Smokey Mountains ~ Here We Come! A Schoolhouse Crew Review

"Studies have found that 19 out of 20 Christian parents don't TALK to their children about God and spiritual matters." Jeff Meyers, Summit Ministries. I have decided early on that I don't want to be one of these 19 parents. I have made it a goal to talk with my children about God and how he plays a role in our lives. To help me with that, I have found By The Way Book Series and the book Smoky Mountains ~ Here We Come!

We went on a journey with Lexi, Alex and their Uncle Ted into the Smokey Mountains in Book Two of the By the Way Series. Other books in the series include:

As we began our journey, we saw 10 photos that we were to be on the lookout for as we read the book. Some of these were simple and easy to find, others took even mom awhile to find them! This was such a fun way to keep the kids interested in the book!

As we sat down to read, we were delighted to find that this book was easy to read, very informational and very fun! The pictures on the pages consisted of a mixture of cartoons and real life pictures. Each of these pictures and the words we were reading were full of wonderful, understandable detail that made us feel like we were right there with them! The best part, I was able to pull out a map, and we were able to track our journey as we traveled the Smokey Mountains with Lexi, Alex and Uncle Ted.

Mixed in among the reading, we found some super fun "Did You Know?" fun facts. Each of these gave us just enough information to make us understand what we are learning about. These were not boring information traps, but rather interesting facts that led to conversations about the topic at hand, whether it was about skunks, the trails we were traveling or the storms within the Smokey Mountains. It was just enough to pique our interest and allowed us to build on these facts as we saw fit.

Each page of our journey not only consisted of facts about the Smokey Mountains, but also included Scripture and facts about God and his great creation. I found it very fun and encouraging to see the Bible as much a part of this journey as the animals and environment around us. Whether it was verse or just Uncle Ted comparing the park rules to scripture and relating how scripture and God's handiwork was all around us.

This adventure into the Smokey Mountains taught us a lot. Not only did we learn about the mountains, their history and the creatures currently living there, but we saw God and his miracles all around us as we went. The kids loved finding the pictures while we were reading, but I loved hearing them talk about the Smokey Mountains and God as the day went on. Watching them notice the goodness of the Lord around us in our everyday journey was enough for me. Seeing that they could find the Smokey Mountains on the map and relate the facts they learned to others who had not read the book was a bonus to me. This is a book collection that all Christian families and Christian based schools should have on their shelves, in my personal opinion.

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