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Hearts for Home Blog Hop #33


Welcome everyone!! This is my first week doing this weekly blog hop. I hope you will join me and visit all these other wonderful bloggers and see what is happening with everyone! And don't forget to head over Upside Down Homeschooling to read about the Host and Co-hosts of this Blog Hop!


The most popular post from last week was:

Homeschool Spaces

Our Home School Spaces with From The Mrs.


A few of my favorite posts were:

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Hearts for Home Blog Hop
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Now, for the blogs for this week! Hearts for Home Blog Hop is for any post that shows your heart is in your home. It can be anything like homeschooling, homemaking, parenting, marriage, faith, family, friends, you get the idea right? We just ask that you would link back to this blog or display the Hearts for Home button within your post or on your sidebar.


Hearts for Home Blog Hop
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Here we go!! Go ahead and link up your family friendly post below!


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A Child’s Geography: Explore The Classical World ~ Review and Giveaway!


(I received a free copy of this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed below are my own, or that of my family.)


I am still "new" in the homeschool and blogging worlds, but I have been learning fast what the good for us curriculums are. When I was looking for ideas for Big Kid and his history and geography needs, I found Knowledge Quest and feel in love with what they had to offer. But which should I choose? 


I was offered the opportunity to be a part of the team for A Child's Geography Vol. III: Explore the Classical World. Since I was still in the middle of deciding what I wanted to use, I figured I would "give it a try". Man, did I fall in love!


A Child's Geography: Explore The Classical World is geared towards grades 1-6. Big Kid is starting the 7th grade this year and loved this program and Ray Ray is in Kindergarten and loved listening, so I agree with the grade recommendations on this.  I received the eBook version, which sells for $24.95, but you can also order the soft cover physical copy of this for $34.95. I consider this an awesome price for what you get!!


When we got our copy, the first thing I did was print a copy of the map. We taped in on the front cover of a simple composition notebook so we could keep our travel journal in one place.



After that was done, we were ready to go!! What made this even more fun for use this year, was we were going to Mt. Olympus in Wisconsin Dells…and when we started reading, it was all about that time period. So, not only were my kids learning, but they were putting what they learned into their memory and relating it to something. Yes, I know, a waterpark is not really "school" related, but as we were walking around and my kids start telling me bits and pieces of what they read, I considered that a good thing! Places like Mykonos, Athens, Rome and things like the Trojan Horse, all came to "life" for my kids on this trip.


We came home with questions and a renewed interest in learning more about this area and its history. My kids love to sit down and look at the pictures, which are beautiful and real!


And I have printed my own copy of the book (because I don't like to read on the computer or tablet ALL the time). 


As informative as this "class" is, my kids don't really think it is "school". Terri Johnson, the writer of this volume, has this written as a living book instead of a typical textbook. When you read things such as "After our swimming and snorkeling, we will have to say goodbye to Montenegro and continue our adventure to another country on the Balkan Peninsula." you can see yourself there and you have fun imagining what it is really like to be there swimming and snorkeling! This is what has appealed to my kids the most, they are part of this adventure and not just reading a textbook filled with dry boring information. And hey, those real life pictures really help with the images in our heads 🙂


Not only do we have the fun book to read, but we are also able to follow along with our maps and mark off the cities and countries we visit along the way. There are two different maps to use for this, the ones with the cities listed, I use these for Ray Ray and we just highlight where we are talking about. Big Kid uses a black map and finds the cities using the latitude and longitude lines. He is than able to mark the cities and countries as we go. And what history and geography curriculum is complete without recipes to go with each area! 🙂 While we learn about that area, we are able to go to the recipe book that shows recipes for each chapter, slava cake and sticky bread anyone??


We are having so much fun as we finish this up, I think you will too. And, to make this better…I am able to give away a free digital copy of the book!!! Sign up here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway  

AND there is more…check out this MEGA giveaway!

mega giveaway


It includes:


A Child's Geography Volume 3 with Wonders of Old Timeline Book ($59.90) Treasury Membership ($99.95)

Philosophy Adventure Physical set ($89.95)
Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Intro Pack from Diana Waring ($64.95)

Writeshop Primary Level (winners choice of A, B, or C) ($51.85)

Raising Real Men prize package ($50)
A Journey Through Learning $50 Gift Certificate
3 Months A+ Tutorsoft ($49.95)
Lilla Rose (2 Flexi Clips) ($32.00)
See The Light (2 DVDs) ($30)
King Alfred's English and Baktar (Laurie White) ($25)
You can sign up for the mega giveaway here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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The Homeschool Mother’s Journal ~ September 1 2013



In my life this week… I had to get used to keeping the kids on a schedule and not a summer time schedule this week. We had to get things done before we had fun…expect for Friday, and we will play catch up on Monday for that 🙂


In our homeschool this week… We started our first week of school this week! Big Kid is in 7th grade and Ray Ray is in Kindergarten!! Little Miss will be doing some toddler school activities and BFIAR with me.


Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Something I learned this week…you can change things as needed when your homeschooling! We changed numerous things this week and I have a feeling there will be some more changes in the near future. But the kids love their school and that is what matters the most!


My favorite thing this week was… I really enjoyed seeing the boys get into the whole school schedule this week. This is the first year Ray Ray HAS to do something and watching him sit down and do it was awesome! I also loved seeing Big Kid do addition and subtraction in his head! This may seem like nothing to most people with a 7th grader, but this is HUGE for us and I am so proud of him!!


My kiddos favorite thing this week was… My kids had fun playing with their friends one last week before they had to go back to public school. The boys also had a fun time at their birthday party.


Things I’m working on… I am working on getting schedules for everything!! I want to be able to see what needs to be done and get it done…eaiser said than done!


I’m cooking… I have played around with a few crock pot meals and liked 2 out of the 3…not bad!


I’m grateful for… my husband and my health! Without either one I couldn't do what I am doing!


I’m praying for… my grandpa this week. He had some issues with his health and I am hoping that all is good and stays that way!


Something I am ogling or have my eye on… actually nothing…I am happy with what I have!



A photo, video, link, or quote to share (silly, serious or both!)…



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Back to School 2013



photo credit: jimmiehomeschoolmom via photopin cc  


I have been quiet on here this last week since we got home from vacation.  We got home and had a birthday party for the boys. We were also getting ready for school to start!!


Big Kid is in the 7th grade this year!!





I was all excited because I "planned" this year! I was ready for the first week no problem! Well, we are on our third day of school and we have changed numerous items in my "planning" so far! But, I am fine with that, what else was I going to use my white out tape for?? He is having more fun, which makes it easier to teach. And I am fine with changing things to make it easier for him to learn. Not easier, but easier to learn!


Ray Ray is in Kindergarten!!!

Kindergarten (Yes, he is crabby in this picture, but we did have a fun day!)

I was really nervous about this one, but he is happy and we are having fun. All that matters is that for me. We are not doing much too crazy this week, just getting him into the idea of a more "formal" schooling than last year.


Little Miss will not be actually starting school this year, but in a few weeks we are going to start having some fun with letters. I plan to try and work on a letter a week with her. Nothing crazy, just learning the sounds and shapes of  them. If she shows interest in other things, I will work on that at that time.


I hope you are all having a great summer and look forward to hearing about your back to school days!

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My First Homeschool Expo


I have never been to a homeschool expo before. I have always wanted to go and learn more about what everyone has been talking about. Here is my problem…When is there one near me that I don't have to drive forever to and won't cost me an arm and a leg…My solution? The Old Schoolhouse Expo ONLINE!!!


I am feeling so blessed that as I cook supper and do all the other things required of me, I can listen to wonderful speakers and hear all their ideas! 


This online expo is happening RIGHT NOW!! And will continue all week! Tonight they even have Ray Comfort speaking! I can't wait to hear him!


Want to join in on the fun? Click over here, they just lowered the ticket prices, and join in me while learning some more about all these awesome ideas for our kids and ourselves!!

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Family Time


What are some of your favorite things to do as a family? 

We really enjoy many things, but a few of our favorite things include being outside. I am sitting outside right now in some gorgeous weather watching my kids play in a small set of woods….oh the imaginations of kids!

We enjoy shooting guns. We live in city limits, so we don't get to shoot as often as we like, but we do get some time in. Ray Ray got his first set of pellet guns for his birthday and he is in heaven…

We love having a campfire and s'mores.This is something we like to try to do this every weekend. It is our time with daddy after he is done with work.

Once a year we take a vacation to WI Dells. This is what we save our money up for. This is what the kids start counting down for as soon as Christmas is over.  I can't wait to write about that!!

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Book Review ~ Son of a Superhero

Son of a Superhero Book Review

photo credit: JD Hancock via photopin cc

(Disclosure: I received this book for free in return for my honest opinion. I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions below are my own.)


A story of adventure and mystery, plus it is based on Christian faith…what a fun book!


Son of a Superhero: A Little Protection by Vaughn Ohlman is a good book about a young man, Seth, who finds out that his dad had some special powers and now he has them. After learning more about these powers, Seth now has to decide how to use them!


Big Kid and I were more than happy to read this book. It was a little slow to start for Big Kid, but as I read, I would tell him hints of what was happening. He would ask what happened next and I told him he had to read on to find out 😉 Mean mom, I know. But now we both are looking forward to continue on with the second book in the series, Son of a Superhero: A Friend in Need.


You can head over here if you are interested in reading about Seth and his adventures!


Ohlman does more than write Christian superhero books. He has been writing for 10 years and has some good selections for young adults. I love that they are Christian based and still have the adventure of many of the other books on the market. If you are looking for a good Christian book for your young adult go and check out the website here for all the different selections!


(Disclosure: I have links in my post that will lead you to a different website. I will NOT receive any affiliate benefits from you visiting those websites.)

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Old Schoolhouse Expo Online – GIVEAWAY

TOS Expo

(This is a promotion post for The Schoolhouse Expo. I have been given a free ticket to the event to help promote it. For more information please see my disclosure tab above.)

I am a homeschooling mom who has never been to an expo. Why may you ask? Because there were not any near me when I decided to look and because I don't have the "time" to travel to an expo and find a babysitter for that whole time (daddy is a truck driver with an unexpected schedule most weeks). What is a mom like me to do? I am going to attend the online expo with The Old Schoolhouse! The nice part, if I can't sit in front of the computer the whole time each day (I have kids…I don't get that time until after they are asleep), I get a recording of the expo with the ticket!! Read more about what they have to say:

Get Ready! Get Set! No need to “go”! The Old Schoolhouse invites you to attend a week long Expo event from the comfort of your home! That’s right! No fuel costs, no travel involved, no need for a sitter, no waiting in lines! This Expo includes live presentations from some of the biggest names in homeschooling! All homeschoolers will benefit from the wealth of information and inspiration shared each day. Don’t have time to commit to an entire week? No problem! The Expo will be recorded and you will have access to any and all sessions that you miss. What a great way to jump start the school year! Mark it on your calendar and tell your family you will be attending your first Parent/Teacher conference of the year! Join us August 19-23 from 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM (Eastern). For more information and to purchase your ticket, go to


Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a bunch of “big-name” homeschoolers all in one place? Just think how refreshing it would be to gain perspective through the eyes of the ones who have years of homeschooling experience and advice to share! The Old Schoolhouse is about to make this a reality! You are invited to join us for a week long Expo Extravaganza event August 19-23 from 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM – all from the comfort of your home and through your favorite device. You’ll hear sessions from special guests including:

Ray Comfort


Carol Topp

Dean Butler


Adam Andrews

Todd Wilson


Andrew Pudewa

Jessica Hulcy


Ann Dunagan

Diana Waring


Christine Field

Dr. Jay Wile


David C. Gibbs III

Hal & Melanie Young


David Stelzl

Kim Kautzer


Davis Carman

Antony Kolenc


Evonne Mandella

Terri Johnson


Tyler Hogan

Andy Harris


Marie Rippel

Jennifer Courtney


Deborah Wuehler

Joaquin Fernandez


Heather Laurie

Malia Russell


and MORE!


Don’t wait! Seats are limited! Go to today and get signed up for an event that will leave you equipped, refreshed, encouraged, and ready to tackle a new school year.

I have one ticket to giveaway to one of you!! Go and enter here:



a Rafflecopter giveaway