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We are nearing the end of our alphabet for this season. I am thinking of doing another round after this. Is there any interest in following me on this again? We still have a few letters left. We are currently on the letter S. I hope you enjoy this book that I want to talk about. After you finish here, make sure you stop by and see my co-hosts Kirsten from DoodleMom and DaLynn from Biblical Womanhood.

This week I want to talk to you about the book Stays written by Remy Wilkins. This is a book that is geared towards the young adult age, but after reading it myself, I would say this is a book for adults as well! I had thought of letting Ray Ray read this book, but decided that 9  might be a tad young for some parts of this book. Moe Man is the perfect age for it, and the topics are great for him!

Strays is about a young boy named Rodney who is being dropped off to stay with his uncle while his mom is getting a house set up for them after his dad left. Not only is this a hard time, but now Rodney needs to stay with his strange uncle who doesn’t even have a TV! This would kill my kids!

Rodney finds out that his uncle seems to be into some strange, maybe even scary things. When Rodney meets a demon named Birthless. A demon, yes. This story is going to take you and your child through the battle of good and evil, demons and angels. Birthless wants to be good and works hard with Rodney to figure out how to take down the army of demons that are on their way.

These two partners have a lot to take on, saving the world is not easy. But they learn to do it together. They learn that sometimes a friend, a baseball bat and some bunnies are the best tools in the world. There were many funny parts to the story. But there were also a lot of scary parts. Parts that made me scared. Made me wonder what is happening around me. This is why I decided that Ray Ray would not be ready for this book yet.

The story is a great one, one that makes me believe in the power of good. One that makes me wonder, can a demon turn good? It is a book that I am glad that I have in the house. I am delighted that Moe Man is reading it right now. This is a book that opens your eyes and helps build your faith.

Have you heard of Strays? Does this sound like a book you would read, or have your teen read?

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  1. That certainly sounds like a book for older readers, though the struggle between good and evil is found in so many places. It is a topic that is worthwhile to experience in many ways. Glad you came across a good book for your young man to read that is good.

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