(A Review) My First Scissors

When it comes to scissors in this house, we allow everyone to use them, but the little ones need extra help. Finding just the right pair of scissors to teach with is hard to find. However, we found just what we needed with the My First Scissors. These are included in Timberdoodle's Preschool Curriculum Kit as well as the PreK Curriculum Kit.

My First Scissors Review

The My First Scissors are unlike any you have seen before. These scissors are spring loaded, and can be used with right or left handed children. They have rounded blades to make them just a little bit safer. As always, they are scissors and need to be used with supervision or else you end up with a child who has decided their hair needed to be cut.

Little Miss has tried several "safety scissors" all of which have led to frustration. When she seen the package of these scissors, she was ready to jump right in. They are "her" scissors and no one is allowed to touch them.

My First Scissors

When it comes to teaching how to use the scissors, it is nice to have a book that is made for cutting. Kumon has some great books, and we loved the More Let's Cut Paper! This book allowed us to put our new scissors to use. Little Miss would have used this whole book up in one day if I had allowed it.

My First Scissors

The My First Scissors were easy for Little Miss to hold. They fit perfect in her hands and allowed her to enjoy learning how to cut. Because they were easy to use, she actually enjoyed using them. There was no fight on how to hold them correctly, they just fit. Her hands did not get tired from holding them and she truly loved using scissors with the My First Scissors!

Have you checked out beginner scissors for your little hands? One hold of these and you will be hooked!

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