Teach Writing with Picture Books – A Review

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Getting Ray Ray to write is a struggle! Fighting with him to come up with ideas, put those ideas on paper and make them make sense. I was at my wit’s end when I found out about the Masterclass, How to Teach Writing with Picture Books from Cindy West at Our Journey Westward. Oh, what new excitement I have now!


Our homeschool journey has included looking at and trying the different styles of homeschooling. This year we have come to realize that we really enjoy and thrive in a Charlotte Mason style of homeschooling.  Cindy does this same style of homeschooling and it is exciting to listen to her talk. But…not only that, I have a new way to present writing to Ray Ray. Let me tell you more about it.

How to Teach Writing with Picture Books Masterclass is an online class, once you pay for it, you have access to it forever. I love that I can rewatch it later when Little Miss is ready to start writing. When the Masterclass goes live, you can join in on the live video and ask questions at the end, or if you are like me and have something come up, you can watch the replay.

Cindy starts off by letting us know that formal writing shouldn’t start until the middle school ages. This is because they are more able to form the structure needed for writing. Also, at a younger age, they may not have the ability to write a full paper. This gave me assurance that I wasn’t falling behind with Ray Ray and that part of his struggle could be the fact that I was pushing him too early on.

As we go through the class, we find out the three uses for using picture books for writing. We also find out different books to use with the four types of essays. She gives great examples of how she used this technique and how we could also.

But why picture books for middle and high schoolers?

This was a question of mine for sure. Well, yes your child can read chapter books and those are great books for them with great authors. However, do you expect your child to write a 200-page essay? No way! We are only looking for about 5 paragraphs. With picture books, those authors are masters at taking a story, using a small number of words to convey their message and demonstrate the different literary techniques. This is what you want from your child also.

teach writing

So, was it worth it?

Yes, a thousand and one times! I learned so much about how to take the fun books we loved when Ray Ray was younger and use those to help teach him more about writing. I am already pulling together a list of books that I want to use starting next week to help him with writing. I love that I can take what I learned and apply this to anything that I want Ray Ray to write. I can use these techniques for his current writing assignments with our current spine curriculum. It is easy to apply and a fun way to teach writing skills.

Who should use this?

Anyone and everyone! If you have a child struggling with writing, poor writing skills, or they just don’t want to write, this will make it fun for them, and you! You can use this with your middle and high schoolers. Take the skills you learn and help them learn skills that will help them with their writing for years to come.

Don’t make your child hate writing, let them have fun while you use picture books and the skills you learn from How to Teach Writing with Picture Books Masterclass.

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  2. Oh, I like that idea. I think I will use it with my lad. Can you make a picture book from something you learned about in his WW2 studies. Give him some ideas from picture books I have around the house. What a good idea actually.

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