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I am back for another Five Minute Friday. I am enjoying this time to just write. Not about homeschooling or reviews in particular, just writing. If you haven’t heard, Five Minute Friday is when we get a writing prompt. We have five minutes to write with that prompt. No planning, no editing, just writing. This week the prompt is progress. Oh, what a word! And here I go…

Progress is a forward or onward movement. This does not mean you achieve the end result, you just keep moving forward. This is what I live daily. I just keep moving forward.

When times get tough, I just keep focusing on my progress. I have come so far, I have endured so much, I just keep on my progress.

My progress is not the same as others. I want to make sure that my progress includes opening and reading my bible daily. Even on the tough days, the days when progress feels like it is so far away. Keeping a journal of my blessings and troubles allows me to see the progress I have made over the years. From when we first learned of my husband’s health issues until today when all progress seems to have failed us. I can look back on those journal entries and see how far forward we have moved.

Progress is us moving forward no matter the circumstances, just keep moving forward. We are not looking for perfect, we are looking for progress at all times.

So what does progress mean for you? Does it mean just putting one foot in front of the other, or does it mean something else, something more? Please share what the word progress means to you, I would love to hear in the comments!

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  1. I hope your husband is well now? Perfection is only in Jesus we keep progressing God bless visiting from fmf #7

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