Review of Grapevine Studies – The Birth of Jesus

Who would have guessed that a simple stick figure would help your children learn more about the bible? We have had the opportunity to use The Birth of Jesus bible study from Grapevine Studies and we have found a fun way to learn more about the birth of Jesus.

Birth of Jesus Review

What It Is

The Birth of Jesus study comes in two different levels, the Beginner Level, which is perfect for ages 5-7 and the Elementary Level which is great for ages 7 and up. Both of these levels have a Traceable option which works wonders for ages 3-5. Between these, we have all three kids in this house covered!

Both levels also have a physical book and an eBook option. The eBooks have the family license option and a class license option. Along with the student books, there are the teacher guides to go along with each of them. The teacher guides also come as physical and eBooks. For our review, we received the eBook option. I love this option because we are able to instantly use the product and don’t have to wait for them to be packaged and then delivered to us.

In the Beginner study of the Birth of Jesus, you get 30 pages of lessons that can be split into 7 weekly lessons or 14 daily lessons. The teacher guide is 26 pages of notes, key points and pictures of what to draw where.

The Elementary study has 48 lesson pages. You can do 5 weekly lessons or 24 daily lessons with this study. The teacher guide has 64 pages, also with the notes key points and pictures of what to draw.

How Did We Use This

We didn’t do weekly or daily lessons. We did lessons every other day. I wanted to spend some time on each of the verses we worked on, and since I didn’t really have a “schedule” I had to follow, it was nice to use this at our pace.

Birth of Jesus Grapevine Review

Before starting each lesson, I would look it all over and see what verses we would be working on. I would read through them myself and focus on what we would be learning about. This helped me know what questions the kids might have for me later in the day when we went over this together.

Birth of Jesus Grapevine Review

When it came to lesson time, we would sit down at the table together and start our study. Little Miss did more coloring of the traceables than actually tracing them, but she was actively participating and that was all that mattered to me!

Birth of Jesus Grapevine Review

Ray Ray has loved Grapevine Bible studies since we did our first one! When he found out we were doing more, he ran to pull out his colored pencils. Although he is able to draw these simple figures on his own, he requested to use the traceables like Little Miss. He had more fun with those, and I have learned to pick my battles like this.

Birth of Jesus Grapevine Review

Moe Man did use the non-tracable version, but wouldn’t let me take pictures…must be a teenage boy thing! He would join the littles for their lessons and then we would add to his lesson by doing some of the Elementary Study. He actually wanted to do both Beginner, so that he could get a general understanding of the story and then the Elementary so that he could learn more. I was shocked, but once again…I didn’t argue.

What Did We Think

We loved this Bible Study of the Birth of Jesus. Not only was this a simple, no fuss way to study the bible with all three ages, but it was easy for me to teach! I didn’t have a lot of prep work…and on the days when I could only spend a few minutes in prayer before teaching, it was fine because I didn’t have to worry about anything other than the colors and the papers.

Each one of the kids loved this study for their own reasons. Little Miss just loves any kind of art so she loved being able to be an artist. Ray Ray loves that this program is what taught him he has the ability to draw…and he draws! I have stick figure bible stories all over the house! And Moe Man loved having something to do while I read from the bible.

We would recommend this and all the Grapevine Studies to anyone who wants a simple yet fun way to study the bible!

Want to know what is even better? Grapevine Studies is letting me give one of you lucky readers your own copy of the Teacher/Student eBook Set of The Birth of Jesus! You get to choose the level you want! And there is still plenty of time to learn about the Birth of Jesus before Christmas! Hurry and enter for yourself!

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