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There is something that I look for in a book. I want to personally pulled into it. I want to feel like I am there in the story with the characters. I want to be able to see and hear what is around me. Peggy Consolver – Author has done just that for me in Shepherd, Potter, Spy – – and the Star Namer.

We have all heard the story of Moses parting the Red Sea, we know of the journey that the Hebrews were on and the challenges in their way. We know of the falling of the walls of Jericho, but have you heard it told from the eyes of spy of Gibeon? In this book, I looked at this whole journey of the Hebrews in a new light, one that I am glad I was able to look through and won't soon forget!

We are taken to the life of Keshub, a young shepherd boy. We see how diligent he is with the keeping of his flock. He see how diligent he is in the learning of his sword drills. We even see the kindness of him as he befriends the camp bully and the amount of love and compassion he has as he befriends and saves the life of the son of despicable king.

Not only is he is shepherd for his family, Keshub is also the son of a potter. Not just any potter, but one of the best in the whole area. His work is loved all around as the family is told by a caravanner who brings the family's potter around to trade. This same caravanner warns the family of the approaching Hebrews.

Now Keshub and his family must make a decision. Are they going to flee like the refugees? Or are they going to stay and stand their ground. This decision is also harder now that they boys of the camp have witnessed the falling of Jericho's walls as they spy on the Hebrew camp. Keshub's father is full of trust to the Star Namer. The Star Namer knows the heretofore and the hereafter. As Keshub continues his spying, he is beginning to wonder if the Star Name is the same as the Hebrew God.

The end of this story had me smiling from ear to ear. I loved the way it all worked out. I feared for Keshub and his family, but by the end I was happy for them and their outcome!

Peggy Consolver – Author

While this is a great story to just sit down and read, Peggy Consolver also made a study guide to go with this as a separate purchase. You are able to take this wonderful book and make it even better by turning it into a unit study! Peggy has given us a great list of resources that can go along with this book and the study guide.

I was thrilled to read this book. I was touched with this book. I felt myself growing in my faith while I was reading. I loved that this was a biblical history story that was made into a story that brought the characters alive.

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