Memories in a Can

Memories in a Can

It is a simple can of spaghetti and meatballs, but with that can come so many memories for me. 

This one little can reminds me of days at the cabin. Great Grandma would always have the pantry stocked full for the grandkids.

This little can reminds me of the date she would write on top of each one. We always knew when she went shopping because the date she bought it would be on top and her pantry was stocked like a grocery store, with the newest in the back.

This can reminds me of my cousin, Derek, and the times we would be together at the cabin. It was a good thing Grandma was always stocked up, because I don't know what we  would have done of there was only one can left!

I remember standing around the stove with Derek and sharing the stories of the week with each other as we cooked our lunch, or snack, because Grandma didn't have the quick microwave.

I still remember the laughing and fun that was had with these two angels over one simple can. I pull the can out to make the meal, or snack, for my kids and I am brought back to the memories. How I love those memories, even if they are from a simple can!



My Great Grandma




It was a long two weeks. My great grandma passed away at 92 years old. She was able to spend her last days at her house on the lake. It was a Tuesday morning after having everyone down and visiting her all weekend. We sat next to her in her room, praying with her and singing with her. We downloaded the song God Bless America and she sang it the whole time :'-) The morning she passed started out "normal". My aunt had been spending the night there and has called to update me on how it went overnight and than she left for work. Shortly after that, my great grandpa (98) went in to give grandma her good morning kiss. He than went and got his breakfast. When he went back in, she was gone.

My great grandma was a special lady to me. I spent many nights at her house on the lake with my younger brother. I loved growing up with her as a strong example of what a wife, mother, friend and grandmother is supposed to be like. My grandma is the only one who would call me "Mrs. Hopkins". I will miss those phone calls. It is because of my grandma that I know what hard work is about and what a praying woman is all about. When spending the night, I would fall asleep listening to her pray the rosary.

My daughter has her great, great grandma's middle name. When people ask what her name is, they always question the "old" middle name and I am even more proud now to tell them what it means and who it is for.

My 4 year old, Ray Ray, has been the perfect example of how open to death we have to be. He has opened my eyes in so many ways and I tear up just thinking about them. The little man tells me that grandpa doesn't live alone in his house, grandma's angel is with him. And he talks about his two grandmas and one cousin who are his angels in heaven that are waiting to spend forever with him. So sweet!

Now that we have laid my grandma to rest (with a send off of tiny bubbles, like the song she loved), we are getting ourselves back on a normal schedule for school. This week will be our first week in over two weeks that we will be on our "normal" schedule. I am hoping we transition back into this quickly and can stay on track to getting everything done early in the day so we can spend time outside, if it's not raining.

I hope you all have a good week!!