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K5 Learning ~ Review



Do your kids like to play games on the computer? Do you wish they would learn more as they are playing? How about some computer learning that helps them with their reading and their math? K5Learning is the site for you!

K5Learning is a reading and math programs for your kids who are in Kindergarten up to 5th grade. This progam will help your kids build their math and reading skills using independent study. Ray Ray being 5 was able to use this program independently it is so simple to navigate. 

K5Learning is an Online Subscription and has either a monthly or yearly payment option. Their prices are $25 a month for the first child and $15 a month for each additional child. If you want a discount, their yearly subscription is $199 for the first child and $129 a year for the second child.

Ray Ray was happy to find out that I had a website just for him and his school! We did the assessment first and found out that if we would have just started at the beginning of the Kindergarten program, he would have been bored…really bored! After finding out where he landed, we took off and started learning. I showed him some of the basics to the program and let him go. 


4 days a week I would let Ray Ray hop on the computer, usually at the kitchen table while I cooked supper. He would be able to choose if he wanted to work on his reading or his math (there is spelling, but I haven't started him on that yet). He would listen to some quick instructions, than put his learning into action. Reading taught him about phonemic awareness, phonics and sight words. He was even working on reading comprehension! Math was working on numbers, patterns and measurements. He really loved the patterns and would pick up on them quite quickly, only to be given a more challenging one to work on!

Everything that was needed for him to work on his two subjects were right here. There was no need to buy anything else. Access was available 24/7 and we did not have to download anything to make it work.

As the parent, I was able to access the comprehensive reporting that was available. I was able to see the progress that was being made and see the results of his assessment tests within a few minutes. I was also able to see what he was working on and assign different assignments for him if I felt that was needed.

After using this program for the last 6 weeks, I have noticed that Ray Ray is more aware of patterns, and really likes to make his own. He is making more of the beginning sounds and likes to ask me questions about what we read. The program was fun and easy for Ray Ray to use on his own. I liked being able to set him up with headphones and work on prepping dinner while he worked on reviewing what we had learned earlier in the day. My only complaint on the whole program is the cost. To me it seems a little high for just two subjects. 

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Have you used K5Learning before? What do you think of it? What do your kids think of it? Did they enjoy it as much as Ray Ray did? I would love to hear from you!