Remembering (Great) Great Grandpa – Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails Link Up

This week has been a whirlwind for me. I have had to explain the word death to my 3-year-old, and it had to do with “her grandpa.” But I will start at the beginning.

I have been one of the fortunate ones, and my kids even more so. I grew up with a great grandma and grandpa. I got to spend weekends at their house on the lake as I grew up and have fond memories of learning to swim there with my brother.

Every Sunday, we would go to their house after church and have a meal, because grandma and grandpa would never let you go without eating. And the food…it was not the food you would see now. It was real food. Polish food. And it was good.

Grandma passed away five years ago. In fact, it was right after I started this blog. One of my first posts was about her. She was the love of grandpa’s life. He did everything for her, and I personally didn’t know how he would go on without her. But he did, for five years!

When he got close to 100 years-old, he talked about being too old. I begged him to hold on so that he could meet Baby Girl. And he did. And not only that, but he kept canning pickles and tomatoes and even sauerkraut during that time. He lived on his own. His son, my grandpa, lived across the road, so he was able to help him. But, he was on his own, just as he wanted.

After Little Miss was born, Grandpa loved her, and she loved him. They had their birthdays two weeks apart. They had a bond that I fell in love with. A bond that I remember when I was her age. One that is all love for each other.

Grandpa taught me what I wanted in a husband. A man that would love me like he loved grandma. A man that worked hard and never thought twice about giving you the last of something he had. A man, that after 80 years found God and loved Him till his last day.

Baby Girl is having a hard time. She wants “her grandpa” back. She told me the other day, “Mommy, grandpa is never, ever, ever, ever coming back.” and her eyes were full of tears. But she finished with, “But mommy, he is my angel now, I just can’t see him when I look up in the sky.” This girl loved her great, great grandpa. I am glad that she was able to form this bond and love with him. I hope she never forgets it.

So, this last week has been hard on all of us. We have gotten some of our lessons done. We did not do them all. Just what was important. We spent time remembering, and that is fine with me. Next week will be a new week, and we will have time to get back to “normal” at that time. Right now, we remember and love those memories. That is what is important right now.

Grandpa and I coming back from his garden.

I am co-hosting the Friday Funnies, Flops, and Fails with Kirsten from DoodleMom. If you have had a funny, flop, or fail this week, please write about it and link up with us! Share your stories about your homeschool life and experiences with all of us! And, in my grandpa’s memory, share some strawberries or chocolate with your kids. Make sure to tell them that if you get up first, you will tickle their toes to wake them up. Grandpa is smiling down on us right now,  wanting us to smile and be happy and laugh for him.

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