Smile ~ Five Minute Friday

I am back again for another Five Minute Friday post. One word, five minutes. There is no planning, no editing, just writing what comes to mind.

This week the word is Smile. Here I go…

What does the word smile mean to me?

When I hear the word smile I think of my kids. I love to see them smile. Knowing that their smile is gold to me.

I love to smile when I think of them learning in our homeschool. Knowing that I am the one teaching them and that they are learning about God and using the bible as our history spine.

I smile when I know that my kids will grow up knowing and loving God. At least I pray they do. I will give them a strong foundation, one they can lean on when the world is trying to change their mind.

I love seeing them smile as they reach a goal, finish something hard, and just get through a day sometimes.

I love seeing the smiles at church. I miss seeing those as we have not gone back yet. My husband is very immunocompromised, so we are extra careful. Not fearful, just careful.

I love that when you smile, you can see it on your whole face, not just your lips. Your eyes light up and smile. Your whole face is a smile.

I love that giving smiles is free. Smiles are contagious. You can pass a smile and see great results.

One smile can change someone’s life.


6 Replies to “Smile ~ Five Minute Friday”

  1. Yes I too love that smiles cost nothing and bring a response, especially children’s spontaneous smiles, and can even brighten someone else’s day. 🙂

  2. Amanda, it is so true – children can make us smile. They are infectious for sure! May God continue to bless you as you raise and homeschool your children.

  3. I recently got a pretty big smile when I noticed my seventeen year old had a bible app sending him a verse a day text each morning. We do our best with our kids, and most of have years of uncertainty. It’s beautiful when we start to see them becoming who God wants them to be.

    FMF #16, Amie

  4. Aww this is lovely. I miss smiles from church too but get to see them on Zoom 🙂 God bless Loretta FMF #14

  5. A smile can be an olive branch
    in the midst of strife,
    and can be the final chance
    that can save a life.
    A smile can be the hold-on knot
    in somebody’s rope
    when they have just plumb forgot
    how they can ever cope.
    A smile can be a mighty bridge
    ‘twixt two hearts far apart,
    and can warm that iced-up fridge
    to let the healing start.
    A smile can mend an ugly scar;
    a smile can be just who we are.

    #1 at FMF this week

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