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Having Fun With Bubbles


We have had a busy week! Between playing outside and having fires, playing with sparklers and hanging out with daddy, we needed something calm to do today. There wasn't much, but my kids love bubbles! Big Kid is having a hard time figuring out what he can do with them. I read somewhere (sorry, I don't remember where but probably Pintrest) about sword fighting with bubbles. What boy wouldn't have fun with fighting bubbles? Well my boys LOVED it!!

Take two boys who love Star Wars, and a mom who doesn't like them fighting light sabers and hurting each other, put those together and you have to figure something out. I decided that the bubbles were the enemies (I don't do Star Wars so I don't know who the enemy is) and the boys went to town trying to destroy them! Not only do they use their imaginations, but they get in the physical exercise and mom doesn't have to do too much, a bonus!!

Little Miss wanted something to do with bubbles too. She is a mini Star Wars fan, but I thought of something different for her. She was bored with her typical bath time tonight. So what does this mommy do? Yep, I pull out the bubbles!! I had just as much as she did!! Blowing bubbles into a bathtub is so interesting. They bounce off the water! And when she was able to catch them, she was able to hold them. 

Bubbles are so fun! They are wonderful for every age. What are some of the fun ways you use bubbles with your kids?


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A day of Home Ec.


J was able to have fun yesterday. He took a class in making a “blankie” from his great grandma. He had to pick out the fabric, tell how much he needed,  pin it together and sew it. He got to do all this without his little siblings around, which was his favorite part.

Before he left we did our math and some of our reading. He wasn’t too happy about that, but than again he doesn’t care for those two subjects anyway.

For reading we are doing a unit with Old Yeller. He doesn’t care too much for it right now, but as the activities go on he may just get into it.

Math has always been tough, but we are trying a few different things there…hoping to find the one thing that clicks for him.

Little man, RayRay, has been working on his letters. We tried some new things, but he really likes anything on the computer. I don’t mind that too much, but I need him to work on his handwriting.

Little Miss loves to do everything with RayRay. She will be the smart one 🙂 When I call him for his school, she comes running and sits down with him to watch and say everything he does.  I love watching her learn from him!

Now I am off to watch my kids learn and have fun again today! It might actually be nice enough to go outside today!!