Reading the Alphabet Week 2

Reading the Alphabet


This last week I had some fun with the two little ones. We didn't do too much, Ray Ray was sick, but we did have fun! I found this wonderful program before Christmas, it is called Reading the Alphabet. Becky over at This Reading Mama has it listed there and I fell in love!


This week we were learning about the letter "F" and the sight word "the". We also decided to read The Mitten, but I will share more on that next week because we found more activities to go with it and are going to read it for another week!


We started our week by reading our letter book. Actually, Ray Ray read it to Little Miss and I got to sit back and listen…why didn't I take a picture of them reading? I don't know. I was enjoying them being nice to each other for once I guess!

We got to do the all time favorite poke page for our sight word. Ray Ray has always loved this and now Little Miss is joining in on the fun. She doesn't quite follow the letters, but it is still the fine motor skills, so I am happy. This week instead of using a toothpick to poke the page, we used the small push pins. It was a little harder to hold on to, but it really built those finger muscles!

One of our favorite things this week was the football numbers. I would call out a number and Ray Ray would color the circle in. He loved knowing the numbers and I loved that he would help Little Miss do her circles after that. 

I love the confidence that we are building as readers. Ray Ray is saying all the sounds to the letters and is picking up on the sight words! I have officially been yelled at because he wanted to read to me not have me read to him…all because the first word in the sentence was "the" and he knew that word!

I can't wait to start on our new week, letter and word tomorrow. I hope you will hop on back and see what we do with that and see the fun we have had with The Mitten!

Becky has a new book that is on sale right now for $3.99! It is How to Choose "Just Right" Books and helps you find the books that will help your children grow as readers and not cause undo frustration. I am enjoying this book as we "speak" and can't wait to finish it!!



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“Virtual” Field Trip Friday ~ Thanksgiving in 1621 Review


We had a lot of fun this week in our learning about the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe. We sailed over to the "New World" on the Mayflower and Moe Man loved reading the story to the littles. We were able to find this book at our library. The pictures in here are beautiful! This is going on our Christmas wish list!



We have read stories that are included in our Thanksgiving in 1621 unit study from Spirited~Autumn~Hope that include The Colony's Beginnings, Building the Colony, and Meeting Native Americans. We have been able to compare housing, clothes, food, and school between the Pilgrim children and the Wampanoag children. We tried our hands at boiled bread and making Pilgrim hats.


As fun as all those things were, we had the most fun on our "virtual" field trip to the Pilgrim village. We are a family that loves going "back in time", so being able to see this villiage on the computer was fun! Moe Man was a tad disappointed when we found the Pilgrim village on the map and seen how far away from us it was.


On our short, 18 minute, visit to the village we were able to visit the homes, gardens and fort. We got to "talk" with the guards at the fort (meeting house) and learn about their jobs and their weapons. We got to "meet" Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins (yes, the kids loved them the most because we share a last name). From these Hopkins, we got to see the houses and compare them to our own. We visited with a lot of people and learned a lot in this short time.


"Talking" with the people helps us to make our history more "real". Who cares about dry textbooks when you can learn from those who were there! I get to surprise the kids later today when we head on over and take another "field trip" over to the Plimoth Plantation!




We are loving this fun study and learning a lot! You can still get this study over at Spirited~Autumn~Hope and get in on the fun!


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Feeling Special



I know, not everyone really enjoys the whole "trick or treating" but we do it. And we enjoy it!

This year the youngest two went out and about while Big Kid stayed with my mom handing out candy to the multitudes of kids!

While we were out, we met up with my aunt and uncle and my two cousins, who happen to be about the same age as Ray Ray and Little Miss.

We got to go see my great grandpa, their great, great grandpa. How many kids get to say they have a great, great grandpa? 

This man is my hero…if I can do HALF of what he does at his age, I will be content! 

He gardens…this year it was just tomato plants in straw bales but he still gardens, he cans…everything!, he bakes, he freezes what he won't use, he cuts the yard and keeps his house clean. If I wasn't a homeschooling mom to three, I would say he does more than me (I call it even right now). 

How does he do it, he was raised that way. Hard work was the only way to get anything. And as a homeschool family, I am glad we get to do "school" with him whenever we want. My kids are learning from him and he is learning from them. 

So on this fourth day of thankfulness in November, I am thankful for the elders in my family who can continue to teach me and my children every day!!

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Planning the New School Year



So, here I sit. I am busy planning and thinking and planning some more. I am planning the lesson plans for the fall. I am going to have a 7th grader, a Kindergartner and a Tot-schooler! Where have those years gone?!?!


For Big Kid, we are going to do more living books this year. He loves to read and loves history, so I want to build on that! We are going to work on Singapore Math, and master those pesky math facts that keep tricking him! He wants to learn cursive! Public school thought it would be too hard at the time the rest of the kids were learning it, and never followed through to see if he wanted to learn later. So now we are! He is also going to work on learning computer programing, something he is excited about!


Ray Ray is going into Kindergarten!! My "baby" isn't a baby anymore! We are focusing on his handwriting this year!! We are using a combination of Erica's K4 program from and some from Carisa's Raising Rockstars Kindergarten program over at 1+1+1=1. We are also doing A reason for Handwriting and Singapore Earlybird Math. 


Little Miss will be doing some Before Five in a Row and learning what the letters and numbers look and sound like. Not too much, but enough to do something like her big brothers.


But today it is time to play outside and maybe learn something about art…maybe 🙂




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Did You Know That?

We are learning a lot this week. It has been busy, but we are enjoying it.

First, I need to vent…my son was using our Time4Learning trial and was really upset because he didn’t like it at public school. I told him that was fine, I wanted him to use it at home and to tell me the fun and not so fun about it so I could write my review (coming up in a couple more weeks). His first day of sitting down with it and he gets all excited…”I get to do this? I never got to do that at school, I had to do the little kid stuff on there!” So I ask what the other kids in class were doing and he said the stuff he got to do right now. Now, I thought we were supposed to help kids achieve more when it came to school, not make them feel stupid and make them do below grade level stuff when “everyone” else is doing grade level. I told him he was a 6th grader and would be doing 6th grade work because of that.

Alright, now that I have that off my chest…I feel better! J-man is doing good with settling in at home and RayRay loves playing on the computer for school. We are doing a variety of things for him since he is Pre-K. Anything to do with letters, shapes and numbers seem to satisfy him. Now just to get him to start working on his writing skills…hmm.

Little Miss is just growing bigger and bigger…I love watching her as she learns new things. I can’t wait until she is ready to sit and color more than scribbles…but I love that too!!

We are learning about Nevada for geography/history right now. We have found some really fun things on SchoolHouseTeachers that have us really interested in learning more. Today was some learning about the Hoover Dam. I never thought I would get J-man to sit and enjoy reading, but he kept asking for more and more today…and finding pictures online was fun for me too!

I hope you all have a great week and stay warm!!

I don’t want to learn today!!

That is what my 12 year old said, as he was helping four year old G practice his writing skills and math. That was fine by me…what do you want to do I asked? I want to do a project. Got the perfect idea!!

I pulled out the lapbook for the Ancient Egypt unit, since we were finishing that up today anyway I had him work on that. He has never loved doing something so much!! He kept asking if there was something more he could put in there! Talk about not wanting to learn!!

After that was done and complete the two boys were playing together. I asked them if they wanted to make something for me. They did of course and I asked for a Lego Pyramid. Now you would think that would be something simple…only it wasn’t. They pulled out our library books and had to read about how they were built first, no learning there! Than they added a tomb and a mummy to the mix, of course they just knew that and didn’t learn it… I guess they knew that the mummy needed some food and jewelry to take with him to the next world, because they added that too. Oh, and who could forget the gate so nobody would come and steal anything, because boys just know that kind of stuff.

Now we have the problem of them not wanting to stop playing mummies and pyramids…so much for learning today. Oh well, maybe tomorrow!!

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