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Philosophy Adventure Final Review and GIVEAWAY


(I received a free copy of Philosophy Adventure in return for my honest review.)



"DO YOU NEED to teach advanced writing and speaking skills?

DO YOU WANT your students equipped to discern truth as ungodly messages bombard them?

DO YOU WONDER how to cover all they need academically as well as practically?

Philosophy Adventure may be your solution!"



I have had the pleasure of working with a fine group of ladies and gentlemen the last couple of months while we reviewed and discussed the launch of Philosophy Adventure from Home School Adventure. Since I am still "new" to homeschooling, I was glad to learn a lot of new things and interesting facts. I also loved learning about this wonderful program!! I have already told you about some of our wonderful experiences with this program, but I want to tell you what is new and what else I have learned.


Never did I think I would enjoy Philosophy as much as I have as I planned out Big Kid's use of Philosophy Adventure for this upcoming school year. We have had things going on throughout the summer, so we decided to start the actual program when we "start" school. I am beyond excited to be able to teach him something as wonderful as this!


Every student, no matter what they decide to do in their future will need to be able to write and speak in a professional manner. With the ways of the computer, we are less of the actual writing process…why should they, the computer will check it for them. I have seen it with my own son. With the Philosophy Adventure, I am not only going to be able to help my son (and the littles when it is their turn) learn how to think, write and speak in a way that he (they) will need to have if they want to succeed in life, and that is something I do want for them. Not only will my kids be learning about reading, writing and thinking, but I am able to add the foundation of history and the biblical worldview. 


This set comes with the student text, teacher manual and student workbook. I am in love with all three of these. I have the digital copy of them, so I can print them as we go, and the use of paper and ink are well worth it! First the actual text. This book is color coded for the activities! The three colors are for your write, think and speak so as you glance at the index you know what you are looking at. This made it wonderful for me as I was planning what to do and when. The lessons can be easily adapted for four or five day schedules. I personally like the five day for our family. The pictures and writing of this book make it very engaging and easy to understand. Even for someone who has never liked the whole "philosophy" idea (ahem…me!). 


The student work-text is perfect for Big Kid. He doesn't like just taking notes…he is learning how to find that important information in the text and move it over into notes. The questions make you think, but aren't that hard at the same time. They have an ongoing story writing project that gives the basics of what to write. The students will than build off of that as they learn about each philosopher.


The teacher guide is prettier than any other teacher guide I have seen. I love the "pretty" fonts and pictures. It adds more for me when it is like that and they are even in COLOR!! Everything is nicely laid out and it's very easy to see what to do. There is an added section to go with each lesson that has memory cards. I have heard of many ways to use these and I can't wait to try some out. Since I am learning with Big Kid, we may play a memory game to see who can collect the most cards (another reviewer had her kids do this and it sounded fun!).


Now that I have told you about this program, let me tell you in two words what I really feel about it: LOVE IT!! I am so thankful to Stacy and Home School Adventure Co. for taking their time and making such a wonderful product. I am beyond excited to use this when school starts for us. 


Here is my favorite part…I get to let you fabulous readers enter into a wonderful giveaway! Check this out:

Philosophy Adventure Giveaway


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