Lego Friday, Printables, Books and More!

LEGOs, they are a thing of wonder in our house. They are everywhere! The kids have books and books and more books of LEGOs. They have just as many books as they do the actual toys! Not only that, but they have clothes! LEGO clothes!! Oh the things they have that include LEGOs are everywhere in this house! I want to share a few of these fun things with you!



My oh my! Have you checked out the LEGO printables that are available when you look on Pinterest? I have found WAY TOO many when I did a quick search with Ray Ray! He was looking for a supplement to his schooling and I was looking for something fun for him to do.

Now these printables come in all shapes and sizes. I love looking on this addicting site to be able to find something that we are learning about yet is fun for the kids to work on. I seem to be able to find any topic and any theme here! This is a homeschool mom’s best friend!

The first printable that we will be working on is this super awesome 30-day challenge from Jamerrill over at FreeHomeschoolDeals. This is just what I need to wake up the minds and get those creative juices flowing!

One Mama’s Daily Drama has two really awesome LEGO printables available right now! Ray Ray has been busy working on these in his spare time! First, we have a LEGO Activity Book. This book, has six different activities for your child including a maze, tic-tac-toe, word scramble, word search, look and find, and mad libs.

Lego Friday

The second printable over at One Mama’s Daily Drama is the LEGO Workbook. This bundle has a create a minifigure of you, maze, word search and word scramble. Both of these bundles are super fun and the kids love them!

Do you need a fun way to talk about feelings with your child? I love these Exploring Emotions with Lego Faces Notebooking Pages from Homeschool Encouragement. This makes it a fun game to do instead of a dreaded battle!

You can’t leave the little ones out of the fun! Walking by the Way has the super fun Learning with LEGOs Junior Version! This is a great way to encourage the little ones to have fun with their LEGOs and learn at the same time. Here you can find many different things that include math, word building, and of course, a maze!!


Oh the books they have! I couldn't believe the wide variety of books you would find if you weren't full of descriptions in your searching! Ray Ray and Little Miss love the building books and minifigure guides. They get these books from the library all the time! When they have to find something to read, they find books that based off of the LEGO figures. They each have their own style and they both love these books very much!


Yes, yes there is even an abundance of clothes that sport the LEGO theme on them! The kids love to wear these kinds of shirts and I think they are cute!

Do you have a LEGO lover in your house? What is your favorite LEGO item?


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5 Favorite LEGO Friends Kits

Remember when I told you all about Ray Ray and his love of LEGOs? Well, Little Miss is just like him! You can't help but love that your kids love to build. And you have to love that they are actively using their minds while playing with the LEGOs. I love that the instructions have no words. That way any age can really build. Little Miss loves that she can build like her big brothers and not always have mommy or daddy helping her. Heck, I kind of like that too!
LEGO Friends

So, with that said, I wanted to share with you her top 5 favorite LEGO Friends kits. No, she does not have all of these yet. In fact, she only just got Olivia's Exploration Car this week, but she does hope to own them all soon! (Hey grandmas, here are some ideas, hint, hint!)

Olivia's Exploration Car

She fell in love with this. And this is the first set that she has officially completed the building on her own! Mommy did sit next to her and guide her, but she built it herself!

Party Train

This is one of those simpler sets. This is a set that I could see her building on her own without mom or dad guiding her.

Adventure Camp Treehouse

Now this is one of those big sets. She has not gotten one of these yet, but I think she might be getting something like this for her birthday. The way she is getting into building, I think this is the year for it.

Vet Clinic

Now this is Little Miss we are talking about. Anything animal goes. She will either end up building when she grows up or she will be a vet with the love of animals she has!

Puppy Training

The favorite of all animals for Little Miss is the puppy. She LOVES puppies. She will not be a cat lady, she will be a dog lady. I think this is a good thing and can't wait to see how happy she will be with them!

I am so happy to see that LEGO has made some fun girly sets now. I never had an issue playing with just plain LEGOs growing up, but they didn't have any real "sets" like they do now. If the boys can get their super hero set (I know girls love them too), a girl should be able to get a puppy or a girl LEGO without any problems.

Do your girls have any favorite LEGO Friends kits? I would love to hear about them so that I can get some other great ideas out since Little Miss will be having a birthday soon! Let me know below, I really want to hear from you!


God Bless!



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