2013 Year in Review


The year 2013 brought us a lot of changes in the Hopkins household. 


January ~ I started this silly little blog a year ago!! Can you believe that?? I was just going to do this as a fun way to keep up with the changes in my kids and now it has opened so many new doors for me and the kids that I couldn't ask God for anything better! Not only did I start my blog, but Moe Man started his homeschooling journey with the littles at that time…sort of. We took a lot of time to just "de-school" and learn interests.


February ~ Nothing too crazy happened. We had some fun with learning about each other and how we liked to learn…it was a fun journey that I am glad we decided to take.


March ~ This month brought about changes…My hubby had his birthday! But my Great Grandma passed away… It was something I knew was coming, but I still wasn't ready for it. I wrote a little about her right here.


April ~ April brought the fact that within 3 months, Moe Man was doing grade level math…something that was too hard at the public school. He was having fun and actually enjoyed it!


May ~ Little Miss turned two this year! I don't remember where that time went…but it went quickly!


June ~ The hubby and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in June. We have enjoyed so much together and it has been a wonderful journey to be on with him! 


July ~ July went by so fast…I don't even know what we really did! I know that we did some school throughout the summer, and July is when Moe Man was working on his Hands on Equations math. This was something we both enjoyed and something we will continue to use on our homeschool journey!


August ~ Ray Ray turned 5 this month! I was shocked that he is that old already! We took our yearly trip to Wisconsin Dells and than started school during the last week of the month. I have a 7th grader and a Kindergartner!


September ~ Moe Man turned me into a mother of a teenager this month! We officially became mom and dad to him in November of 2007 when he was 7 and I am so happy we did this. He has been such a blessing and joy to us. He has taught us as much as we try to teach him 🙂


October ~ We had snow in October! I was not happy about that…but the kids loved it! It didn't last for long, but seemed to be a preview of what was to come. We have had a fair amount of the white stuff this winte so far, and usually get more during the second half :-/ 


November ~ November is National Adoption Month…It is when we adopted Moe Man. November is also the month where I found out that I get to be a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew in the upcoming year. Another door that was opened for us through this blog! So thankful for things like this.


December ~ And here we are! This month has come and gone so fast. We enjoyed lots of time with family and friends. And we were able to celebrate the birth of Jesus! 


The year went so fast that I am scared for the upcoming year. I am looking forward to all the challenges that the year will bring. The ups and downs and all that I am blessed with. I want to thank you all for hanging out with me this year and I can't wait to share more with you next year!

Feeling Special



I know, not everyone really enjoys the whole "trick or treating" but we do it. And we enjoy it!

This year the youngest two went out and about while Big Kid stayed with my mom handing out candy to the multitudes of kids!

While we were out, we met up with my aunt and uncle and my two cousins, who happen to be about the same age as Ray Ray and Little Miss.

We got to go see my great grandpa, their great, great grandpa. How many kids get to say they have a great, great grandpa? 

This man is my hero…if I can do HALF of what he does at his age, I will be content! 

He gardens…this year it was just tomato plants in straw bales but he still gardens, he cans…everything!, he bakes, he freezes what he won't use, he cuts the yard and keeps his house clean. If I wasn't a homeschooling mom to three, I would say he does more than me (I call it even right now). 

How does he do it, he was raised that way. Hard work was the only way to get anything. And as a homeschool family, I am glad we get to do "school" with him whenever we want. My kids are learning from him and he is learning from them. 

So on this fourth day of thankfulness in November, I am thankful for the elders in my family who can continue to teach me and my children every day!!

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The Kids of Hopkins Homeschool


So here I am. Thinking, what can I write about? Do you know what I thought about? I haven't really "formally" introduced you to the kids that make up Hopkins Homeschool!! Well, here they are!




Big Kid is 13 and in 7th grade this year! I can't believe how old he has gotten already!! We are coming up on our 6th year anniversary of our adoption day of Big Kid! He has always been a part of our family, but he has been our "son" now for six years. We started our homeschooling journey last year during the middle of his 6th grade year. Since that time, we have watched him change into a kid who asks questions again. Opening his mind to new ways of doing things and watching his aha-moments has made all the tough times worth it! We love seeing him become a man, but at the same time we love seeing him still be a "little kid" with his brother and sister! He loves to read and loves to read aloud to Ray Ray and Little Miss. Big Kid is our animal kid. He loves each one of them in this house and loves helping the neighbors with theirs too. His hobbies seem to change with the months. He loves to watch Star Wars, but also loves a good cartoon too!



Our little Ray Ray! Always keeping us on our toes! He is 5 this year and sort of doing Kindergarten 🙂 He loves copying his big brother. He was a little slow getting into the school thing this year, but is now all about showing us what he can do! He has gotten into following the words as we read, and we get yelled at if we don't do that. Counting has turned into a game that he is always wanting to do…by ones, twos, fives and tens. He is finally starting to like to color, but it has to be boy stuff! Just like his brother, Ray Ray loves to watch Star Wars. He is starting to like Bakugan (a little ball that transforms into something to "battle" each other), and runs around finding all the magnetic items in the house that his little Bakugan can stick to. And a silly story about the picture, just a few days after mommy took this picture, we came back here with daddy. Ray Ray did a big boy jump and fell in, just behind where he is sitting here. Daddy became his real superhero when he went to rescue him, only to hurt his knee in the process. Like I said, always keeping us on our toes!



Little Miss, our 2 year old who acts like she is 12! She is all girly with painted nails and pretty hair, than you blink and she is full of mud while shooting zombies with a nerf gun! Yes, she is ours all the way! Little Miss is full of energy and fully independent. She knows what she wants and goes for it, no matter what anyone says. She copies the brothers with their school and has surprised us with how smart she is! Although she will watch Star Wars and can name all the characters, she would rather watch Little Mermaid or Snow White. She is daddy's little princess and knows it 🙂 


So there you have it! The kids that make this blog happen. Each one is an individual who makes this family perfect. I couldn't imagine a day without them and love them all so much! 

October in Minnesota



October 20, 2013

This is a crazy sight to see!

We woke up and seen flakes, but those flakes got bigger and bigger. This is not something I really care to see.

I live in Minnesota.

I hate snow.

But the kids love it…



When Daddy asked Little Miss what the snow tasted like she said, a snow ball 🙂 And than he asked Ray Ray what the snow tasted like, he said "Winter"…smart kid!

I am fine with winter in the winter, but in my opinion, October is a little too early! Here's to hoping it doesn't keep up like this all winter! I do like a few more nice days in the 40s before pulling all this winter stuff out. But at least the kids are having fun!

Memories in a Can

Memories in a Can

It is a simple can of spaghetti and meatballs, but with that can come so many memories for me. 

This one little can reminds me of days at the cabin. Great Grandma would always have the pantry stocked full for the grandkids.

This little can reminds me of the date she would write on top of each one. We always knew when she went shopping because the date she bought it would be on top and her pantry was stocked like a grocery store, with the newest in the back.

This can reminds me of my cousin, Derek, and the times we would be together at the cabin. It was a good thing Grandma was always stocked up, because I don't know what we  would have done of there was only one can left!

I remember standing around the stove with Derek and sharing the stories of the week with each other as we cooked our lunch, or snack, because Grandma didn't have the quick microwave.

I still remember the laughing and fun that was had with these two angels over one simple can. I pull the can out to make the meal, or snack, for my kids and I am brought back to the memories. How I love those memories, even if they are from a simple can!



It’s A Family Time

My great grandma is 92 and she is in her final days. We haven’t been doing too much school right now and just spending time with her. I don’t have much to write, but will come back full force when we are back in a routine again.