Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones – A Review

Learning Bones with Dr Bonyfide

This is a review post. I received this item in exchange for my honest review. Below you will find just that, my honest review.

Learning about the skeletal system should be fun. There should be games and activities that keep a child interested. Keeping them interested is the hardest part. The Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones – Set of 4 was just what we needed in our home!

Learning Bones with Dr Bonyfide

What Is It?

This is a four-book set, each one focusing on different bones within the body. Each of these books can be used for a whole year, making this set start in 3rd grade and finish in the 6th grade.

The four books are:

  1. Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones of the Hand, Arm, and Shoulder
  2. Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones of the Foot, Let and Pelvis
  3. Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones of the Rib Cage and Spine
  4. Dr. Bonyfide Presents Bones of the Head, Face, and Neck

Learning Bones with Dr Bonyfide

Each book consists of short, fun, and rhyming lessons. The books are full of activities for the kids to get hands on fun practice with what they have been learning. These activities can range from checking out “x-rays” with 3D glasses to drawing the bones as you trace your hands and feet or even just coloring the ribs while you practice their names.

On top of all the fun that filled the pages, these pages were full color. They are made of a thicker weight paper, so they can stand up to lots of flipping of pages.

How We Used It

Ray Ray was the intended reader of these books. However, he decided to take his learning of his bones a step farther. Two days after we opened the books, Ray Ray fell off his bed and broke his elbow! *Just a heads up, this did not earn him any extra credit, and it is not required when you decide to purchase the books!

Learning Bones with Dr Bonyfide

I did not have any lesson plans to follow when we got these books. Instead, we took the books and had fun with them on our own. I would simply write Dr. Bonyfinde on Ray Ray’s daily lessons and he would read as much or as little as he wanted. Typically, he would read the lesson and stop. The next day he would go and do the activities that went with the lesson.

We used this in addition to our current Science curriculum. The way this played out on our lesson plans was 2-3 times a week using it, depending on the week. This was a perfect spacing option for us.

What We Thought Of It

We love using these books. Ray Ray enjoys that the lessons were short and to the point, yet fun at the same time. He doesn’t get bored and jumps at the chance to do Dr. Bonyfide instead of his current curriculum.

I did notice that when Ray Ray uses a pen or pencil, the color on the back of the pages he writes on transfers to the following pages. While this frustrated us a little, we did find that using a permanent marker helped prevent the transfer and the pages were thick enough to prevent it from bleeding through.

Learning our Bones with Dr Bonyfide

I love that he loves to learn about his body. This is such a fun curriculum that I don’t have to argue with him to work on it. I think we will end up going through more than one book each year, as Ray Ray loves to read them that much.

If you are looking for a fun way to get your child interested in learning about their skeletal system, Dr. Bonyfide is the guy for you!

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All American History Vol 2 High School Test Packet

Sure, history is fun. And learning history can be fun. But as a high school student, there comes a time when you need to work on taking a test and showing what you have learned. When using All American History Vol 2, you have the option of getting the All American History Vol 2 High School Test Set.

Tests with All American History

The High School Test Set comes as a digital download. This download includes 8 tests and the answer keys to go with them. This means that your child will have one test for every 4 lessons. Each test has 4 sections. These sections are multiple choice, true/false, matching and mapwork. This gives just the right amount of variety while also helping the older kids practice for the ACT/SAT tests. These are 4 of the skills they will need to know.

The answer keys are simple to read and easy to use. Simply find the test you need to grade, and go ahead and match the numbers. I saved paper and ink by not printing mine and just looking at them online. This has worked wonders for me, yet if you need to print, it won't be much ink since they did not rewrite each of the questions.

High School Test Packet

We, well I, love this part of the program. I love being able to see what Moe Man has retained and what he has forgotten. This is that check point, what more do we need to study before moving further along? What needs review?

You are not required to jump right into the unit test. No way would they do that to you and your child. You have multiple ways to study for this test. At the end of every lesson you have your "Impacts" section. This is the review of the lesson. Yes, you learned a lot more during the lesson, but this is the part where you take the main points and study those. We spent a day reading over all the "Impacts" and quizzing each other. Yes, I let him quiz me. Moe Man does not do well on the test, but I notice if he can quiz me, he remembers more.

After spending a day with the "Impacts", we spent a day working on looking over all our lesson review worksheets. These worksheets helped us get an idea of what would be on the test for each lesson. We once again would quiz each other and see how well we knew the information at hand. It was really nice to see how well Moe Man did on this. I think he might have liked this way of studying for a test!

High School Test Packet All American History

At this point I would ask Moe Man if he felt comfortable with what he knew, or if he wanted more time to study. This leaves the ball in his court and he has to make some decisions about his schooling without me. If he was ready, we would go ahead with the test. If not, we would do another day of mixed reviewing, depending on where he felt he needed more. Like I said, I want to see him take charge, and this is where he has that chance.

The tests are rather simple once you have gone over the reviews. It is nice to get a comprehensive review every 4 lessons. It is nice to have the review and remember what you have learned about. This makes it easy to go on and continue learning without forgetting what you have already learned.

Every 8 lessons you get to the end of your unit. There is no unit test, but there is a unit review. This review covers all the main people and places where the main events took place. Once again this is a great way to study and remember what you have learned. This review is simple and is easy to go over. I let Moe Man use his book on this. Me telling him this was not a test made this a lot more fun for him!

Unit Review All American History Vol 2

We are loving every minute of our All American History Vol 2. We have learned some new things and look forward to a lot more learning. Next time I can't wait to tell you more about how we study with games. Yes, even with just one student learning this subject, you can still play games!

Do you like to use tests in your studies? Do you like to use weekly, monthly or bimonthly tests best?

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials ~ The Library


The public library. What better place is there for homeschool families? Do you understand how much money you save by borrowing books when you need them versus if you had to buy all those wonderful books that you use for a few weeks? Our library is wonderful! I couldn't ask for a better library! I wasn't homeschooled, but I grew up at the library. I love the librarians and they know our family. In fact, one of them has been working there since I was little. Having a librarian who knows your name and your children's names makes it so much more fun to go there.




We go to the library every week. In fact, today (Wednesday) is our library day. We start the morning out by going to the preschool story time. Moe Man is able to sit in and read his book, or work on a project while the littles sit and listen to the story. Than we all work on a group project together. It is nice to have open "arms" to the older homeschool kids when going to something like this.

After we have some fun, we walk the hallway over to the library. Return our books, hopefully before they are late, and the adventure begins. We are able to play on the kid computer for a while, sit down with books and pick out our new books. 




Our library was recently remodeled. I LOVE how it is set up now with smaller shelves for the kids books and an open design that welcomes us in. Normally we are not yelled at for being too loud, but I have found that there are better times to go with the kids (after story time is that time!). I am able to look at my books, and still see the kids and what they are doing. This makes for a more enjoyable visit for everyone.




We are also able to request books with an interlibrary loan. This makes it more convenient for me. After I plan out the school week and see what I need for books, I hop online and put in my requests. I have it set up so I get emails as to when the books arrive. Usually within a day or two. I love being able to walk over and grab a pile of books and go back to spending time with the kids instead of searching for the books I want/need.

The library holds so much fun and adventures. When we do our Five in a Row books, I am able to find them at the library (although I like to add them to our wish list after). When we do a unit study, I can find a huge supply of any books I want and pick and choose. 




And the fun doesn't stop when the summer months arrive. We have a fun reading program over the summer. Each year is different and changes based on the ages. There is something new each week to make the kids want to come back again and again. They give out prizes and reward the kids for a job well done.

I love my library. I couldn't homeschool without it. I would be so lost. They have helped me open doors for my kids and show them the love of reading as I have. I would not change my library for anything!

Do you have a good library near you? What are some fun things you have done at your library?

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials


I can't wait to tell you more tomorrow. We are getting closer to my main essential on Friday. I can't wait to share it with you!


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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials ~ Internet and Pinterest


Day 2 of 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials includes my Internet and Pinterest. Where in the world would I be without these wonderful addictions?!? These two resources are truly essentials in our homeschool. I use them both daily!

First the Internet. I don't think I could homeschool without the internet. First of all when I needed to get started with homeschooling in in a short amount of time, Easy Peasy was there for me. If you have ever thought you couldn't homeschool, you have never looked at Easy Peasy. Lee has done it all for you and I love it!


Over the last year of homeschooling we have tried and used many other online homeschool websites like Time4learningTime4writing, K5Learning, and currently we are exploring Science4Us and Mango Languages (watch for reviews coming for these two) and of course Google for finding more resources. There is such a wealth of knowledge out there and the internet brings it right into your home for you.


To go along with the internet, is Pinterest. I found this site by accident and haven't turned back since! When I first started to homeschool I was keeping one board with everything on it. It was my homeschool/worksheets board. I am slowly starting to clean and sort this board out among my many other boards. Once you actually start looking on here, you can find ANYTHING!!

After being overwhelmed by the resources I could find on Pinterest, I decided I needed a different board for each different subject and grade level…Now I have boards for ABCs, Astronomy, Books, Five in a Row, Geography, Lapbooks, Math and so on. You are more than welcome to go and check out my boards and follow along if you would want more ideas!

I have found out that I need to limit my Pinterest time to when the kids are in bed, and I have to go there with an idea in mind…no aimless wondering around the site. Have you ever been in a bookstore and than you realize you have just spent 2+ hours and you are only half way through the store? Yeah, that is what Pinterest is like if your not careful. But used in the right way, Pinterest is one of my favorite essentials when it comes to finding resources or extras for the different subjects we are learning about in our homeschool.

Tell me that you feel the same way about the internet and Pinterest! What are some of your favorite websites that help out with your homeschooling adventure? Do you have any good Pinterest boards you think I should follow? What are they?

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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials



Two days down…three more to go. I hope to see you again tomorrow! Here's a hint about my esstential for tomorrow…it is not in my house and we get to leave for this one! The kids love it and I enjoy it also.


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5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials ~ Daily Planners

5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials


Today is the first day of my first 5 Day Series: 5 Days of Homeschooling Essentials. I am going to go backwards down my list and start with an essential, but it is not the most important one. You will have to keep checking back all week and see what I am going to be sharing.

Today I want to share with you about planners.  Yes something I could not live without in the house during homeschooling. Planners come in all shapes and sizes. You can get the pen and paper kind or go all high tech and get a digital format. You can have multiple planners for multiple kids,  or one planner that works for multiple kids. If you can dream it in planners you can find it!

I have done both when it comes to planners. I still don't know what I truly like yet. I fell in love with Jolanthe's digital planner when I started homeschool with just Ray Ray and than added Moe Man into the day. I love that it is just one type-able PDF that can be used over and over for multiple kids.



Another digital planner would be the wonderful customizable planner from The Old Schoolhouse and Schoolhouseteachers.com. I told you about them in my review of the Schoolhouseteachers.com. This planner is another type-able PDF that allows you to type in your plans than print them out as you wish. 


This year I am trying out the Well Planned Day planner in print format. Both me and Moe Man have our own copies. I of course, have the family homeschool planner that works for multiple kids and Moe Man has the fun tech design student planner. He loves being in charge of his own assignments and I love that he is being responsible for himself.


Now finding a planner and using a planner are two different things. You can plan the whole year out, go semester by semester, month by month, or by the week. I started with planning a whole semester.  Not bad. However, in our house things change…a lot!  With Daddy driving truck, we take time off when he is able to get home. I am thankful for white-out, let's just say that!

My learning mistake of filling out the planner that far ahead is over, and I am now working on a week by week plan. I am able to sit down and fill out the weeks worth of work for both boys and throw in a few fun things for Little Miss. Than I can easily print what is needed for the week, bookmark the webpages we will need and request the books from the library. As we sit down each morning, I can tell Moe Man what he has to do and he is able to copy that over to his planner. This than helps him to do what he needs while I help the littles get their start on the day.

Planners…what fun! Yes, they are an essential in my homeschool. Are they an essential in yours? What do you use? How does that work? I would love to hear. Leave me a comment below!

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I am having so much fun as I write these! I hope you will stop by tomorrow to see what my next homeschooling essential is!


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Reading the Alphabet Week 2

Reading the Alphabet


This last week I had some fun with the two little ones. We didn't do too much, Ray Ray was sick, but we did have fun! I found this wonderful program before Christmas, it is called Reading the Alphabet. Becky over at This Reading Mama has it listed there and I fell in love!


This week we were learning about the letter "F" and the sight word "the". We also decided to read The Mitten, but I will share more on that next week because we found more activities to go with it and are going to read it for another week!


We started our week by reading our letter book. Actually, Ray Ray read it to Little Miss and I got to sit back and listen…why didn't I take a picture of them reading? I don't know. I was enjoying them being nice to each other for once I guess!

We got to do the all time favorite poke page for our sight word. Ray Ray has always loved this and now Little Miss is joining in on the fun. She doesn't quite follow the letters, but it is still the fine motor skills, so I am happy. This week instead of using a toothpick to poke the page, we used the small push pins. It was a little harder to hold on to, but it really built those finger muscles!

One of our favorite things this week was the football numbers. I would call out a number and Ray Ray would color the circle in. He loved knowing the numbers and I loved that he would help Little Miss do her circles after that. 

I love the confidence that we are building as readers. Ray Ray is saying all the sounds to the letters and is picking up on the sight words! I have officially been yelled at because he wanted to read to me not have me read to him…all because the first word in the sentence was "the" and he knew that word!

I can't wait to start on our new week, letter and word tomorrow. I hope you will hop on back and see what we do with that and see the fun we have had with The Mitten!

Becky has a new book that is on sale right now for $3.99! It is How to Choose "Just Right" Books and helps you find the books that will help your children grow as readers and not cause undo frustration. I am enjoying this book as we "speak" and can't wait to finish it!!



**This post includes affiliate links. It will not cost you more to buy the items with these links, it just helps support the page and our homeschooling journey when you do.**



Before Five In A Row ~ The Runaway Bunny


I have been planning to tell you about our "Rowing" fun with Five In A Row, but honestly, I keep forgetting. Well, today I remembered, so here we go!

I got my first Five In A Row book from a garage sale. I had heard about it, didn't think anything of it. Seen the Before Five In A Row and figured I would give it a go. I fell hard! I love this "school" for my littles. Little Miss is still working on the listening part. Ray Ray, he loves the fun part of reading the same book all week and learning about it after.



We have done a few "rows" already. But this is the first one that I have documented all the way through! I am excited to share it with you!

Over the last week and half we sat down and read The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. We absolutely loved this book! But I should have known that since we love her Goodnight Moon book just as much!

We began our week by reading the book first. As soon as we had finished, I got asked to read it again…sure why not?!? This time though, we talked about how this story sounds like God's love for us. This was a great way to show Ray Ray His love for us in a way he understands.

The rest of the days included us reading the book and talking about it as we went along. We found an awesome lapbook to go along with the story at homeschoolshare.com and we used some pieces from the Fold and Learn files at Five In A Row. This was something that Ray Ray really got involved in. Jolanthe at homeschoolcreations.com had some good worksheets that we used to go along with this book too! Ray Ray loved helping baby bunny through the maze she has!


Ray Ray will still pull this out to show daddy or just to do the games by himself! It was nice to teach him about shapes, have him matching and learning the "if" and "then" of the story. Taking a simple book and adding the learning in is our favorite thing right now!

Ray Ray was able to have his bunny night light with him as we were working on this unit together. He also pulled out a 16 square puzzle and put it together as the bunny picture. One thing I was going to show him, but he noticed it first, are some of the same pictures between the two books (Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny). I was pleasantly surprised that he picked up on this before I had the chance to tell him 🙂


We had so much fun this last week and a half. Now I am off to plan what we will be "rowing" next time!

Delightful Learning

Simply Put: A Study in Economics ~ Review and Giveaway!!

I have taken some Economics courses in high school and college, but I can tell you honestly, they were not my cup of tea. I tried hard, but just didn't “get it”. Now I have a 7th grader who is going to need Economics and I am worried. How will I do it? How will I teach him what I couldn't learn? Enter in Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime.




Are you a paper and pen type of school or do you like the fun eBook options? Guess what? You can get this book in either format you want!! The eBook option is available over at Currclick.com for a price of $6.99. Amazon has the softcover physical copy of Simply Put and Catherine has the softcover physical copy and teacher copy at her site for $25.00.




Catherine has taken 140 pages to write a 36 lesson curriculum that will count for ½ of a high school credit in Economics and made it very homeschool friendly! There are lesson reviews and a mid term and final exam as well. With the addition of a few extra readings or writing assignments, you could turn this into a full credit, but as a half a credit this is a full curriculum. You only have to add what you want.


This is a high school credit course, but the reading is so easy for read aloud with the younger crowd. Moe Man loves to have me read to him on some subjects, so it is nice to have something that Ray Ray and Little Miss won't look at me like I am speaking a foreign language! I am happy for that also!


Since there are 36 lessons in this book, I figured we would take it slow (I didn't want to be too scared) and we would do 1 lesson a week, with some extra add ins as I found them. We start our weekly studies on Tuesdays when we read through the lesson. I will answer (to the best of my knowledge) any questions the kids may have after we read. Wednesday we start out by doing a quick narration of what we remember from the day before. Than we work on the Lesson Review. We read the questions out loud and talk through our answers. I have Moe Man write them down after we come up with our final answer for each one. Thursday is the day we do our “extras”. I see if I can find any movies, or we play around online to look up more information on things that peaked our interest.


Catherine did an awesome job of laying everything out in a nice easy to read and understand format. This was a book that I could pick it up and go with it. I didn't have to spend hours organizing and planning everything we needed to accomplish. The review questions are all grouped together at the end of the book instead of at the end of each lesson. This confused me for a moment, and I am still torn about it. I love having my questions right at the end of the lesson, but I have started to like the idea of this being a book first and a textbook second. Both Moe Man and myself feel like we are not being daunted by the questions, yet we still have them and they are good review.


This book is not full of all those silly graphs and charts that scare me. And the few pictures in there are black and white and don't draw away from the reading. I don't want to make this sound boring and full of words, because like I have said before, the reading was an easy, understandable reading. Just enough breaks to keep a person going. The lessons are a wonderful length that don't draw on for hours of endless reading, yet they cover what they set out to cover.


After all my worries and fears over Economics, I am beginning to enjoy teaching it. Will I ever be an expert? Naw, but I have a good foundation that has been laid out, and I notice that Moe Man seems to like it a little better than I ever did. Hmm, maybe I am doing something right? 🙂 I think Catherine did a good job of writing a text that introduces this subject and helps us fearful parents/teachers teach a subject our kids need to know. I know I will be using this to the end and not putting it on the shelf after the review is over! I do recommend this to those of you who need a good start to Economics.


Don't forget to check out other reviews at Bow of Bronze. There are some other good ones there!


To help you out with your teaching of Economics, I get to do a giveaway for one digital copy of Simply Put: A Study in Economics and the Teacher's Key to go with it! Enter here:


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Hey, let's add to this giveaway theme. Join us in this MEGA Giveaway of over $325 worth of products. If you are the winner of this one, you will get the complete collection of digital titles by Catherine Jaime and a 3 month subscription to A+ Tutorsoft in the grade you choose. You can head over to the Bow of Bronze website to see the full list of digital eBooks. Enter here: 



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October in Minnesota



October 20, 2013

This is a crazy sight to see!

We woke up and seen flakes, but those flakes got bigger and bigger. This is not something I really care to see.

I live in Minnesota.

I hate snow.

But the kids love it…



When Daddy asked Little Miss what the snow tasted like she said, a snow ball 🙂 And than he asked Ray Ray what the snow tasted like, he said "Winter"…smart kid!

I am fine with winter in the winter, but in my opinion, October is a little too early! Here's to hoping it doesn't keep up like this all winter! I do like a few more nice days in the 40s before pulling all this winter stuff out. But at least the kids are having fun!

Hearts for Home Blog Hop #33


Welcome everyone!! This is my first week doing this weekly blog hop. I hope you will join me and visit all these other wonderful bloggers and see what is happening with everyone! And don't forget to head over Upside Down Homeschooling to read about the Host and Co-hosts of this Blog Hop!


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