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Literature is a very important aspect of any child’s education. Take literature and add in some bible study with that and you have Progeny Press and their literature study guides. We were so blessed to be able to review The Giver and Frog and Toad Together from Progeny Press.

These Study Guides are download files and the higher grades are actually interactive guides (you can type right in the file and save it there). Each of these guides has you read and then work on comprehension questions and activities. The bonus of each of these study guides is the bible lessons that are added in to each one. They relate to the reading that was done and re-enforces the learning through the bible. The use of these study guides will help your children learn how the authors write their stories and introduce the themes of stories. On average these study guides can take up to 8 to 10 weeks depending on how long you spend on each section. Although these come as digital downloads, you will need to be in charge of finding your own copy of the book (most libraries do carry the books) and a bible to go along with the bible study section.

The first thing you will see when you download your study guide will be a note to the instructor. This will give you the information you need to prepare you for teaching this to your children. For the higher grades you will be able to determine the amount of High School Credits that would be appropriate to give. Following that is a synopsis of the story. This helps if you have not read the book yourself yet. There are before you read activities that help to introduce the story and the ideas or themes of the book. Each of these activities is based on the grade level of the students that are going to be reading the book.

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Frog and Toad Together is a Lower Elementary grade book study. It is recommended for grades K-2. The digital download price is $11.99 and with this you are able to download and print your study guide for your kids to write their answers on the page. We printed this and I did the writing for Ray Ray as he told the answers…or he and daddy talked about the answers verbally instead of reading and writing them down. After answering all the questions, there are projects to go with each chapter. We loved making cookies and seeing if we could resist temptation like Frog and Toad tried to do. We didn’t do too badly, but we also forgot to take a picture of those cookies!

The Giver is a Middle School lever book. This is recommended for grades 7-9 and the digital download is $18.99. Now this download is the interactive download I was talking about earlier. Moe Man loved that fact that he didn’t have to write anything! I loved that he didn’t complain as much about doing some literature work! We took a little more time with this than what they would recommend. This is due in part to the fact that although Moe Man loves to read…actually answering questions after and remembering the little things while he reads is hard for him. I had him start with the vocabulary section one day. He was able to work through this on his own without any problems. I would than work with him the rest of the week on the rest of the questions. We would first go over them together and then I would read aloud from the Kindle version of the book while he followed along with the library copy. As he heard answers to the questions, he would than tell me to stop so he could type the answers in. We found that this worked for us. It may be different for you, but this was what we needed to do for us.

Both of these study guides were very well loved with us! I loved that there were though provoking questions for both ages. Questions that went beyond, who was the main character and what did they do. I also loved that there were the added in bible verses and questions. What better way to add that into our day without adding another “subject” to the day! Not only were we able to learn about God and what he wants us to know, but we were able to but it into context to what we were reading at that moment. Ray Ray loved his Study Guide just about as much as me! He was able to have fun working on “big kid” work like his brother. Moe Man was frustrated to begin with, but once we figured out our way of doing things, he loosened up and actually began to enjoy it also. The benefits of homeschooling…finding a way to make it work for your kids and not just going with the flow!

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