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Welcome back to another week of Blogging Through the Alphabet with Annette from A Net in Time and myself! I am really glad to have you here! We are already at the letter S in this round of the alphabet! Can you believe that?? I am excited, but sad at the same time. I am not ready for this round to end. So, when that does, who will be willing to join me for another round? I have had so much fun I want to do it again!!

After finding a topic for Q, you would think S would not be so hard to write about. Ha! Where there weren't so many words for Q, there are too many for S! I love when this happens, because I don't feel stuck with one word, but the options are hard for me as well, and sometimes I guess I don't mind being "stuck" with one.

This week I want to talk about schedules, how and why to keep them. I have always been a person who loves to know what I am doing and when, but there is one thing about schedules that I don't like, they don't take into account life in general. Because of this, I have learned to work on a flexible schedule that allows us to change it as needed.

When you are homeschooling, there are many different schedules you can keep. Some families like to plan by the hour. They have their schedule set up so that they follow a timely schedule every day. This is great for those tracking the hours for their high schooler, or if you have multiple children and want to work on certain one-on-one times with each child.

If you are not one for setting up your schedule by the time, you can do it by the day. This is simple enough, yet can be broken up into different categories. The first of which is by the week.

We schedule by the week, one week at a time. This allows us to know what we are doing each week, if we have appointments, plans or need a break, we can plan it. Every Sunday I spend time writing up the schedule for the week and making sure it works with our already laid out plans.

Another way to do it, would be plan by the month. I have done this, but then we got struck by sickness or something similar and I gave up on this style of planning. For some people, this works wonders, you sit down at the end of each month, see where you are from the current month and plan for the next month. While it didn't work for us, I really did like this style of planning.

And Yearly planning. This is one of the hardest schedules that I have tried. So many things change daily, that the thought of sitting down for a week to plan for a year is daunting.

Last year I wrote about how we schedule our year-round school during a 10-day Series on Tips for Homeschool Moms.

How do you schedule your school? Do you plan for the week, the month or the year?

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3 Replies to “S is for Schedules – Blogging Through the Alphabet”

  1. We school year round, too.  It generally doesn't look any different than the rest of the year, except we travel more and take VBS weeks off.  We have more of a routine than a schedule, but I think some of us would like a more detailed daily schedule.

  2. We homeschool year round so that I don’t stress about finishing a given curriculum or text. The kids (and I) are happier and calmer that way. Now that my kids are entering high school years, I am starting to schedule months ahead. I even decided to enter the terrifying world of the pacing guide. We will see how that goes and if we can keep to a schedule. I agree with Zekesmom10, we seem to work best with a routine instead of a schedule.
    Do you make pacing guides in your homeschooling? I am really curious if the time involved in making them really is worth it.

    1. I have not made a pacing guide yet. I set up my ideal schedule and adjust as things come up. 

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