Scheduling Our Homeschool Year

Each year I keep telling myself, we will get all the things done. We will have fun and we will succeed. Each year, I am defeated by the halfway mark. This year, I am bound and determined to break this cycle! Want to do the same? Check out the tips I have come up with.

One of the things that I have learned, while you want to do it all, you can’t! You need to take some time and rest before you start your homeschool journey each year.

The Restful Homeschool Resolution

I was blessed to receive The Restful Homeschool Resolution as a gift in a Facebook Group that I am a part of. This book came to me at just the right time. This is something my homeschool, and I need.

Designing a Practical Homeschool Schedule

Not only that, but I have had the chance to check out Designing a Practical Homeschool Schedule from Our Journey Westward. This was such a fun class for me to take. My favorite take away from it was a homeschool flow, no times set.

I have always thought that having time frames for getting things done was a good idea, but I realize now that a flow of the order we want to do things each day is a much better idea for our house!

The Well Planned Day

I am a planner girl. That means I love trying different planners. I have tried online planners and paper planners. My favorite has to be the paper planner. This year I am using The Well Planned Day. I have used this before and really like the layout of it.

This planner allows for up to four kids. It can be used for less and I am sure you can figure out a way for more, but I have not had more than four kids so I haven’t tried this.

With all of this, I am excited to start off our new homeschool year on a great start!

How are you scheduling your homeschool this year?


8 Replies to “Scheduling Our Homeschool Year”

    1. Haha! We are trying to be organized this year. We had a tough couple of years where I wondered if it would ever calm down!

  1. while my kids are not homeschooled, i think i am going to look at this so i can help them during the summer as they work on other things they are interested in:)

    1. Scheduling is important no matter what, homeschool or not! I have learned that.

  2. While we currently do not homeschool, you know that things are ever changing in our district. So…I may be looking to you for more and more tips if we end up homeschooling this year!!!

  3. Those planners are beautiful! I miss homeschooling. We finished this year. I also struggled with not getting things done perfectly or completely, and also had to come to accept it.

    1. I had a hard time with time management. I loved getting The Homeschool Resolution as a giveaway. It is really opening my eyes to how I don’t need to do everything anymore.

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