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I am back again with another word for the Five Minute Friday Write 31 Days. I am going and not stopping! A little persistence and I will catch up! Heck, It is only five minutes of writing to go with each prompt, I should have no issue!

Today’s word is Read…

I love having my kids read, or me read to them. It opens so many doors for them! But while reading, I hope they are able to learn something, and not just read the silly, for fun books all the time. Trying to find books to read that are fun, but still fun of learning can be hard at times. I love finding reading lists that are put together for me so all I need to do is find the books at the library and let the learning happen.

Recently I found that I was sitting on a treasure trove of lists that I was missing! I couldn’t believe that I had been missing this! These lists are found in the Monthly Book Lists for Families course at Every month a new list is added and you still have access to all previous months, so you can skip around to find what you need, or want.

Some of the book lists are Adoption, Christmas, Courage, Famous Homeschoolers, World War II and so much more. The books have grade ideas with them along with small descriptions of the books. I am able to scroll through the list and find the books we would enjoy and find something for everyone in the house. It is a great way to easily find what I am looking for without getting lost in Pinterest.

Did you know that is having a sale right now? Their already low monthly price is lower until the end of the month! Not to mention all the bonuses they are giving away! Don’t miss out on this deal!

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