Talking Fingers Inc. ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Ray Ray and Little Miss love to watch me when I am busy typing away on the computer. They always say "One day I want to type like you, mommy." Well, thanks to Talking Fingers Inc. and the Read, Write & Type program, they are learning how to do just that along with even more!

Talking Fingers Review

Talking Fingers Inc. is a digital program that you are able to log onto from your computer with your internet connection. You won't have to worry about losing a disk or forgetting it in one computer when you need it in a different computer.

With Read, Write & Type, your child will learn all three of those! This program is recommended for grades K-2. Bot Ray Ray and Little Miss were able to use this same program at different speeds.

Talking Fingers Review

With using this program your child will work on their phonics and spelling along with their keyboarding. This in turn will help them with their reading skills. All of this in a typing program that is considered fun with the kids!

Each day, the kids would spend some time, usually 15-20 minutes, working on trying to defeat Virus the Villain and get the characters back to their spots on the keyboard. They are working on learning the placement of their hands on the keyboard and the sound of each letter. This is critical for them to learn to read.



Talking Fingers Inc. Review



Little Miss loved spending time working on learning the sounds and loved to spell the simple words in order to get past Virus. Being able to spell words made her feel on top of the world. Even though she has not mastered the "typing" aspect of Read, Write & Type, she is learning the reading and writing very well!

Ray Ray is also working on defeating Virus and save all the letters from his evil rule. He has been able to progress faster through this program and has been working on more of the typing than Little Miss. It has been fun to watch him use the same program I remembering using and seeing the excitement that I remember having.

Talking Fingers Review

Every time your child wins 4 letters back from Virus, they earn a certificate. This is a big deal in our house. These certificates "MUST" be printed immediately and hung up in a safe location. They are seen every day and the kids are able to know that they have made it this far in the program.

We have had so much fun with using Read, Write & Type. The kids have had fun, but please don't tell them that they are learning while they play this cool game. I don't want them to find out how they can learn AND have fun at the same time!




Talking Fingers Inc. Review




I love that they think this is a game, that there is nothing to learn here. I love watching Little Miss sound out words "Ray Ray, what comes next!?" They get along, helping each other and pushing each other. I love knowing that even though I don't like the reliance on devices, that my kids are learning how to type so they can succeed in the future with these devices.

Talking Fingers Inc. and Read, Write & Type is a success in our house, but don't take our word for it. Check out the reviews from these other families!



Talking Fingers Inc. Review





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Homeschool Copywork ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

When it comes to homeschooling the free spirit, the child who doesn't like to sit still. You work on finding a way to put as many subjects together into one lesson. But how in the world do you do that with spelling, grammar and handwriting? Well, if you check out Homeschool Copywork and their Lifetime Membership, you will find just what you need!

Homeschool copywork

The Lifetime Membership over at Homeschool Copywork is going to give you instant access to all of their copywork eBooks for the life of the website. You will be able to download and print or save any or all of the eBooks to use whenever you need them.

Each of these eBooks comes in five different manuscript styles, Ball and Stick Manusript, D'Nealian Manuscript, Lined Cursive, and Unlined Print and Cursive for you older students.

Right now there are over 54 eBooks available for you to access. There are Artist Studies, Hymn Studies, Quotes from Composers (which we are using with our super fun music program right now), Poetry, Presidential Quotes, Quotes of Inventors, Quotes of Scientists, and Bible Verses to name just a few of the great categories that we have access to!

Homeschool Copywork

We love the use of copywork in our homeschool. It makes learning go quicker for the active children, like Ray Ray. Ray Ray does not like to slow down, but when we use copywork, I am able to group together his need of working on his handwriting skills with being able to show him the proper way to write. I love having an option of picking out these great pieces of work that are put together for me.

With this Lifetime Membership, we are able to go through the list of available titles and decide what would work best for the week. We are able to look through and pick out the pages we need for each age and writing level and use this for multiple levels at the same time. This is a major bonus for us when we want to work on some things together.

Homeschool Copywork

We have been using the Mozart Quotes from Composers with Ray Ray while we learn about Mozart for music. Yes, we are able to take these and make them work with our current lessons! We are also working our way through the hymns together as a family. We love to work on 1 or 2 a month, and this is a great way to add that handwriting practice for everyone while we listen to the music of the hymns.

Homeschool Copywork

I love being able to use these with all three kids, well 4 but Baby Girl just scribbles right now! We can find the level that works for each child and work on them together. There is no need to purchase 3 different plans or editions, one is all you need for your whole family. The kids love that when they do one paper they are able to cross off more than one subject. This makes them more willing to work harder on this and with less of an argument.

The Lifetime Membership over at Homeschool Copywork is just what we have been looking for and I feel a little easier knowing that I have this tool in my homeschool tool belt!

We really love using Homeschool Copywork in our daily school schedule, but don't take our word for it, check out the other reviews with me!

Homeschool Copywork Review

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Memoria Press More StoryTime Treasures ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

How do you find a way to challenge your child's mind while reading? Do you have a program that you have found that works with high quality books to make your children more active readers and push them past their comfort zone? Ray Ray has been pushed and is excelling with Memoria Press and More StoryTime Treasures Student Guide and Answer Key as a literature guide.

More StoryTime Treasures Review

Memoria Press is a family-run company who wanted to make simple, easy to use classical Christian educational materials that were available to schools and homes. We had the chance to take a look at their More StoryTime Treasures literature guide. This set is recommended for first grade and up, and was perfect for Ray Ray.

While Ray Ray is a superb reader, he needed something to help him slow down and build on his reading skills in new ways. This guide did just that for him! While the books were very easy for him to read, the work that came with, made him slow down and become more active in his reading. Focusing more on the vocabulary, spelling, comprehension, and composition skills.

Included with the More StoryTime Treasures set is the student guide and teacher's answer key. The books were not included, but there is an option to purchase them. I was able to easily find all 7 books within my library and their branches. These are seven classics that we have previously read within our previous lessons and it was super nice to go back to them in a new way!


Memoria Press Literature Guides Review


The seven books you will be reading with More StoryTime Treasures are:

  • Billy and Blaze
  • Blaze and the Forest Fire
  • The Story About Ping
  • Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie
  • Stone Soup
  • The Little House
  • Miss Rumphius

There are no real "rules" on how to use this program, other than making sure you read the books before and during working on the worksheets. This is super nice when you have a kid who likes to pick and choose what books he wants to read. I was able to let Ray Ray pick which book he wanted to read next. This made him more workable with me and we had less of a struggle.

More StoryTime Treasures Review

The answer key that comes with this program is for this and for StoryTime Treasures. It is nice knowing that if you start this right away with StoryTime Treasures, you can save a little money and not purchase a second answer key when you start More StoryTime Treasures. I love how simple this answer key works. You simply have the answers, nothing more, nothing less. This makes it quick and easy to read. The only thing I didn't like was that the student guide and answer key did not put the same books in the same order. This is not a deal breaker for me, but it was confusing the first few times I grabbed it to help me find an answer, even daddy was confused when he hoped in to help with Ray Ray's school one day.

We used this daily in our homeschool lessons. The first day of each book was simply reading the book all the way through. Each day after that we would do one or two pages from the lessons. Each page of the lessons would let us know a range of pages from the book that we would find our answers.

More StoryTime Treasures Review

This was a great program to add some great new learning into reading a simple book. Each book comes with many different areas to learn about, but they each have a word study, word definition, comprehension questions (fill-in-the-Blank), language lesson and finally a just for fun section. Each book has 2-3 lessons, each with the above components. We were able to work about a lesson a week, depending on how fast we did or didn't work.

I really enjoyed using this program with Ray Ray. He enjoyed pulling it out and using it on his own, or telling me what needed to be done. More StoryTime Treasures really took some of our favorite books and helped us learn new things, not just about the books, but about the language arts as well. This was a very fun guide and we are excited to finish the last 3 books!

More StoryTime Treasures Review

Memoria Press has numerous different literature guides available for different ages and grade levels. I am going to head over and check out some of the other reviews of these guides, will you join me?

Memoria Press Literature Guides Review



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Logic of English ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

For the last few weeks, Ray Ray and I have been working together with Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English. This Language Arts program has it all and is perfect for multiple ages! I can't wait to tell you all about this program.

Essentials Vol. 1 Complete Set  

The complete set includes:

  • Essential Teacher's Guide, Volume 1
  • Essential Students Workbook, Volume 1
  • Spelling Journal
  • Morpheme Cards, Set 1
  • Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Spelling Rule Flash Cards
  • Grammar Flash Cards
  • Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
  • Phonogram Game Cards: Bookface
  • Phonogram Game Cards: Manuscript
  • Phonogram Game Tiles
  • Spelling Analysis Card
  • Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference

We also received the Essentials Reader Set of Digital Books. This is completely optional, but we loved it!

Essentials Logic of English

Essentials 2nd Edition is a multi-level program that is a complete language arts program for ages 7 to adult (and trust me, I have been learning along with Ray Ray)! This program covers reading, spelling, grammar and vocabulary. There are 3 different levels in this program, A, B, and C. You are given a placement test in your teacher guide to help make sure you start your student at the right level. Ray Ray is starting at the very beginning with Level A.

Introducing Essentials 2nd edition

This program consists of 15 weekly lessons. There is a Volume 2 that will release in January of 2017 that will contain lessons 16-30. Each of the lessons in Volume 1 is set up for 5 days a week. We spaced this out a little and did 4 days a week most weeks, while doing 5 days the other weeks with no issues at all.

When I first opened the box, I was super excited to get a start on this program! We had used Foundations A before, so I thought I knew what I was getting into. Only, this is more in depth for learning. The basics are the same, but there are some slight differences that make it a higher level. The teacher's guides are similar in set up, which was nice for me. But there was a lot of information to take in.

Essentials Logic of English

While there is a lot of information, this is not a downfall. Your child, and you, will be learning so much and Logic of English wants you to be equipped as the teacher. The teacher's guide (which I compared in weight to Baby Girl) is going to give you all you need to know so you can teach your child for at least three years. Or even three children at the same time!

While we have the option to teach more than one child at the same time, we only used this with Ray Ray. He loved using Logic of English again, and after I spent a weekend going over the teacher guide instead of just a day, we were ready to begin. I was confident that I could teach him all he needed to know by following the wording in the teacher's guide. Yes, this teacher's guide shows you exactly what to say!

I loved using the teacher's guide, as daunting as the size was, once I spent time looking at it, I loved it. Being able to use this with the student work book was the best. I was able to scan the pages, see the symbols of what was needed for each assignment and have it set up in the morning for class.

The teacher's guide also reminded me to when we needed to use the Essentials Reader Set. This digital set of books was a great way to take what we were learning and add it into stories outside of the workbook. Yes, we were still learning, but we were taking what we learned and used it in a different way.

The stories included here were fun and easy to read. They came with a student activity book that helped enforce different ideas we were learning about in a fun way.

Logic of English

While I used to struggle with Ray Ray in the language arts area, when I would pull this out, he gets excited to see what we were learning for the day. He loves having a workbook to use and the spelling journal was an added bonus. While this seemed simple, I couldn't believe how much he loved adding new words to this book.

Logic of English also used games to help us learn. Ray Ray is currently carrying a stack of phonogram cards around and letting everyone know how many sounds he knows. This makes it fun for him to review, and not a chore.

We have loved everything about Essentials Second Edition. It has been the program we needed without us knowing we needed it. Finding a program we both love is not always easy, and this does just that for us!

Logic of English has other programs as well. You need to check out the other reviews from the other families and find your program!


Logic of English Review


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Crew Disclaimer Captive DVD ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

When you want to find a good movie to watch, where do you go? You can go to the local store and shift through their collection of who know what, or you can head over to and know that you are only looking at wholesome Christian based movies, like Captive, which we have had the chance to watch! Review is a wonderful website to head to when you are in need of a good movie to watch. On their site, you will find all different kinds of Christian based movies to watch. You will be able to find whatever you are in the mood for, be it an entertaining movie, biography, educational, cartoon or documentary, has it for you!

I always struggle when looking for movies, wondering if it is an ok one for the whole family, or if mom and dad will need to stay up late one night to preview it before having a family movie night. But when I look at and order movies from, I know that I am able to put that movie right into the DVD or BluRay player and sit back and enjoy! Not only that, but I love supporting a local, Christian based company!

I love when I get a movie from You feel like you just got a package from a friend! They make sure you get what you want and they make sure you know that you are thought of during the packaging and shipping process! I still remember the first time I opened a package and found out that is just a town away from me!!

Captive is a movie based on the true story of Brian Nichols and Ashley Smith. This is the story of when Brian escaped police custody and was the shooter in a courthouse shooting. He ends up taking Ashley hostage in her own home. Ashley is facing her own demons during this time. Review

As these two people face their own personal demons, they find a meeting place in the middle when Ashley starts reading from Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life book. This time they spent with this book does something to both of them that will change their lives forever. Review

I love watching good movies and love finding ones that we can all watch together. I was held captive by this movie and couldn't wait to see how it ended. While there was some violence and drug use, this movie is nothing like most other PG-13 movies you would grab from the store. I had no issues with letting our kids watch it with us. We did have a discussion during and after as questions came up, but it was a very good movie and story! Review is having a great giveaway right now! You can be entered in to win a 5 movie collection that includes,  War RoomThe Ultimate GiftSuperbook: A Great AdventureMy Son, My Savior and Owlegories 2.  Over $80 in DVDs! All you have to do for your entry is to sign up for their newsletter!

So, after visiting, what is the number one movie YOU want to watch with your family??

Check out the reviews of other movies from the Review Crew right over here: Review


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Grapevine Studies Resurrection Bible Study ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

"Mommy, what happens at Easter?" That is the question I have been asked lately. The best way to talk about this is with an easy to understand bible study. Where do you find one of those? You check out Grapevine Studies and their bible study, The Resurrection: Beginner Student (perfect for Ray Ray in 1st grade) and Traceable (for Little Miss in preschool).

Review of Grapevine Studies

The Resurrection study is a great study that takes you and your kids on a journey from the Last Supper all the way up to the Ascension of Jesus Christ with stick figures. Your children will draw the life of Jesus with 11 weekly or 22 daily lessons.

To make the most of this study, you will want to get a student book, plain or traceable depending on the level of your child, and a teacher guide to help you make the most of this study for both you and your child.

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

The teacher book is going to have everything you, as the teacher, will need to know for the lessons. You can get this book in print format for $14 or the teacher license eBook for $11.20. I personally love the eBook and being able to save paper by using my computer to tablet to read my parts.

As you go through your teacher book, you will find the Grapevine Studies Mission Statement and teaching method first, followed by their statement of faith. These first three things helped me to understand who they are as a company, and fall in love with them that much more! This is followed up by the teacher goals and the student goals, along with recommended supplies.

When you get to the lesson pages, you will see how to use the lesson, either daily or weekly. You are than suggested to spend some quality time alone reading and studying the lesson before you teach it to your child. This is what I love the most about this program. I love sitting down the night before and using this as my very own bible study. I love to add the little stick figures to my bible as decoration and a visual of what is happening in the words.

The Resurrection Grapevine Studies

When teaching the lesson, it is recommended to use a whiteboard or chalk board, but I have found a simple piece of paper works if you don't have either of the above. The teacher book shows you exactly what to draw when you are reading. We love to read, draw, read again and discuss for our lesson. This way I know the kids know what the picture means and what the words mean. They are able to see both together and make that connection.

Now the student books are simple. You can get the Beginner Student or the Beginner Student Traceable. Both books come in print version for $9.20 or eBooks for $7.60. Both of these work together, so if you have a student in each level, like Ray Ray and Little Miss, you can make this work.

Each lesson page has two pictures, for the total lesson, and a lesson review. We do three days a week of studies. We use page 1 on the first day, page 2 on the second and we spend time on the third day working on the lesson review together. I don't have either child write any of the answers, we just work on finding the answers in our bibles and seeing what we can remember. Of course, with these two, it is a competition to see who can answer first or the most.

Grapevine Studies Resurrection

We have loved Grapvine Studies since the first time we have ever tried them. This study is no different for us. Once again, all of our needs were met and we enjoyed learning more about the bible and the story of the resurrection. I love watching my kids fall in love with the bible stories, and I have a house full of stick figure pictures again. Now when we read the bible, we have to draw a picture, even if we don't have a study to go with it! I can handle that!

Grapevine Studies has many different studies. Other members of our Review Crew may have used a different study. Head over here to see what everyone did and what they thought about it!

Birth of John to Jesus' Ministry {Grapevine Studies Review}

So, have you used Grapevine Studies before? What is your favorite one?

God Bless!!



Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliated links which mean that if you purchase from the links provided I may be compensated a small commission, as always thank you for your support!

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Here to Help Learning ~ A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Are you looking for a homeschool writing program that works with your kids and allows them to have fun while learning? A program that you work with your child, yet you don't have to do a lot of working when it comes to the planning? We used Here to Help Learning and their Flight 1 Paragraph Writing.

Here to Help Learning

Why would they call this Flight 1? Well, because you are hoping on an airplane and having a good time while learning! Ray Ray loves to use this computer for his learning as much as possible, and this writing program has allowed him to do that.

Here to Help Learning is an online writing program. There is filmed instruction for each one of the weekly lessons which goes over the topics your child will need to work on. Following the filmed instruction, there are printable worksheets that your child will use to complete the lesson. Other than the Here to Help Learning program, the only other thing you will want to have available is a 3 ring binder to organize your child's worksheets.

Here to Help Learning

There are two required days each week when using Here to Help Learning. The first day is the day when you watch your instructions. These are broken down into a few different sections and require pausing to play some quick games or work on some writing warm ups. This is the day to have mom or dad present to help with the pausing and to play the games with. We included big brother in our Sentence, No Sentence game.

The second day of the week your child will work on their Flying Solo work. This is simple work that has them slowly working towards their final writing piece, in our case it was a simple paragraph. This is the day that they will take what they have learned so far and use it in the writing process. This is also the day where you can step back and see what your child is learning so far.

Here to Help Learning Review

Ray Ray loves to use the computer and I love programs that make my day just a little bit more simple. I am still an active part of his learning, but I have help with Here to Help Learning. I am able to sit down on Sunday night, and take a look at what needs to be done for the week. I print the worksheets and get them ready to go into the binder and watch the video myself so I know what to expect.


Tuesday is the day we like to watch our filmed instruction together. We are able to spend some time together working through what Mrs. Mora wants us to do. Ray Ray loves the airplane, and the puppy pilot, Captain Knucklehead! He looks forward to these lessons and loves to play Sentence, No Sentence, in fact, he preps all week for this one game, to the point where I have to make up more to go with the game.

Here to Help Learning

The writing warm-up is included in this day. This includes a funny picture, a word box and space to write. This is a great way to get the minds thinking, and the way Mrs. Mora has it set up to include everyone from every writing level is awesome! Ray Ray started out, unsure of his writing abilities, but now, this is the second favorite part of writing. Little Miss likes to sit in and help up come up with our words in our word box. This warm-up makes writing fun.

Working on the writing project is a step by step process. Here to Help Learning has it all broken down into simple steps for your child. Writing a paragraph never seemed so simple when you take is slowly. And when you make hand movements to help you remember the different steps, they are that much more fun!

Thursday we move on to our Flying Solo part of the lesson. This is where Ray Ray works on his own asking me for help when he needs it. He started out not liking this day. He was nervous to be "flying solo" and was always asking questions. Now he has gained confidence knowing that he can do this. This is due to the small workloads that he is given. He is not taught how to write a paragraph and sent out to do it. He is learning with help at each step and he loves it!

That is about it…as simple as it sounds, it works! I love watching Ray Ray get better at his writing every week. I love seeing him excited to start a program day after day. This program has not only made my planning and teaching easier, it has made his learning easier. This is just what I love to see for him! Honestly, what more could you ask for? Right here you have a fun and interactive teacher, simple step by step instructions for both the parent and the student, and a lot of fun! Just what you need for any writer in your house!

We really enjoyed using our writing program, but Here to Help Learning offers many other programs as well. Stop over and check out these other reviews real quick, see if you can find a program you love!

Here to Help Learning Review

Crew Disclaimer Review

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Are you looking for a new and innovative education for your family? Something that works for the whole family, toddler on up to high school and mom and dad too? is the thing you are look for than! But what about the different fees for each member you ask? Nope! is a one family, one fee website! Their Yearly Membership Option is a fee of $139 annually and covers everything on the website! And for the month of December, you can get a Buy One, Get One Membership to Another option for a membership includes a Yearly Membership Option PLUS a yearly membership to their sister site for an annual fee of $175. Finally, for those on a tighter budget, there is a monthly membership fee of $12.95 a month with the first month being only $3! 


What kind of learning do you use at your homeschool? There is something for everyone here! All the subjects are separated at the top of the page by age range. You have PreK/Elementary, Middle/High School, Family, Dailies and the really fun Extras! I say really fun Extras because I love them!

  photo schoolhouseextras_zps3a20c85f.jpg

Included in the Extras are the Schoolhouse Planners! I love planners, so this was a small treasure for me! Not only do you have the mommy planner, you have the kids planners too. And not just one planner for all the kids, they have Primary, Intermediate and High School Planners. And mommy isn't stuck with just any old planner. It is a customizable planner and you get to pick and choose out of the 800 possible pages! They also have a Specialized Learners Planner with a Homeschool IEP, I love this one! And you Unit Study families, they have a planner for that!




But enough about that, on to the unique learning options that are offered at Each of the different courses they offer are taught by expert teachers and if you think you missed something, you will most likely find it in the teacher archives. All the courses are online, and you can print the lessons or just look at them online and write your answers in a notebook (we have done both). Some courses will take you to a different site, but everything you need for the lessons are included in your membership.


We looked over all the different courses and decided on trying out a few that sounded really fun for us as a family. Our first choice was the Everyday Astronomy. Moe Man had made a request to learn about outer-space for Science. What better fit? We have started out with learning about the sun. Each week has a module that includes all the different “worksheets” you will work on for the week. Included in these are copywork that is Christian based. Ray Ray loved that his copywork was traceable, while Moe Man was focusing really hard to copy it exactly like he saw it.



Moe Man has always had a problem with math. He doesn't like it…it moves to fast and just doesn't click. He has a hard time staying at grade level with his math and give him a word problem and you might as well expect him to build a space shuttle! We took a look at the Pre-Algebra course and he wanted to give it a try. I took a deep breath and turned it on for him. Well…after five days of word problems, he is LEARNING how to find the clues in the words! This gives us both hope and he loves when I get to put the 100% on his paper!


Now with all this fun for the “big” kids, we can't forget about the little ones in the family! Both Ray Ray and Little Miss are have a fun time following along with learning the alphabet. We are finishing up learning about the letter M and Music! They don't get to spend as much time on the computer as Moe Man, but I love the point, click, teach option that is there for their simple lessons. Little Miss is learning with the Sensory Learning for Toddlers course, and Ray Ray is having fun following along when he isn't busy with his stuff. Hey, learning about the alphabet is pretty important no matter the age right?


Now for my overall opinion. I love this website! I love the extras. I love the parent-led education and the fact that it is affordable. I love everything I have seen so far! And I can't wait to check out the rest as we need it!


Since there is something for everyone and I don't have every age in my house 🙂 you can read other reviews by other crew members and what they think about the website.






Click to read Crew Reviews







If you want to follow, jump right in and find them here:



Did you get as excited as I was? Is this something you have been thinking about? Why wait? Head on over and sign up!!







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