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Welcome back to another round of Blogging Through the Alphabet! Annette from A Net in Time and I are happy to have you here. We hope you find a post that helps you out this week! This week we are working on the Letter R. This is so much easier than last week's letter Q!

This week for the Letter R I want to talk about Reading. There are two parts to this one. First, teaching of reading and second, enjoying the reading.


After starting homeschooling, my biggest fear was teaching the kids how to read! Moe Man was in public school when he had his "Ah-ha" reading moment. I didn't realize how much I was going to miss this moment. When I started with Ray Ray, I was doing EVERYTHING! I wanted to follow the schedule of the public school and was feeling guilty when nothing was working. By 7, he still wasn't reading! What was I doing wrong?

Now when I say I was doing everything, I mean it! I was looking for all of the newest, easiest and those that claimed 100% success. While Ray Ray loved some of them, like the Bob Books, he just didn't want to read. It was at this point in time when I read something about how boys take longer in the learning to read area. While I don't remember the exact article I read, I remember that this gave me a small little breath of fresh air.

Fast forward 6 months. Ray Ray fell in love with Goosebumps. He checked out 3 of the books from the library at one time. He got frustrated that I wasn't able to read them as fast as he wanted. One morning he came downstairs, he looked tired and was grumpy. I couldn't figure it out until he put one of the books down on the table and announced that he had finished reading it. We didn't believe it. We questioned things that happened and he told us! He taught himself how to read when he was ready with the foundation I had set for him!

This was the "Ah-ha" moment I needed! If I laid the foundation down, I had to trust that the kids would build from it. Little Miss is acting the same way. She doesn't want to read. But we are using Electic Foundations and building this great foundation that she will be able to use when she is ready.

Another thing that we need to remember as the "teachers" is to read to our kids every day! Having them listen to us reading and showing them how much fun it can be will build their interest. This interest will turn into a willingness to read. We love reading aloud, and even Baby Girl will bring books when she is bored. This shows me that we have started a great foundation for her as well just by reading to her!

Now for the actual reading! Each of us has some great books we are currently reading and we wanted to share those with you! While we read a lot of different books, and sometimes a lot at one time. These are the ones we are reading right now!

Blogging Through the Alphabet


I am currently reading two great books. The first is Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I am in love with this book. While I wanted to read it to all the kids, I have decided that Moe Man will be the next to read this and we will wait for Little Miss to get in on this one!

And because I don't remember a time when I have ever read just one book, I am also reading Rush Revere and the Presidency. This is a great book! I was so excited to be able to get this for review. I have read the first four and can't wait to finish this one!

Moe Man

Moe Man is one that loves to read, when he wants to read. When he doesn't want to read, he is a tough cookie! Right now he is currently reading two books for school. He is almost done with YWAM's Christian Heros: Then & Now Corrie Ten Boom (with a review to follow shortly) and he is just starting Pride and Prejudice for another review you will be seeing! When he does get in a reading kick, he is usually reading a Star Wars book of some kind.

Ray Ray

This kid of mine, and yes I say mine. He can read five books at one time and still know all that is happening in all of them! Right now he is currently listening as I read Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims. He is reading Captain Absolutely (check back this week to read the review of this one). On top of these two, Ray Ray usually has a Goosebumps book in hand, I am sure he has had to have read them all by now. If not, he is close!

Little Miss

Little Miss is loving listening anytime I read. Right now, she is really into Arthur books. Her favorite is Arthur's Underwear, now just to find it so I can return it to the library!

Baby Girl

Baby Girl loves her board books. I have a lot from Usborne Books and More when I was a consultant. But she is also in love with the simple toddler Seek and Finds like this Mickey Mouse one.

What are you reading right now?

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4 Replies to “Reading and What We Are Reading Now ~ Blogging Through the Alphabet”

  1. A reading family is such fun. We always have so many books going between the five of us. And, I agree – reading aloud allows so much encouragement and builds that hidden interest to the point where it just cannot be ignored. And those magical moments are what follow. Great post.

  2. Mine is 16 and we still read everything out loud together. I know that he's actually working and he likes that I use silly voices when I read. 😉 I think reading should be fun! We're currently reading Rush Revere and YWAM's Theodore Roosevelt together. I just finished a few books and need to "restock" my reading pile. No worries there. I always have plenty of books on hand.

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