Real Life Homeschooling ~ A Day With Moe Man

I am back with another Real Life Homeschooling post! Today I want to talk about a day in the life of Moe Man.


Moe Man is my oldest. He spent some time in public school before starting homeschool. This has a slight effect on how he feels a day should or should not go. Moe Man also has his teenager days where nothing goes right and you will feel the wrath of his bad attitude on those days!


However most days start out with him waking up himself in the morning. I have had him waking up with an alarm clock for the last few months during the week. I feel that even though we homeschool, he needs to know how to take care of himself. This life experience also stems to the point of his needing that extra practice with his Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It’s one of the little things you don’t think about, unless you struggle with it.

Once he is up and moving, I allow for free-time. I know that if I were to try and expect a good school day, he needs time to wake up and get energy out. Our free-time lasts up to an hour depending on the day and mom’s morning! (If I had a long night with the baby, I will allow for some extra free-time so I can wake up).

Once school starts, Moe Man heads off to the school room (right off of the kitchen) and does a lot of working on his own. I have to oversee some things, and daily correcting of assignments is needed to make sure he is understanding what he is learning. We are using a lot of the Easy Peasy Homeschool lessons for Moe Man right now, so he is able to do them on his own.


I plan and hope that he is able to get two hours of school done in the morning. We aim to get Bible done together first thing (sometime this happens after lunch though). I don’t make him do his lessons in any special order. I give him the free choice to do as he pleases. Right now he seems to be working on his history first though. We are using Homeschool Legacy Revolutionary Ideas (review coming soon!) as our program. Moe Man loves history and books, so this is a no brainer for him!

When lunch arrives, we work on making it together, or I make something quick. Our lunch break allows for all kids to get their energy out. We eat, and then aim for an hour outside. If the weather does not permit us to go outside, this is the time we will find some moving games for in the house. We need to find creative ways to keep our bodies busy, especially for Moe Man and his ADHD.

After lunch I plan to have Moe Man finish up his school. I hope to have it done within 2 hours. Once again, he is able to pick and choose what he wants to do and in what order. I simply have an assignment notebook, one that I print up from New Bee Homeschooler, and he marks off what has been done for the day.


Once school is done, we are able to than work on our household chores and T.V. time. If a good day has been achieved, Moe Man can earn some video game time. This, in our house is a reward. I don’t like video games, and the kids love them, so we work together to make both sides happy!

So this is a typical real homeschool day for Moe Man. We don’t have set times and order to everything. In fact, today we are running half an hour late and mommy is ok with it! Part of homeschool is having the chance to do what works best!

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  1. video games are not a fav or mine either….I have a few rules….all games are educational!  Even minecraft has an educational element, and minecraft can only be played on a friday or saturday for 30mins.  The other educational apps have a 1 hr limit during the week, and if you have behavior issues, you loose it too.  

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