Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus – A Review

Have you, or someone you know ever had a crisis in faith? Ever wonder if what the Bible says it true? Do you have those who like to argue with you, asking for “proof” and not just faith? If you have answered yes to any of these, you need to spend some time watching Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.

Filmmaker Tim Mahoney, who happens to be from the same state of Minnesota as myself, has spent 12 years looking at evidence, researching and as he puts it, being a reluctant participant in this journey to bring this film to us today.

About the author/filmmaker/producer

Tim Mahoney founded Mahoney Media Group, Inc. (MMG) in 1989. MMG focused its business on television and video production for regional and national companies. In 2014 Tim founded Thinking Man Films & Media as an international documentary & publishing company with a focus on education and the Bible. Tim produced numerous productions for Christian organizations including the Billy Graham Association, World Wide Pictures, and Compassion International. Tim also served as the President of the board for the International Christian Visual Media Association (ICVM). Tim’s first full feature documentary film, “PATTERNS OF EVIDENCE: THE EXODUS”, released in January 2015. The film took 12 years to develop and takes a scientific approach to investigate the events of the biblical Exodus. The overall vision for his film company is to explore “patterns of evidence” that support the biblical narrative and engages the world in a conversation. The film takes a balanced approach and leaves the audience to decide for themselves if the Bible is real history or myth.

About the film

  • Won 13 awards on the film festival circuit in 2014, including a Gold Remi Award winner for Best Director at the Worldfest Houston Intl. Film Festival, the Gold Crown Award for Best Picture and Best Documentary at ICVM 2014, and Official Selection at the Soho International Film Festival in New York.
  • Supplemental resources associated with the film include a nearly 400-page hardcover book, small group Bible study, Movie Event kit, youth version (called Young Explorers), homeschool curriculum and others.
  • It includes powerful interviews with some of the top experts in the fields of archaeology and Egyptology as well as people of influence in the Middle East.
  • The film has an objective, fair-minded and balanced approach. It allows viewpoints from all sides to be heard in a respectful way while asking honest questions of the Bible and scholars’ views. It does not preach and lets the evidence speak for itself. This allows the film to be very shareable with those of different viewpoints.

What I Thought

I have grown up, like Tim, with my faith in the Bible. I have believed that what is written there is what is true. But as I watched this film, my eyes were opened to other viewpoints and evidence pointing to these viewpoints. This is not always easy to see, or hear, but sometimes we need to do just that to build our faith.

Tim has talked with many experts in many fields of study as he worked on this film. We see a lot of evidence for all sides all of which is true in its own way. When Time comes to a time when someone tells him the Exodus did not happen during this time period you say it did, he looks again.

I really enjoyed listening to David Rohl, and agnostic explain with very solid information, that we may, in all honesty be looking at the wrong time period for when Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers. If this is true, we have been looking in the wrong time period for all the other evidence as well.

During this film, I was presented with so much information. I never knew of some of this information, and never thought about others. I was challenged to look at other opinions and listen to their findings. I had to hope to see if Tim could find someone to prove what I believe from the Bible.

I went into this film thinking that I would be listening to facts and proof of what I already knew from my faith. I did not know I would be challenged as much as I was. Am I mad about this? No! In fact, I was pleased to have spent the time being challenged. I loved looking at the facts, and still having my faith lead me to what I want to believe.

Who do I think needs to watch this? Um, everyone! I am serious, no matter what your belief may be, I think you need to watch this. But you must make sure that you watch this with an open mind and heart. You will hear many opinions. You will want to argue some of them, and praise others. In the end, you will come away with a lot of new knowledge and the opportunity to still believe what you want.

I have viewed this film before I would allow any of my children to watch it. While it challenges many aspects of what we believe, it also shows us proof as well. Maybe it points us to a new time, maybe we didn’t look in the right area the first time. I love that we have all the views, all the different forms of evidence. Because of this, I will have no problem letting Moe Man watch this with us and ask questions. However, I will wait a few years before the younger three see this. I want them to have a firm grasp on the Bible before I bring too many opinions their way.

If you are interested in this film, which I hope you are, you can grab your own copy right here. Also, if you use the Promotional Code MK1 you will be able to get $3 off at checkout. I really feel this is a film that needs to be in every house, one that everyone should see at some time in their life. I hope you take the time to check it out for yourself!

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  1. Thank you so much for your great review of our film. We appreciate it and glad you enjoyed it- along with some of your readers too hopefully!
    We wanted to let you know about our ‘Thinker Updates’ since you are a Bible enthusiast. They include fascinating research & finds with new evidence related to the Bible, plus more . We typically send them out once a week and then archive the blogs for reference & pleasure reading. You can sign up here to become a ‘Thinker’

    We also have homeschool material on this for ages 7-13 now. We will have High School curriculum on this in Spring!
    Blessigns, Jane

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