Purposeful Design Understanding the Creation ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

How was creation decided? Why were things done the way they were? Was there a specific reason for the order of creation, or how about how each thing was created? Why do we have the body we have, and why was it designed this particular way? Purposeful Design sent us a copy of the book Purposeful Design: Understanding the Creation to review and this book helps to explain all those questions and more!

Purposeful Design ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

What Is It?

Purposeful Design: Understand the Creation is a beautifully illustrated hard cover book that is suitable for all ages. This book, which was written by Jay Schabacker, takes us on a journey through creation, from day one, all the way to the seventh day.  But that is not all, Mr. Schabacker takes us on a journey with the Purposeful Designer and shows us things we had not looked at before. With over 90 pages full of pictures and information, you will love this book.

Mr. Schabacker has also made a free curriculum workbook to go along with the reading of this book. The Purposeful Designer: Young Explorer’s Club helps to re-enforce what you are reading.

Each day (chapter) starts out with the bible verse from Genesis that talks about that day. But we don’t just analyze that bible verse. Mr. Schabacker takes us into the science of that day. Yes, I said the science of that day! Science like how the earth orbits the sun at a rate of 66, 700 miles per hour and that that speed NEVER changes. Not once since the day the earth was formed. What about the way the earth is set at exactly 23 ½ degrees of a tilt on its axis? Because of this tilt each part of the earth gets just the right amount of sun and dark and just the right amount of summer and winter (although sometimes we may wonder on this part! 🙂 ).

When it comes to our facial features, do we really think they were placed in each spot on our face just because they looked pretty? Our nose is above our mouth to catch the scent of what is going into our mouth, whether it is good or bad, and having our ears on either side of our head so we can tell what direction the noise is coming from.

When it comes to all the science of creation, this book opens your eyes to what our wonderful creator actually did! He did it all with a purpose!

How We Used It

While we were talking about creation for our bible studies, I thought it would be fun to use this book and work on some science with the littles. Well, little did I know I would be learning along with them…once again!

We sat down during our circle time every day and would read about a day, or half a day on those busy days God had! I would allow the kids to interrupt me with questions on the pictures, or just to stare at the pictures a little longer before turning the page.

After our reading for the day, we would discuss what we had just read. This was my way to see what the littles learned from the reading without making them do worksheets. However, Moe Man got to work on the free worksheets provided by Mr. Schabacker since they were more suited for his level. I would allow him to follow along with the worksheet while I was reading, and then he was able to finish by using the book when I was done reading. I never graded anything when it came to this, but loved being able to talk more with Moe Man about the worksheets and the answers.

Purposeful Design ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Now that we have finished the book, we keep pulling it out just to look at the pictures and read about different things. Ray Ray will see it sitting in the living room and start flipping through the pages. Upon finding the picture that catches his eye, we are then pulled in to help him read about it. Even when he already knows, we have to read it again.

What We Thought

From the moment I opened the package, I could not set this book down. I still can’t seem to set it down. I love the looks of it. I love how simple yet into detail it is to read. I love the information provided and I love that there were worksheets to keep Moe Man focused while I read to him. Plain and simple I love this book. All of the kids seem to love the book as much as I do. Like I mentioned they are always looking at the pictures and wanting to re-read bits and pieces that they find interesting. I can say this much, for $18.95 (not to mention the free curriculum), I would add this to any coffee table and may actually be giving a few out for gifts for Christmas this year!

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