Family Field trip


We went on a family field trip over the weekend. A short (hour drive) from our house, we found a nice little "farm" that allowed our kids to get up close and personal to many different animals. Ray Ray has this fascination with deer. We had gone out and looked for deer on our car ride home from picking up daddy at work, but that just wasn't enough for this kid. When he walked in the gates, I thought he was seeing Santa Clause! 


These deer were so tame. They really didn't care what you did! It is not everyday that your kids can sit and watch out over the water with a deer. Each of the kids got a bag of food and got to feed the deer straight out of their hands. This was so special for each of them.



Even Big Kid had a fun time sitting down and petting the deer. We had never been here before, and found new surprises around each corner as we walked. Not only were we able to feed the deer, but we got to feed goats, llamas, pigs, bunnies, ducks, horses and sheep! They also had an elk pair, a grizzly bear, bobcat, wolves and river otter. However, those that were more dangerous wer not able to be fed or touched like the deer and other animals. (This momma was glad!)




Mommy and daddy had just as much fun as the kiddos! Little Miss kept wanting to feed the babies, but those were smart little deer and didn't let people get too close to them. They did have a sign saying that the fawns would "listen" well to their moms and stay away from strangers. That is good for them, and made for a good teaching moment about stranger danger!


Until next time deer!!


Have you gone on a fun field trip like this? What was your favorite memory? 

Gym Class? What Gym Class?

My big kid (12) has been asking me why we haven’t been having gym class. I thought a moment and said…”You have been outside going up and down that sledding hill in our backyard every day for hours each day! You are doing gym class.” He didn’t believe me…until I asked him questions like if he was sweating, out of breath and if his heart was pumping. Every answer was a yes and than it hit him. He was doing a funner kind of gym class than he would ever do at public school!

Now this sledding hill didn’t just happen when it snowed. We have a base hill, but daddy spent a whole day outside with the kids building a bigger, steeper and funner hill. Now we have the best snow hill in the neighborhood! Too bad all the other kids have to go to school during the week days!!