March Online Book Club – St. Patrick’s Day

When did it become March already? This year is moving fast, and I am looking forward to the warmer weather! But, first, let’s talk about the online book club for this month!

Being March, the topic for the online book club is St. Patrick’s Day. While we do have a few books about St. Patrick’s Day picked out, I also grabbed a few books on Ireland.

I figured, as we learn about St. Patrick’s Day this month, it would be fun to learn about Ireland also. This will help us to add some geography to our lessons without adding in a whole new curriculum.

We have four simple books picked out to read this month for the book club. The first two are fiction books that will help us learn about Ireland as a country. The two fun books we have picked out are O’Sullivan Stew by Hudson Talbot and A Fine St. Patrick’s Day by Susan Wojciechowski.

We will be having fun making a stew and using our notebooking pages to help us learn more about this holiday and the country of Ireland. Check back with us at the end of the month to see what we thought of the books and how we had fun with them!

Everyone is welcome to join us in this book club, as long as you keep it family-friendly. Grab some books about St. Patrick’s Day (or Ireland) and have fun with them. Share with us about what you did with them and link up to the linky.

At Home: Where Life Happens
The Life We Build
A Net In Time
Homeschool Coffee Break 

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We look forward to hearing what fun you have this month in our Online Book Club!


The Imagination Station – Blogging Through the Alphabet

Imagination Station

Welcome to Blogging Through the Alphabet! I am so glad that you have stopped by. I am having a great time with Kirsten from Doodle Mom and DaLynn from Biblical Womanhood following along with all these fun blogs.

This week we are on the letter I. For this letter, I wasn’t prepared. I didn’t know what I wanted to share. I didn’t spend the time thinking and planning like I should. Heck, I know all about the letter S book I am going to share, but I didn’t know about this one! So, I did a Google search, and found a series that we love! The Imagination Station! Have you heard of it?

Imagination Station

The Imagination Station is part of Adventures in Odyssey and is about cousins Patrick and Beth. When we first found The Imagination Station, it was by accident. I had been wondering the library looking for a book to read to the kids. When I found a few of the books from the series, I was excited. However, finding the first book in the series was like hitting a home run for me! And so, our love of The Imagination Station began.

Each of these books is an adventure that the cousins go on. They travel and fight battles that seem impossible to win. They have one advantage though, their Christian faith. I love finding books that are full of fun, adventure and faith. Seeing how we can overcome anything, even if it is a Viking, Knights in England or Lions in a Den, shows us that we can find a way to get along with a little sister or big brother.

Imagination Station

After finding this series, I was surprised to find how many of these adventures we could actually go on! Currently there are 20 books in the series with number 21 coming out in March of 2018. Patrick and Beth have gone and done a lot to share with the kids in your house! The age range for this series is 7-12 years old. While this is a great suggestion, we have seen no issues with the younger and older kids while reading these books.

Have you read any of these fun books with your kids? What is your favorite? Ours is the first one, Voyage with the Vikings. The fun thing right now, if you are have access to Kindle Unlimited Books on Amazon, you can read this first book for free right now! If you are looking for a fun new series for your family, grab this book and get started on it! I am glad that we did!

Do you have a letter I post you want to share with us? Grab a button and link up below! I can’t wait to read what you have to share!



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My April Reading List

Books, they are everywhere! It takes half a day to find all our library books so we can make sure to return them all! But, I have kids who love to read, and that is all that matters!

So far this month, we all have a bunch of different books that we are reading! Even Baby Girl is finding that books are a great way to chill out when things are busy. We need time to relax, and this is the best way to do it!

April Reading List

Mommy is reading some books this month! We are starting a time that when it is busy and stressful, we call a book timeout and grab our books. Mom turns on a simple classical playlist that is set up for 20 minutes. When the music stops, we are all calmer. Mommy included.

I have two books started, and a third ready when needed. The first is a free reading book that has no intentions other than to escape for those 20 minutes. I started a new book this month, Breakwater Bay by Shelly Noble. This is a book about choices, and what happens when you make a choice. I am trapped inside of this book and might be calling a few extra reading time outs, but I want to know what happens!

I am also reading Better Together by Jill Savage. This book is about being a mom. I am loving this book and the fact that it reminds me that I am not alone in this mom battle. I want to tell you so much more, but I have a review coming up soon 🙂

I also have a book on standby, one of those fun free books when you are an Amazon Prime member. One of those before you can buy it books. I am interested to see if it is any good. Deliver Her by Patricia Perry Donovan. This sounds like a book of love, hurt and mystery. I love getting these chances at a free book, and this gives me a chance to check out books I probably wouldn't look at otherwise!

So, those are the books that I hope to read this month. It is not a lot compared to what I used to read, but it is a lot now that I have a few extra things on my plate. Hopefully using this reading time out option will help me read a little more.

Next week I will share with you on what the kids are reading. We have a little bit of everything between those three. It is fun to see what different books they like to read. It makes me love that they are so different and that I can be a part of this fun learning!

What books are you reading right now mom? What do you want to read? I would love to know so I can check them out for next month!

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials ~ The Library


The public library. What better place is there for homeschool families? Do you understand how much money you save by borrowing books when you need them versus if you had to buy all those wonderful books that you use for a few weeks? Our library is wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better library! I wasn't homeschooled, but I grew up at the library. I love the librarians and they know our family. In fact, one of them has been working there since I was little. Having a librarian who knows your name and your children's names makes it so much more fun to go there.




We go to the library every week. In fact, today (Wednesday) is our library day. We start the morning out by going to the preschool story time. Moe Man is able to sit in and read his book, or work on a project while the littles sit and listen to the story. Than we all work on a group project together. It is nice to have open "arms" to the older homeschool kids when going to something like this.

After we have some fun, we walk the hallway over to the library. Return our books, hopefully before they are late, and the adventure begins. We are able to play on the kid computer for a while, sit down with books and pick out our new books. 




Our library was recently remodeled. I LOVE how it is set up now with smaller shelves for the kids books and an open design that welcomes us in. Normally we are not yelled at for being too loud, but I have found that there are better times to go with the kids (after story time is that time!). I am able to look at my books, and still see the kids and what they are doing. This makes for a more enjoyable visit for everyone.




We are also able to request books with an interlibrary loan. This makes it more convenient for me. After I plan out the school week and see what I need for books, I hop online and put in my requests. I have it set up so I get emails as to when the books arrive. Usually within a day or two. I love being able to walk over and grab a pile of books and go back to spending time with the kids instead of searching for the books I want/need.

The library holds so much fun and adventures. When we do our Five in a Row books, I am able to find them at the library (although I like to add them to our wish list after). When we do a unit study, I can find a huge supply of any books I want and pick and choose. 




And the fun doesn't stop when the summer months arrive. We have a fun reading program over the summer. Each year is different and changes based on the ages. There is something new each week to make the kids want to come back again and again. They give out prizes and reward the kids for a job well done.

I love my library. I couldn't homeschool without it. I would be so lost. They have helped me open doors for my kids and show them the love of reading as I have. I would not change my library for anything!

Do you have a good library near you? What are some fun things you have done at your library?

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials


I can't wait to tell you more tomorrow. We are getting closer to my main essential on Friday. I can't wait to share it with you!


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Poppins Book Nook ~ November ~ Pets and a GIVEAWAY


Ok, we have joined in with the Poppins Book Nook Club with the kids. What a fun time this was for us. Each month is a new theme of books to read and this month was pets. We read some books, did some activities (worksheets) about pets and played with our pets!


Our daily life with pets helped with this unit and we had and have fun everyday with our pets. The kids love to throw the ball for our Jolly dog and that silly red laser light keep both the dog and cat running around in circles! When it is just too cold to play outside, or too dark, the kids still love playing tug-of-war with Jolly…



While this is something we do every day, we also added in some extra books about pets this month. Little Miss loved this, since she is a cat and puppy lover! She pulled out all her books and we started. Books like the Usborne Little Book of Little Puppies and our Clifford collection were pulled off the shelves. Oh, and we can't forget the silly book of puppies made out of food 🙂 



We even pulled out Harry the Dirty Dog from the library! The kids LOVED this one! A puppy who doesn't want a bath…they couldn't believe it! We found some fun worksheets over at Homeschool Share to go along with the book too. Little Miss loved anything that had a picture of a puppy on it for this one. She helped make the clean puppy dirty and than we played around with hiding the brush to clean Harry with. Hide and Seek is a fun game, but to make it harder with paper objects makes it even more fun!


We had such a fun time with this and can't wait to work on Greek Myths in January! I hope you will join us for that one! In the meantime, head on over and check out the other posts on pets and give them some love! Oh, and don't forget to enter in the giveaway for the National Geographic Animal Encyclopedia!



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