programs and one that I really appreciate.

Moe Man is now in the independent mode. He wants to be able to access his assignments each day and mark them as done. I had previously reviewed My Homeschool Planet and their homeschool planner. I knew that there was a student log in option, and gave it a try. He loved that he was able to log in and see what he needed to do each day. I love that I don’t have to print or write up his weekly assignments. This is a program that works for both of us.

With Homeschool Planet, I am able to put in the assignments for the week, month, or semester and can change things as needed with a click of a button. This is helpful for when life happens. I am able to grade the assignments as they are completed and all grades and GPA are calculated for me. This is a win when I am busy with everything else. I don’t have to worry about anything besides logging in and doing my part each day/week.

Paper Record Keeping

While I love the online option for Moe Man, my younger kids don’t have phones or laptops to easily access the assignments each day. I also don’t need to keep track of grades for this age, just what they are doing and their attendance. So, I opted for paper record keeping for them. This also allows me to get my fix on both online and paper record keeping!

The first paper record keeper that I used was the planners from SchoolhouseTeachers. I would go in an add all the assignments online and print them out each week. This is a great option for those who want to have all the extras, plus it is included in my SchoolhouseTeachers Membership. This means I don’t have to spend extra on my record keeping, I just need to print what I need and store from there.

This year, I have started using The Well-Planned Day with Ray Ray and Little Miss. I have the Family Homeschool Planner and they each have the Student Planners, one boy version and one girl version. I don’t have to print anything, it is all right there for me to fill in. I fill out my Family Homeschool Planner for the week and transfer the assignments over to the kid’s planners. I know there is probably an easier way to do this, but right now, this works.

I am able to mark off what we do each week as we go through the week. There is a spot to keep track of weekly grades, but at this stage, I am not worried about those, see more on this in a minute. I only plan week by week, knowing that life happens and I don’t want to buy a bottle of white-out every other month. At this age, the kids love having a planner of their own to know what needs to get done each day. I love seeing that they are learning how to take on the responsibility of their school.

When To Grade

When it comes to grading in our homeschool, I have a love/hate relationship with grading. I love to have my kids striving to get better, but at the same time, I don’t want to ruin the learning fun that comes with a great curriculum. I have officially decided that I will not keep grades until the kids reach the high school grades. In my state, that is OK, so I am going to run with it. When the younger kids for a grade, I will give them what I suspect them to have, but I don’t keep a record of it.

Keeping Records and Giving Grades Round UP

Once my kids reach 9th grade, I keep track of their grades. Before this, I want them to focus on enjoying learning and not striving for a perfect page. I will help them along the way and offer corrections as needs, but rarely do I pull out a correcting pen until I need to keep grades for graduation.

I am linking up to the Homeschool Review Crew Round-Up. Check it out here for more great ideas and resources from homeschooling moms and dads like you!

What is your favorite way to keep records? When do you start grading your kids work? Let me know in the comments!

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Greatest Dot-to-Dot Review and Giveaway!

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

We love to take a break from our everyday school from time to time. But, while we may not have lessons open in front of us, I always love to make sure the kids are learning in some way or another. We have had the chance to check out The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Mini Travel Newspaper Volumes 1-4 from Monkeying Around. These books were perfect for us!

What It Is

We received the first 4 books of the 8 in the set. These are small, 5.5 x 5.5 inches, and paperback. They are just the right size to be able to throw them in my purse for on the go fun. There are 40 pages in each of the little books and the style of the puzzles vary from page to page.

What do I mean by the style of the puzzles? Are they not dot-to-dots? Yes, they are, but there are actually different styles of dot-to-dots. There are the regular dot-to-dots, but there are also Odd/Even numbers, Stars, No Dots, and Sets of multiple lines.

Having these different variations to the puzzles keeps my kids, and myself on our toes as we go through the books.

How Did We Use It

There is no right or wrong way to use these books. We took them with us when we went to Dad’s doctor appointments. They are 1.5 hours away, so there was plenty of time to do some puzzles in the car. We have also used them in place of math lessons for the day. It is not often that we would do that, but there are some days when we just wanted something different to do.

Ray Ray has claimed one of the books as just his. He loves to do the dot-to-dots as he gets ready for bed. This is a great way for him to wind down from the electronic use during the day. I love knowing that he is having fun and doing something creative before bed.

Little Miss is at a younger age and had a few issues following the different styles. Once I explained them to her, she picked up on them quickly. She still likes the normal dot-to-dots but will be able to use the other styles when she has to.

What We Thought Of It

We are in love. The size of the books was perfect. There was no large number of dots, I don’t think they even went over 200 dots. This made it easier for younger kids. The actual size of the book was also nice. They were easy to carry around with me and didn’t take up a lot of space. This meant we were able to bring them with us on more occasions.

Guess what I have for you? I have a giveaway and a coupon code! Yes, you heard me right, a giveaway of the four books we reviewed, and a coupon code for 30% off anything in their store.

First the coupon:

Use coupon code: DTD30HHS This will give you 30% off everything in the DOTSTORE. This code is good until October 26, 2018. These make great gifts, so get yourself started on some holiday shopping!

Second the giveaway:

This giveaway is for 4 Books: Greatest Dot-to-Dot Mini Newspaper Vol  1, 2, 3 and 4. Each of these books will be autographed by the author, David Kalvitis. This giveaway is open to any US address. This giveaway will go until October 24, 2018. Enter right here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Hobo Hot Dish – Friday Favorite

I am a huge fan of comfort food. Food that brings back memories of great times. This last week I made a meal that brought back a lot of memories from my childhood, Hobo Hotdish.

Hobo Hotdish is a meal that my great-grandparents would make every time the family got together. We would have it on random Sundays when we got together after church, or on holidays when we would gather to celebrate. It is a simple, cheap meal that would feed a crowd.

We were all so young here, and Baby Girl wasn’t even born yet!

I have a family cookbook, one were we have put together all the family recipes so that we will always have a way to make some of our favorite foods. It was in this cookbook that I pulled out the recipe for Hobo Hotdish. I made a few alterations to the meal, using what I have learned through cooking and what I had in the house, but the main recipe is still the same.

Hobo Hotdish


2lbs. ground beef (I browned and drained mine first)

1 tsp. salt

½ tsp. pepper

½ cup chopped onion

1 cup chopped celery

3 cups sliced carrots

3 cups sliced raw potatoes

2 cans cream of chicken soup

1 can water



Grease the bottom of a casserole dish (I used a 9×13 pan). Crumble the ground beef on the bottom of the dish. Add the salt and pepper. Layer the vegetables in the dish. Combine the soup and water in a small bowl and mix well. Pour over the casserole. Bake, covered, at 350 degrees for 1 to 2 hours.

This made enough food to feed our family of six a full meal with very little leftovers. If it was made as a potluck meal, I could see it going further. It gave us our meat and veggies in one dish without the need for added sides. And everyone was full!

What is one of your favorite comfort foods that you can remember from growing up?

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One Blood for Kids by Ken Ham – A Review

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

My primary goal when raising kids is to raise them to see everyone as a child of God. This can be hard to explain in today’s political correctness that seems to be everywhere. Ken Ham and Master Books has helped me with this with One Blood for Kids: What the Bible Says About Race.

For this review, I received the digital download of One Blood for Kids. I was able to send this over to my Kindle account and access it on our iPads for the full-color experience (which I recommend!)

My copy had 64 color pages that talk to us about the 7 Spiritual “Races” of the Bible. When I say, color, I mean color! The pages are beautifully full of color and pictures that take what we are reading and allow us to see it as well!

This book talks about the young earth, and how the fossils that we find are from Noah’s Flood. This makes sense to our family, and even more sense when described in the way that Ken Ham described it.

There is no right or wrong way to read this book. We chose to read this book during our Bible Study time at the beginning of our homeschool day. I loved the little “Set the Tone” sections on the pages. I used those as our starting and stopping points of reading each day. Some days we would read more pages, other days it would be less.

On the days we read more, it was more of the storytelling side of it. The days when we had less to read, these pages were packed with a lot more information.

The main point throughout this book was that there was one race, the human race. This was further broken down to the 7 Spiritual Races of Created, Fallen, Rescued, Divided, Saved, Lost, and Lamb’s Race. We learn about each of these as we go through the book.

We have learned so much through reading this book, mom and dad included! The kids had a question that if we all came from Adam and Eve, how could we be different colors? That was explained in a significant way that everyone understood. It also helped us understand why, in our family, some kids have different colored hair and a slightly darker skin tone than the other.

My kids come running when I say that it is time to read One Blood for Kids. They are excited to learn more about the human race and how we are all related to each other. This is a great book that takes the politics out of the equation and only shows the history of the Bible as to where we all came from.

If you are like me and want to teach your kids that everyone is a child of God, no matter their skin color, One Blood for Kids is the book you will want to have in your hands!

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New York City – By the Way ~ A Homeschool Crew Review

I am going to admit something to you, I have a slight addiction. That addiction is to great books! Whenever we pass by a bookstore, my kids know that we will be spending quite some time there. Last year we had a chance to review a By the Way book, and we loved it. When we found out that there was a new book, New York City from, By the Way, we were excited to check it out!

What Is It

New York City – By the Way is a hardcover book that is filled with beautiful color pictures and cartoons. Each page is a heavyweight page and stands up to kids flipping through them (I know this because I brought it to Bible study one night and a dozen kids were busy reading it when they finished their work.)

There are 48 pages full of information in this book. We follow Alex and Lexi with their youth group as they travel to New York City and learn about the history of New York City and even about the animals!

How We Used It

This is one of those books that you can hand to kids and not worry about what they will read. That is what we did at first. The kids tore it away from me when I opened the package and went off to look at it! The first thing they did was to take a look at finding the hidden images throughout the book.

After finding the images, it was time to read. There is a lot of information in this book. This is not a sit-down and read it all the way through in one sitting with a three-year-old book! Instead, this is a start at the beginning and read for a bit. In fact, after reading the first page, the kids wanted to jump to different parts that they found interesting while looking for the hidden images.

Ray Ray is in love with New York City. He does want to visit there one day, so he is the one who took the book to read the whole thing through. He came back to me with tidbits of information that he had learned. “Mom, did you know there are 175 zip codes for one city! We only have one for our whole city!” “I loved how they talked about 9/11, but I wanted more about this.”

What We Thought Of It

This book has been a hit in our house! The kids love looking through the pages and looking at the pictures. I really enjoyed the way the information is presented, in a story format. This made it easy for the kids to gain an interest in different topics. As they were searching for the hidden pictures, they found topics they wanted to learn more about. This was a great way to build their interest!

I also loved the way that the story shows God in everything. Not only did we learn bits of information about New York City, but we also learned about God and Jesus throughout!

After reading this book with the kids, we all long for a visit to New York City to see some of the sights that piqued our interest while reading this book!

Three other books were included in this review. They are Ireland, Indiana, and Alaska. Check out the reviews right here:

By the Way Book Series: New York City, Ireland, Indiana & Alaska {By the Way Reviews}
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Fitting Words – A Homeschool Crew Review

I am still in shock that I have a senior in high school this year! Where did all these years go by? There is only one thing harder than grasping you have a senior, it is finding curriculum for them that they love to use.

Roman Roads Media gave us a chance to review Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric (complete program). This is just what I knew Moe Man needed, and he loves using it, so it is a win-win!

What It Is

Fitting Words Classical Rhetoric is a curriculum that will provide high school students and above with a full year’s credit of learning how to communicate by studying the great speeches and giving their own speeches as well.

We received the complete program that comes with the student text, student workbook, video course, exam pack, and answer key. These all complement each other and makes this course a great one, especially for Moe Man.

The student text is a hardcover text with about 400 pages. Each of the pages is clean and uncluttered. This makes it easier to read. There is also room on the edges of the pages for notes if your child likes to take notes, mine doesn’t, but I love to, so noticed this right away!

The workbook is a spiral bound book. There are plenty of well-spaced lines for writing answers to the questions asked for each exercise. Even my large writing son had no problem writing his answers on these spaces.

The video course is my favorite aspect of this program. Moe Man is great at reading, but sometimes he doesn’t remember what he read. We all have those moments when listening to someone read or explain the lesson brings things to light that we would not have noticed before hearing it.

This video course is 4 DVDs that go with each lesson in the textbook. It is recommended to watch the lecture of the lesson first and follow up with reading the lesson after. Not only that but at the end of each lesson, there is a lesson application video to watch. There is even a pre-exam video that walks you through what you need to know for each exam. All the videos helped to reinforce what your child needs to know for each lesson.

The exams packet has review sheets for each exam. They are not study guides, instead just a sheet with the things the student should be able to do and know before the exam. This allows your child to review in the way that is best for them. You will also find all the exams in this packet. The last thing you will see is the speech judging sheets. This is an excellent way for me to be able to judge each individual speech. It also allows the student to know what they will be graded on for each speech.

Finally, we have the answer key. It is just that, a softcover book full of all the answers for the worksheets in the textbook as well as the exams.

How We Used It

At the beginning of the answer key, you will find two optional schedules on how to use this curriculum. There is an option for one or two years.

Since this is Moe Man’s last year of school (Yikes!) we opted for the one year schedule. Using the one year schedule, we see what to do each week and day. The bonus, it is only 4 days per week! Moe Man was happy to see this!

I wrote up what needed to be done on Moe Man’s planner, and with this guide, I could easily do the whole first semester in just about half an hour. After that, he logs in to see what he needs to do and goes. It is strange not to have to help him throughout the day like I used to have to do, but I am glad that he is getting better at doing things on his own, and the videos really help take my place in discussing the main point!

The way the schedule is broken down, it is easy to complete all that is needed each day without the stress of too much to do. At first, Moe Man wasn’t sure about the videos. However, now on lesson 7, he is appreciating the videos to help him with the lessons! They are not long, only lasting about 10-20 minutes, but they are full of the main points and great examples of the topics the kids are learning about!

There are 5 speeches that Moe Man will give throughout this course, the first of which will come after lesson 13. I am looking forward to this because he has a hard time speaking in front of people. I have to decide and split up the speeches between us at home and a good friend of the family. I figure this will give Moe Man a different audience for different speeches, and it will give him a chance to be judged by more than one person.

What We Thought

We loved this curriculum. I loved the simplicity on my end, and Moe Man loved how he was able to do this on his own without my help. He loves being able to do his work on his time instead of mine, so having a curriculum that includes the videos to help him, has helped us both.

The suggested schedule is perfect for Moe Man, and it helps me. I am always one who loves a schedule that is done for me vs. me having to figure one out. One thing I did notice was that the Table of Contents was the same for both the workbook and the answer key. This isn’t a huge deal, but I kept wondering where the schedule was in the workbook, and couldn’t find it.

Finding a curriculum that focuses on the great speeches, like that of Martin Luther King Jr, Patrick Henry, or even Pericles, is hard to come by. But Fitting Words is just that. We love the style of teaching and the use of these and other great speeches to help us learn!

There were others reviewers who used this curriculum or the new Picta Dicta curriculum. Check out those reviews right here:

Classical Rhetoric and Picta Dicta {Roman Roads Media Reviews}
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Kingdom Files – A Homeschool Crew Review

As we started our new school year, I wanted to find a way to learn more about certain people in the Bible. I love our previous Bible studies, but this time I wanted something that we could cuddle up and spend time reading together. I found that option with Barbour Publishing and their Who Was Kingdom Files books.

We received Who Was Jonah? and Who Was Mary, Mother of Jesus? for this review.

The kids were excited about these books, but Ray Ray was a little upset. As he was looking through, he saw that there was Who Was David? which happens to be his favorite Bible hero. After falling in love with the first two, I had no issue grabbing him Who Was David? and loved watching him get excited and begging to read it right away!

What Is It

The Kingdom Files books that we have are all small paperback books that are about 80-90 pages long. They have a larger, but not huge, font that makes it an easy to read book. There are also beautiful black and white hand-drawn illustrations on the pages that go along with what you are reading.

The stories are broken down into three sections. You start off with the Fact File. This file folder gives you the key information about the character you are going to be reading about. You have the Action File that is the main story. This is where you will learn about the character’s story, what God wanted to share with them and how they reacted to God’s plan for them. Finally, we have the Power File. This is where we find some great information to remember about God. Our favorite from Jonah was God Doesn’t Abandon. This is combined with a memory verse that goes with the information.

Throughout the story, we also find Clue Boxes. These boxes are like the study boxes in your study Bible, and they offer your children ways to look at the story and how to apply what they are reading to their daily life and the life of the character you are reading about.

How We Used It

We started with Jonah. I mentioned that we wanted to find something for Bible that would allow us a way to study the people of the Bible comfortably. We would cuddle up on the couch, or around the table during snack time and read a chapter at a time. After reading, we would spend time discussing what we had read and how to apply that to our lives.

After each chapter, we would go to the Power File and grab a power-up to go with the chapter. While there is nothing that says you should do it this way, we found that spreading these power-ups through the chapters gave us more time to study the memory verse that went with each power-up.

What We Thought

We loved these books for our Bible study each day. They were a great way to learn more about the people of the Bible instead of just the events. The were able to see Jonah, Mary, and David as the real people they were.

We loved the way the books were set up and how easy they were to read. Every one loved that even though the books were easy to read, they were very informative. The information was easy to understand for the kids, but also allowed us to dig deeper. My kids were able to take the story and apply the lessons to the things we have gone through.

There are also other resources available here that you can use to go along with the books after you read them. You can find fun activities and teacher resources that you can use for different projects!

If you are looking for a way to show your children the people of the Bible as they were, real people, the Kingdom Files by Matt Koceich are the books you will want to read with your children.

Kingdom Files {Barbour Publishing Reviews}
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High School Health from Apologia – A Homeschool Crew Review

In our state, teaching health is a requirement for graduation. However, finding a health curriculum that is biblically based can be hard to find. I want to make sure to teach the topics needed, but I want my children to see them as God’s creation.

I was thrilled to see that Apologia Educational Ministries had recently come out with Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition by Dr. Laura Chase for high school aged students. We had the chance to review the Basic Set.

What It Is

The basic set includes the hardcover textbook and one spiral-bound student notebook. Both of these are required to make the coursework. Also included with this set is access to the book extras on the website. You will find the password for the book title in the front of your textbook.

The book extras include the answers to the study guides and tests as well as many supplemental weblinks to visit to supplement each topic in the book. While these are not needed, it is fun to take a topic and explore it further.

At the beginning of the Student Notebook, you are given a suggested daily schedule. This is set up for a whole year doing something three days a week. You can also make this into a one-semester course by doing something every day instead of three days a week.

How We Used It

Moe Man has a full year to complete his senior courses. I figured that it would benefit him if we took the slower pace option over the faster. That means he has been working on this course on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We could pick any three days during the week, but this was the easiest way for us to split it up.

Moe Man will read through the text, stopping as needed to work on the On Your Own (OYO) questions and projects. The projects don’t require much of anything. In the first module, Moe Man learned a lot about himself and his temperament. This is a huge thing for him! As we move forward, he will do things like checking on food storage to exercising daily.

After the end of the module, there is a study guide to go over the main points in the module. This is a great way for the kids to study before the test. With the Study Guide Solutions from the book extras, Moe Man was able to go through and make sure he had the right answers to study from. I let him correct these on his own so that he could get the right information in his head before the test.

At the end of each module, there is a test to see what has been retained by the student. The questions are very similar to the study guide, so if your child actually studies the study guide, the test will be easy for them! I usually don’t like tests for Moe Man, he tends to get stressed out over them, but these are easy to do, and he has no issue.

What We Thought Of It

I have always loved Apologia in our house. They create great products, and they are based on God’s creation. When it comes to science, this is a huge factor for me and picking a curriculum.

Moe Man has not used an Apologia product before but has always admired when the younger kids get them. He is thrilled that he has had the chance to use one finally. He loves the way the lessons are broken down. The OYO questions are easy to answer, but yet they challenge him to think a little more.

The tests are easy enough for him to understand, being one who stresses over tests. He is actually doing very good at these tests.

I really appreciate that the topics covered are all the topics that are needed for a high school health class, yet I don’t need to worry about proofreading the lessons to make sure they align with our beliefs. This makes me happy that Moe Man can work independently without me making changes on particular topics.

If you are looking for a health and nutrition curriculum for your high school students that has a strong biblical foundation, Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition from Apologia is the curriculum that you want.

Right now, you have the opportunity to grab a free Whole Health Activity e-Book from Apologia. Included in this book is not only some fun activities and articles on health but also a sample chapter of Exploring Health and Nutrition to see how this wonderful curriculum would work in your house!

Health and Nutrition Basic Set {Apologia Educational Ministries Reviews}
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