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T is for Tree – A Homeschool Crew Review

Learning the alphabet is key to learning to read and write. But when you are younger, learning the alphabet should be fun. I love finding books that teach the alphabet so that I can read them to the kids. T is for Tree: A Bible ABC is a great alphabet book from Reformed Free Publishing Association that teaches the alphabet from a Christian perspective.

T is for Tree is a hardcover book that talks about all the letters of the alphabet. Each letter is about something that God made for us and is followed up with a Bible verse that goes along with the letter word. Each page also contains a beautiful color picture that goes along with the word.

Even though each page has a letter and word, writing about the word and Bible verse to go with the word, the writing/reading on each page is not more than two or three sentences. It was enough for my 3-year-old daughter to sit through in one sitting.

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Using this book in our house was easy! A lot of the time, Baby Girl would bring me the book to read to her. She loves books, and as soon as we got this one, she was excited about reading it with us. We would read the book out loud, pausing at different times on different letters to talk about the word or the Bible verse that went along with it.
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We haven’t done much as far as school yet for Baby Girl, she just hasn’t shown the interest, but she loves books. That means, that with a book like this, not only do we get the read-aloud time with her, but we are introducing the letters and the Bible all at the same time. This makes me happy knowing that she is not only learning her alphabet but that she is learning about the wonders of God at the same time.

Baby Girl loved this book. She loved looking at the pictures whether I was reading it to her or not. She found them intriguing and could tell me what the pictures were about after the second time we read them. I loved listening to her talk about those pictures and seeing what she could remember. This was my cue to see where to push her a little more and what she already knew.

Another thing we loved to do was pick a letter and use that Bible verse as a memory verse. While she is only three, I had no worries that we could work on memorizing the Bible. We started with some of the simpler ones, and so far, she is doing great! I love knowing that as we come to a page where she has the verse memorized, she would jump in and say that verse to me. In my opinion, children are never too young to memorize the Bible and introducing it in a fun way like a book like this was the perfect way to do it!
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If you are looking for a fun way to introduce letters and Bible memory to your younger children, I would tell you to grab a copy of T is for Tree. This book will allow you to combine letters and Bible for your children in one simple and fun way.

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