Simply Put: A Study in Economics ~ Review and Giveaway!!

I have taken some Economics courses in high school and college, but I can tell you honestly, they were not my cup of tea. I tried hard, but just didn't “get it”. Now I have a 7th grader who is going to need Economics and I am worried. How will I do it? How will I teach him what I couldn't learn? Enter in Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime.




Are you a paper and pen type of school or do you like the fun eBook options? Guess what? You can get this book in either format you want!! The eBook option is available over at for a price of $6.99. Amazon has the softcover physical copy of Simply Put and Catherine has the softcover physical copy and teacher copy at her site for $25.00.




Catherine has taken 140 pages to write a 36 lesson curriculum that will count for ½ of a high school credit in Economics and made it very homeschool friendly! There are lesson reviews and a mid term and final exam as well. With the addition of a few extra readings or writing assignments, you could turn this into a full credit, but as a half a credit this is a full curriculum. You only have to add what you want.


This is a high school credit course, but the reading is so easy for read aloud with the younger crowd. Moe Man loves to have me read to him on some subjects, so it is nice to have something that Ray Ray and Little Miss won't look at me like I am speaking a foreign language! I am happy for that also!


Since there are 36 lessons in this book, I figured we would take it slow (I didn't want to be too scared) and we would do 1 lesson a week, with some extra add ins as I found them. We start our weekly studies on Tuesdays when we read through the lesson. I will answer (to the best of my knowledge) any questions the kids may have after we read. Wednesday we start out by doing a quick narration of what we remember from the day before. Than we work on the Lesson Review. We read the questions out loud and talk through our answers. I have Moe Man write them down after we come up with our final answer for each one. Thursday is the day we do our “extras”. I see if I can find any movies, or we play around online to look up more information on things that peaked our interest.


Catherine did an awesome job of laying everything out in a nice easy to read and understand format. This was a book that I could pick it up and go with it. I didn't have to spend hours organizing and planning everything we needed to accomplish. The review questions are all grouped together at the end of the book instead of at the end of each lesson. This confused me for a moment, and I am still torn about it. I love having my questions right at the end of the lesson, but I have started to like the idea of this being a book first and a textbook second. Both Moe Man and myself feel like we are not being daunted by the questions, yet we still have them and they are good review.


This book is not full of all those silly graphs and charts that scare me. And the few pictures in there are black and white and don't draw away from the reading. I don't want to make this sound boring and full of words, because like I have said before, the reading was an easy, understandable reading. Just enough breaks to keep a person going. The lessons are a wonderful length that don't draw on for hours of endless reading, yet they cover what they set out to cover.


After all my worries and fears over Economics, I am beginning to enjoy teaching it. Will I ever be an expert? Naw, but I have a good foundation that has been laid out, and I notice that Moe Man seems to like it a little better than I ever did. Hmm, maybe I am doing something right? 🙂 I think Catherine did a good job of writing a text that introduces this subject and helps us fearful parents/teachers teach a subject our kids need to know. I know I will be using this to the end and not putting it on the shelf after the review is over! I do recommend this to those of you who need a good start to Economics.


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  1. Yes I totally feared economics! It didnt help that the 1 teacher who taught it in our high school was notoriously mean!! lol…then I transferred to another school & the economics teacher there was the total opposite so I was able to do better in my class.

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