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Schedules…are they needed or are they just for those type A people? When it comes to homeschooling, you may think, yes we need them. Or you may think no they are too much like public school. Either way, let me tell you about our homeschool and schedules.

Real Life Homeschooling Schedules

When we started homeschooling, I wanted to be like the public school. We HAD to start at a certain time and each subject HAD to be done in a certain order at a certain time. Wow…those days did NOT go good for us!!

Once I gave up the schedule, we had a good few weeks. Moe Man would get his school done as he pleased and I was happy to see it done by the end of the day. However, as the days went on, we each kind of pushed it a little more and a little more. Pretty soon, we were struggling to get our lessons done before bed. Daddy would come home and we would be stressed because nothing was done!

What are you to do at this point? A strict schedule does not work, no schedule does not work…bah humbug!!

It wasn’t until just recently that I was able to find a balance. I took our strict schedule and tweaked it! And then I started adding things to it (review coming soon). I knew what didn’t work, now I just needed to make that work. I took an hourly schedule and I used a pencil. Not a pen…never a pen until you figure things out, even then a pencil is better.

I decided what time I wanted my kids to wake up and what time they needed to be in bed. I wrote those times down. Then I added in our meals. Those times are a given. After that I was able to play around with the rest of the day.

I know that Moe Man needs more time to do school since he is starting to work on his high school classes…oy vey! I penciled in two hours before lunch and two hours after lunch/freetime. At first I didn’t have any order to the classes he did in whatever order he did them in. If he wanted to go outside, he would start right away at 10 am. If he was “late” to school, he lost outside time while he worked on his classes. Same with after lunch.

Since Ray Ray is younger, I penciled in an hour before lunch and an hour after lunch. Yes two hours total…which was too much it seemed.

Little Miss was learning time on the computer and one on one time with mommy in the afternoon.

This worked! We were getting somewhere! Now, I have a new way of looking at things. We are learning a new schedule. But once again, it is still an open schedule. I have started with a literacy “hour”. Moe Man is the only one who makes it a full hour here. And a numeracy “hour”. These help us get the main two subjects in. These come second to our Bible time.

Bible time is the first class we do, and we do it together. This is something I just started enforcing. We had been doing it every day, separate from each other. Now we do it together. This is helping us start our school day on the right path. Sometimes this is more for mommy than anything, but I am happy we get to share this time.

Now, for most families their schedules will be either or…but if you are just starting homeschool, or thinking of starting, I really recommend that you have an open schedule. Decide that you want to do school at this time, and ask your child which class to do first. Find out what their interests are. Once you do, save those for last! This gives them something to look forward to. Start with an OK class and finish with the favorite. Save the in between for those dreaded classes. And those are different for each child. We find it best to not have a start and finish time for each lesson. Some will go faster and others slower.

Listen to your child no matter what! Each homeschool is different. That is why we homeschool. Because each of our children learn differently. They are not a brick to fit into a mold. Let them guide you, and you go from there. They will thank you later in life!

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Do you have any say on schedules? I would love to hear some of your ideas! Please share them in the comments below!

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  1. I love getting a glimpse into another homeschool family's life. It is amazing how different each one is yet it works for them. We aren't great w/ schedules but we have a roundabout time that we do certain things. I've tried the planner approach many many times in the past 9 'official' homeschool years and they never lasted  LOL…of course I use one for blogging but that's a totally different story :p

    Thanks for sharing your story šŸ™‚

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