Simple Machines ~ Winter Promise (Review)


(I was given this item for free in return for my honest opinion. I am not being paid to say anything nice, I am being honest)



Have you heard of Winter Promise ( I hadn't!! But than I looked into it, and fell in LOVE!! When there was a chance to help them out by reviewing one of their units, I jumped! Now I usually find things for Big Kid when I am looking at these, but I wanted something for Ray Ray. He is in Kindergarten this year, and I found a Science unit for grades 2-6. I figured it sounded fun, so we would try it.


Simple Machines has been so fun for us!! We have learned about our "toys" that help us get work done quicker and easier. Levers and pulleys, wheels and axles. And it was FUN!! The whole 7 week unit study doesn't look like it is too spendy, at least compared to many other similar companies I have looked at ($25).




Winter Promise couldn't have made it any easier for me as a mom. The lessons are planned out (only two days a week) and have it all right there for a busy mom! I got all my items in an eBook download. I printed the whole unit, and it didn't break the bank at all, and I have it saved on my tablet for the just in case moments!



The only book that was "required" for this unit, I was able to find at the library! Score! But we really like it, so it is on our Christmas list 🙂


Ray Ray loved having his own science to do during the school day. And he played with the experiments for hours! He loved how easy to understand the book was, and although he doesn't write yet, he was able to tell me the answers to the worksheets and I could write them down for him. His favorite time was cuddling with daddy and reading about the different machines.




SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Winter Promise now has a new sister site for these smaller unit studies. Go and check it out at Spirited Autumn Hope.






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